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Amy is behind the camera! ::LENSCRACK::

Anuebunnie is a woman and Science Pirate who was on what many to believe are called "Methamphetamines" when she decided to attempt to get the article about a fellow Pirate named Demethos removed due to the fact that... Well, he was being a dumbass. However, she did not realize that you cannot drink from an ocean of piss without drinking the piss in the ocean. After being raped by some of the users on ED IRC, she attempted to go batshit and hurt people's feelings. Unfortunately for her, this is the internets, and nobody has feelings, as they would be homosexual if they did.

Amy is also the father and mother of her some-aged son. We have learned that he has aids and she has created a save-the-whales foundation specifically for him.

It is believed that Amy (aka "fatty") has engaged in over 9000 gangbangs and other related group sex activities. This is believed to be how her boyfriend accomplishes getting more vagina than anyone else, as her vagina is the size of a mountain.

Did you know that she's thirsty?

Apparently anuebunnie doesn't realize that there is no right and there is no wrong. There is only the truth, as stood for by we pillars of truth at ED. That, and nobody wants to listen to a fat bitch whine.

In addition to being a fat stupid whore, anuebunnie is also fat enough to be mistaken for a 16 year old girl by CSMonitor.

Anniebunnie visists ED, and the fun begins!

I made you a cookie... But i eated it.

Anniebunnie decided to visit #encyclopediadramatica in order to whine about some fake chatlogs about her friend and fellow Science Pirate Demethos posted on ED. She claimed that the chatlogs were "randomly made up to make fun of him for some reason", but we knew better. You can't just pull faggotry out of a hat- it must be incubated in a foul vessel for at least 100 years. Such is the case of Demethos.

Anniebunnie immediately got #ED's internet instincts tingling when she claimed to be a woman. As many an #ED user knows, there are no such creatures on the internet. However, they played along cautiously. Anniebunnie soon began legal threats.

how about i just send a cease order


—Anuebunnie, calling the Internet Police!, ED IRC

how about you raep yourself repeatedly with a retractable baton? it would accomplish a lot more.


—Brodalco, breaking the news., ED IRC

After being directed to the correct place to report complaints, Bunnie stated that "if you post anything on the internet about someone annyonmously it is automatically considered harassement, even if you post something nice about the person". Many lulz were had at this misconception. When asked to return with proof, she returned with an AOLPage Moar lulz ensued. However, she continued to insist that her threats were legitimate and serious business. The internet laws seemed to be out of her favor, so she procceded to make up shit. She continued on to state that for something to be protected by the government as satire, it must be funny. She failed to see that her sad little friends and the dark world in which they live is probably the most depressingly hilarious concept on this planet. It was here we had a major revelation...

hold on, im on mycell phone with judge lulzlor... aol laws > me


—johnnynonymous, doing some research., ED IRC

Anuebunnie is FATTTTTTTTT

Being fat, old, a single mom, ugly, and a furry = pwned by God.

A moment of devine revlation struck #ED when we realized Anuebunnie must be fat. After all, fat people are the only ones who could feel sorry for individuals who work at putting themselves in bad situations. She denied it at first, claiming that "i can be any weight i want, its the internet, its not like you can see me", not realizing that #ED was already en route to finding her Myspace. Brodalco posted the link, and all was revealed; there are women on the internets, if only very manly ones. From here, we began invading and raeping her personal life, finding out these details.

We discover the folowing!

  • Anniebunnie is fat.
  • She's a single mom! Lulz.
  • She's divorced and a widow, having crushed one husband and trying to engulf the other.
  • Her boyfriend is also fat, and thinks he's Jason.
  • Everyone in her family and circle of friends is just INCREDIBLY ugly, like, holyshit.
  • She's a furfag who enjoys drawing cats with nipples.
  • Her Myspace mood is "thirsty". Use your imagination. (But not too hard.)

why do i have to be fat


—Anuebunnie, wondering aloud, ED IRC

ask God, my dear. It's unfair. But it is so.



—alex, offering condolences, ED IRC

Internet Tough Guy Mode, BAAWWWing, and Exit

AnueBunnie, having been sufficiently pwned, released upon us a wave of RAGE RAGE RAAAAGE, followed by what experts believe to be soul-searching, self-hating, and plenty of BAWWWWWWWWWing. She began with claiming that "even her boyfriend" gets more pussy than us, but this is only because her vagoo is much larger than the collective vagoos of all the other women in the world. She also decided to begin more bullshit legal threats, ending with "You guys will have to answer to the cops and lawyers." Believe me, Amy-- we won't.

piece of shit asshole



—Anuebunnie, on articulation, ED IRC

Revenge and Aftermath

Her boyfriend and son. (She's a single mom.) Note the epic amounts of ginger and fail in this poor child's face. Also note the boyfriend admiring his little boner.

The article was the stem of the many revenge tatics carried out against her. Her home address was obtained, as was her phone number. Although no further contact has transpired between Anuebunnie and #ED, it has been confirmed several EDiots have prank called her, signed her up for mailing lists, and spammed her business with thousands of boxes. You are encouraged to do the same.

Overall, this act of bitchyness, ignorance, and stupidity is one that #ED will remember forever. Nevar forget; and don't let up until we extract an apology.

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