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Real name Chloe Melissa
Nationality Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Born July 3rd,1998
Residence Sterling Heights, Michigan
DeviantArt Deviantart-favicon.png PrismaticStars

Chloe Melissa, before known as Applebirdie (currently known as BirdE, Prisma and Toothless referencing her urge to fuck dragons) is a sick fuck closet furry that got popular by making a vastly cancerous crossover of Five Nights at Freddy's and My Little Pony giving it the name of Five Nights at Applejack's, having in mind all of this, it's not strange that she's not far off the basic bitch special bundle pack, carrying GOTIS and with the special addition of being an attention whore

In October 2014, she created a DeviantArt group with the same name, where 12 year olds would circlejerk about horse robococks 24/7.

She also became known on the internet for stealing vectors from DeviantArt, giving them shitty modifications, and posting them as her own

She was also put on the map for being outrageously manipulative towards anyone that has the horrid luck of being her friend, trying to make everyone siding with her to do things in her favor such as insulting those who question her, giving her free Team Fortress 2 items and inflating her ego more than she's inflated with twinkies


The FNAA Insanity

On November 2014, The animator known as Adamtheamazing64 created and uploaded a Youtube video named Five Nights at Pinkie's a five minute animation created in the software Source Filmmaker (AKA Pornmaker) becomming a massive hit, obtaining over 4 million views, one of them, sadly, being from AppleAutism.

After watching the video, she and a bunch of butthurt 12 year old children started to send Adam an excessive number of DeviantArt notes demanding for a video with Five Nights at Applejacks as the main premise.

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Who needs education when you can have harassment?

Adam did not respond well to this, and started fighting back, on November 30, he published a journal where he exposes her actions, from the excessive notes, to even getting blackmailed by her sister

After said journal was released, AppleRustyCunt shit her pants and started playing the victim card, threatning to delete her DeviantArt if Adam didn't delete his journal, as well as poorly attempting damage control, this triggered her fangirls and white knights to raid his journal with retarded arguments.

You won't need to worry anymore, I'm not doing any more FNaAJ art. Hopefully you'll be happy now :(


—APPLEBIRDIE - Acting like a massive pussy.

The SourceRabbit Hysteria

In December 8th, 2014, Apple attempted to contact many of Adam's friends to tryhard their friendship, sending them drawings, and trying to talk to them, while most of 'em refused to talk back, one of them in particular was stupid enough to fall in the trap, SourceRabbit a Source Filmmaker fag that makes horse art (And probably secretly porn as well) who defended Adam against Apple back in November.

On February 2015, they officially became an autistic DeviantArt couple spamming pictures of their fake internet love all over the internetz, over saturating the server that was previously already saturated with Sonic porn.

On November 2015, they oficially broke up after SourceRabbit found out that AppleCunt was cheating on him (big fucking surprise) with a fat loser from a Team Fortress 2 server, DeepBlueWaters, whose relationship only lasted for a month before she realized he was a fat neckbeard without a job.

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This is how an average BirdE's white knight looks like

However, the story didn't end in just that. SourceFag started to share gruesome details about his relationship with her.

He claimed that AppleBirdie:

  • Was entirely obsessed with him, sending him messages at all times, even when he wasn't at home.
  • Played games with him even when he wanted to be alone and disconnected from STEAM.
  • Would guilt trip him if he didn't connect in 24 hours, claiming she got worried that something happened to him.
  • Would abandon any games she played with him and argue against him if he talked to another girl no matter who it was.
  • Constantly stalked him on DeviantArt, was fully aware of every single picture he put as favourites every single day, and stalk his log to see if he wasn't talking to another female.
  • Would constantly ask him for free items in the game Team Fortress 2
  • Attempt to manipulate him to get rid of the friends she didn't like.

Claims that would later be confirmed by one of his friends over DeviantArt with this journal

Up to date, SourceRabbit is still being stalked by the bird lady herself, and her personal herd mentality slaves, the TF2 RetroGaming server community, where she's currently a moderator on, she tries to survive the internetz by getting the attention of 16 year old fat betas. (And DeepBlueWaters as well)

How to lose a DocTa in five months

I can't write an article, judging some snot-eating fucker on the internet without admitting I was a cunt aswell. Yes, I did guilt trip BirdE from time to time by accident, without knowing what I was doing. Although, read further and maybe you'll find reason why.“



—DocTa's witness of horror.

In the early beginning of summer, DocTa (Random internet fag) decided to look for a fellow someone he could play with and perhaps feel closer with. Sadly for his misfortune, he happened to cross ways with no one else but everyone's favorite nose licking hippo, Prisma (currently Nendei, or BirdE back in the day) who was the first option that caught his interests.

Everything went nice and smooth, they played together alot, had fun laughing together, every single thing that every sthereotypical hollywood couple has shown you already. A month or two later on, BirdE thought of showing DocTa her biggest fear and enemy, The now, Sourcy, AKA, SourceRabbit. DocTa learned himself that Sourcy is hell of an asshole, there were some stories coming from BirdE about how Sourcy treated BirdE.

She claimed that:

  • Sourcy would have gotten mad at her if she would have been missing for too long.
  • Sourcy would manipulate her to remove her friends, so that there's no one that could possibly get her.
  • Sourcy would consistantly guilt trip her, causing this poor little creature so much pain to deal with during their relationship.
  • Sourcy would ALSO get mad at her if she killed him while playing Team Fortress 2.

Sometime later, he asked her out, having in mind she doesn't speak english but pig language she responded with one oink (In other words, yes)

As summer was about to end, DocTa needed some time for himself, like every fucking person in the world does, which came in the form of dance lessons, of course this poor little creature was too afraid of losing her fetish-feeding boyfriend. So she had to strike!

Everything went downhill from this point onwards, from excessive arguing to threats, only because 12 chins Chloe Melsneeza couldn't handle the fact that someone else is touching her property.

I was lucky enough to start seeing the truth before I even broke up with her. Her facts had no potential proof, and her effort to get as much as people on her side with her manipulating skills, started to be too obvious. She'd consistantly talk about Sourcy with newcommers and show them what kind of an asshole he is. And of course, it wouldn't be a REAL harassment, if she wouldn't leak Sourcy's face, am I right guys?.



—The words from a man that has seen too much

M-muh safe language space

Believe it or not, this humanoid proof that Jabba The Hutt isn't a work of fiction thinks that you, speaking in a language that isn't hers, counts as language bullying

During their relationship, both Sourcy and DocTa were guilt tripped because of the fact that they spoke their language with their friends in front of her, only because they laughed at something written in a language that isn't hers. Since then she claims to have PTSD. she claims that ever from that horrible, life changing experience, she can't even sometimes sleep because of it.

During their disastrous relationship DocTa found a way out of the hole that BirdE dig him into, with a person that genuinely cared about him, his dance lessons partner, one day, while going home, he decided to give her some company, and because little Chloe is an insecure twat she couldn't help but hunt DocTa about it, to the point of conditioning what he could do and what he could not.

The list of conditions she gave is, but isn't restricted to:

  • Turn the language of every device he daily used into English, including PC, Phone, Tablet and everything else he daily interact with. Every app of his, including Discord, STEAM, and even his internet browser, had to be in English aswell.
  • Remove every friend of his that speaks the same language he does, just so she can continue masturbating to him sneezing all the time.
  • Restricted from talking Czech in any way, she'd even go on to the point of being worried of him talking to himself in Czech, whether in mind or not.
  • Also restricted from meeting up with his dancing partner, including a friend he knew for 7 years.

Me, BirdE and two other friends were in a discord voice call together. BirdE said that she'll go grab water, I asked my fellow friend in Czech if we could go to private voice call until BirdE returns (I had planned to speak Czech in the private voice chat to avoid confusing the 4th person that was in the public voice chat with us). Little did we know, BirdE was spying on us (what a surprise 2.0). As I spoke to him in Czech and offered him to join the Private voice chat until BirdE comes back, BirdE immediately pulled out the pussy act and left the voice channel, refusing to speak to me for next 2 hours until I proved I was genuinely sorry. After 3 days of guilt tripping only because of this, I made a promise that I won't do what Sourcy did, bla bla bla, just so she feels safe.



—DocT- no, seriously, what in the mother of fuck?

Sneezing fetish

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People jack off to this,let that sink in
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Gran Autismo 4: Sneezing Edition

There can't be a closure to the autism circle without a demented fetish, and the bird fucker isn't in the exception list, comming straight from AppleBirdie for you to barf to death at, she has the alt account named ProPonyPal

At first it might seem like average pony faggotry, until you realize the similarities between every single picture she has made and then it becomes clear that she masturbates to snot

She has created over 200 pictures along with the knowledge that god is dead

But if that wasn't enough shock factor, well you are in luck! Because she also shares her interest to eat snot out of a human's nostrils every day with other sick fucks at the PSF forums even going as far as to count how many times she had to sneeze and wet her panties at the same time.

My boyfriends sneezes are loud they don't sound too wet. His sneezes sound like HAAT-CHHO or HAAATT-CHHAAAHH and he usually sneezes singles,if his allergies are bothering him, then doubles or triples.


—BirdE - Sharing her autism story.


Knowing that this specimen has a lard face worth defying Arin Hanson's seven hundred chins that resemble an obese social justice warrior, it's not strange to conclude that this person has no contact with any kind of human being in real life, this has lead her to fantasize about having a dick, and using it to have gay sex with another users from the STEAM platform.

Not to mention, the insanity of masturbating to snot while using a bird shaped dildo has dragged her to make pictures of Team Fortress 2 characters sucking each other's dicks in GMOD, probably because of the fact she doesn't have one.


The Silent Song Scam

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Damage Control inbound

In August 2016 BirdE (AKA Snot Licker McTavish) attempted to scam her fanbase by selling her OC (Do not steal ALL RIGHTS RESERVED) by the outrageously high price of 160 dollars remember kids, selling an already copyrighted design with uncreative as fuck changes is completely fine as long as Hasbro doesn't notice!

Her fanbase didn't apreciate the scam and decided to go berserk in her comment section, making her go full damage control mode and delete fucking everything as fast as she could, however everybody already knew about her spergery and she became DeviantART's lolcow once again

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SourceRabbit having the laugh of his life

Chloe's case of Jewery

Every cow like BirdE has a big hunger for good $$$ and virtual posessions in videogames, even if that implies stealing money from your own parents, who happened to be struggling with 4 children and a house in the ghetto, it's been confirmed several times that Chloe has stolen over 4,000 dollars from her mom's credit card and attempt to hide it, however, around April 2017, her mom found out and banned her from using Steam for at least 2 months, this generated tons of lulz across her circle of friends and everyone else.

She's also been caught Begging for items constantly even after posessing over 2,000 dollars worth in TF2 items before.

Please help me, I lost 200 dollars in my golden palace
The main add in Pornhub


Around December 2016 the user Namazake, a person who used to be friends with no one else but the lesbian Miss Piggie herself started to share new details about her current behavior post SourceRabbit Hysteria that seem to come from the Nicole Arbor encyclopedia to act like a massive fagola. Each of 'em more embarrassing than the other:

  • After being mauled by SourceFag, she tried to massfriend everyone she could to try to convince them about her being a saint
  • She created a discord group that was filled with dead memes and even deader brain cells as their members seemed to be sub-normal human beings who can't spell a sentence without a lenny face in it.
  • She was extremely hostile and butthurt towards anyone who mentioned SourceFag's name and banned them from her TF2 server for doing so.
  • Started spamming controversial and grotesque sprays to make herself look like she was crawling in her skin and trying too hard to be an edgelord.

After Namazake revealed these details about her, the unthinkable happened, as it seems BirdE's sneezes won't die in vain, what would that be, you ask?

She tried making an Encyclopedia Dramatica page about him and failing misserably, as her poorly written excuse for an insult was instantly deleted by an ED Admin faster than she can get to an orgasm to a picture of Nosepass

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Who wrote this? Nick Bate's retarded sister?

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