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A typical APD sufferer in it's traditional head dress.
Even just pretending to have APD leads to drug problems.
Typical psycho gesture and psycho smile. Notice the large collection of legally purchased music

Antisocial personality disorder (APD/AsPD/ASSpd) is the a medical diagnosis given to people who the general population would wrongly diagnose as psychopathic as psychopathy isn't a disease. APD sufferers experience everything you would attribute to your run of the mill horror movie psycho and generally end up in prison for one crime or another.

APD is especially prevalent on the internets as its sufferers are no longer welcome in society due to their attempts to kill (not true as they are not psychopaths as usually thought) everyone they ever meet. These looneys are the reason people are so terrified to talk to someone IRL they met on the internets. It is estimated that more than 100% of people have this disorder considering everyone fits the DSM criteria for it.


APD is strongly associated with internet troll personality disorder and many have sought to re-name it "IRL troll personality disorder". Typical characteristics/hobbies of these up and coming psycho killers with APD include lying, cheating, stealing, violence, rape, setting shit on fire, shooting up schools, and setting animals on fire for fun.

When the APD sufferer is done with their lulzy pastimes they will have absolutely no remorse for the fucked up shit they've done. They may pretend to care to avoid jail, but they really just don't give a shit about anyone or anything. I mean really who gives a shit what my court appointed psychologist thinks—I'll fuckin' kill the bitch!


The general opinion is that you are just born this way; in other words, some people are just born assholes. There are other opinions out there that APD can be caused by mummy not loving her little monster enough, but if your child is an evil little shit you can kinda see what she was thinking. Another cause is the combination of intravenous crystal meth abuse and playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for 72 hours straight.


So far there are only three known treatments for APD, one of which is putting the sufferers in a mental hospital and throwing away the key. Unfortunately, this has so far proved unsuccessful as evidenced in the documentary The Silence of the Lambs. Second, they could always become an hero although this too has been largely ineffective, as proven by Jason Voorhees. Third, they can join an accredited crime syndicate and take on special "jobs" for The Boss. This is not so much a treatment as a distraction, but hey. At least that way someone else is deciding who they kill.

People With APD

Here is a list of people who caught this disorder.

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