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Apathy Dog is the fucked up cousin of the Advice Dog. Apathy Dog is a failure because /b/tards have no grasp of the English language, and failing to understand the difference between apathy and being emo, created a sniveling faggot Prozac Pooch.

In Apathy Dog's defense, it actually requires a touch of creativity. To reach a finished product, you must add captions to the Oh Exploitable macro in the time honored tradition of /b/ by firing up MS Paint (or sticking it in ROFLbot) instead of lazily using the Advice Dog generator with all its limits. This is especially true when an Advice Dog macro is juxtaposed with an Apathy Dog macro to form a single macro; this is the first sign of original content in months. In addition, Apathy Dog, when done right, is often painfully funny and even poignant.

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