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At first glance, April is an ED wet dream. Do not be fooled. April Winchell is a coward. For someone whose internet celebrity relies fully on making fun of others, you'd think she could handle a little friendly ribbing.

You've heard of a site called Regretsy. It's a site for great justice. Someone needed to show the people of Etsy the truth about the real world. And the truth is, we don't care about your shit. (Oh yeah, that's EXACTLY what Regretsy is saying, and that's why any money generated by the site at all goes back to helping Etsy sellers in need. Unless she wants to go on vacation, or someone questions where the money is going, then she throws a shit fit.All we've heard about lately is her new computer and vacation. Someone call an accountant)

April jumped at the chance and launched Regretsy. April also(according to her giant ego) spear headed the etsy team April's Army, which thru donations from team members raised money each month for a charity case person. After two months in a row receiving questions from members regarding the correctness of her choice. April flounced and threatened to close the charity shop as well as close down the team. Then when she was called out publicly about it, she claimed they were making changes to the team due to disagreement. Do not disagree with Queen April or she will close down her charity. Last I checked the team listed someone named Mary as captain, and all the items were donations from other team members. Apparently pointing your dictatorial finger in the direction on a person and claiming "HERE IS MY CHARITY CASE GIVE ME MONEY AND NEVER QUESTION ME" makes you the leader of the team. If I create a team called the KISS army, am I going to have to let Gene Simmons lick me? Wait, that might be ok....

At first, everything was great and much lols were had. Then she called all people from Boston "Crab Hammering Puritanical Dick Bags" Her next foray into offending the drooling masses was her unending use of the word "retard".

retard retard retard

People were outraged.

People start unliking her Facebook page. April tantrums like a little girl. To counter, April throws their exit speeches up in her flounce album. And here is where the trick bitchery starts. You see, it's all well and good for April to steal peoples' pics for all the world to laugh at. (And it is? But don't you DARE take one of hers.


She will run to the ends of the earth to make you hide that shit.

This is my photograph, and I own all rights to its use. The photo was stolen from my Facebook page before I removed it, and is now being hosted at Livejournal without consent. ****** is using the image to target me and my fiance, and to attempt to cause harm to my business.


—April Winchell to LJAbuse

After receiving word of this article, April hastily sent a PM through livejournal's message system.

I would like to explain to you why I asked LiveJournal to remove the photo.

I took the photo off Facebook for a reason. It made people angry and hurt them. I may make snotty jokes about handcrafts, but it is never my intention to truly wound someone.

I filed the DMCA notice because this is serious to me. Maybe I should have just written to you in the first place, I don't know. I apologize if I handled this badly.

But please, stop posting it. It doesn't serve anyone. It doesn't open a dialogue, it doesn't educate anyone, and it doesn't make things better for the LGBT community. Just upsetting people isn't the same as activism.

Please, take down the Encyclopedia Dramatica entry. I have had a lifetime of fundraising and activism on behalf of my LGBT friends and family members, and I'm heartbroken to be portrayed as an enemy of that community.

I don't mind if people don't think my work is funny or don't like what I do. I understand that I'm not always going to hit it out of the park with everyone, and I accept that. I fail a lot at what I do. But this is not about that. This is about my trying to right a wrong, and I am humbly asking that you permit me to do so.


April Winchell


And then she flounced from LJ altogether.

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