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It all started last thursday, when /b/ massed over to the awesome browser based game Transformice. ( )

Technically, this meme originated from 4chan, since its users were the ones to fuel its popularity and conceived the idea to make this into a meme. Some people argue that it came from the game instead, even though everyone involved was from 4chan. If anyone tells you that it came from the game and not 4chan, promptly inform them that they are a newfag, and request that they GTFO.

Originally, the Anvil God was known as the Anvil Monster, but through the teachings of the shamans, btards came to be enlightened to the true nature of the monster and thus began worshiping it.

Meme Quotes

"There is no problem that cannot be solved by Anvilgod."

"Anvilgod. It lives."

"Anvilgod created the Flying Spaghetti Monster."

"Only the most powerful shaman may summon he who anvils"

"Anvilgod is the destroyer of the creator"

Anvil God in person.
The dreaded Anvilgod virus close-up.
Anvil God virus in-game.

How To Summon

1. Select Anvill

2. Press N to select rotating anchor

3. Repeat 6 times, stacking them

4. ????


WARNING: Anvilgod is a vengeful and indomitable monster.

So, naturally, like 70-100 people rushed over to do it. They were having fun, and the room had a steady population all through the night and into the next day. The mods found out about this, and banned a few of them, but then left them alone once they figured out it wasn't a raid. At one point, one of the shamans decided to try glitching the anvils. People called it the Anvilgod, and so on. Then faggots started repeating it, and the meme was born. So, they banded together, kept bumping the 4chan thread so it would stay on page 0, and replicated the anvilgod to get the precious screen caps. They made another thread or so, and that's when the OP gave the idea to make an ED page.

What It Does

It rotates, contracts, expands, convulses, and clusterfucks until you and everybody else are blasted into oblivion.

It rarely appears in person though, it's time is better spent fapping to anvilpr0n. It will most likely spread it's virus instead, which clings to the objects around it. If you touch the virus, you will be erased from existence.

See It In Action

Anvilgod Deems You Unworthy

When Anvilgod deems that you are unfit for his wrath, he will lagg the game and disconnect everybody in the room.


Author - Filmed July 17, 2010. P.S. If AnvilGod REALLY hates you, the lagg will stay until you refresh the page or open a new window. The lagg effects everything, not just your internet browser.

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