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He's not dead, motherfuckers.
What /b/tards think Aquaman looks like
Aquaman getting ready to fuck your shit up

Aquaman is pretty much the most pathetic superhero ever created. His basic power involves talking to fish and other creatures of the deep such as whales and octopuses, so in other words he’s completely useless except in water.

Initially an obscure character even to comic book readers, jokes about Aquaman’s uselessness have given him a longer-lasting career than he would have gotten otherwise, proving that Haters do indeed make one famous.

Most agree, he would have been better off forgotten.



A sub-par character created in 1941 who was only featured in back-up stories in anthology titles like More Fun Comics, Aquaman wouldn’t actually get his own (swiftly cancelled) title until the mid-60’s and didn’t make the cover of a single comic book for the first 20 years of his existence.

However, because he was featured on Super Friends and wasn’t a character created especially for the show like Apache Chief or Black Vulcan, an entire generation of kids were brainwashed into thinking he was an A-list character, saving him from rotting in obscurity along with other lame D-listers like Red Tornado and Hourman.

Never mind that the reason he stood out so much on the show was because he was completely useless in any situation that didn’t involve water, if people remember something from their childhoods, they never want to forget it, and thus, comics fans have had to put up with forced attempts to keep this character relevant for the past 50 years since he’s one of the few characters besides Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman that Joe Sixpack can name.

Marvel/DC fanboy drama

One of the funniest things about Aquaman is that whenever DC and Marvel fans fight over important matters such as which company is better, DC fans praise Aquaman for being more well-known than Marvel’s resident water rat Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, who they call a rip-off of Aquaman. Never mind that Sub-Mariner debuted in 1939 and was popular enough to graduate into his own comic several months before Aquaman was even created, DC fans will cling to this stupid “fact” with a fervor that makes Jesus Freaks at their abortion clinic bombing-est seem sane. You’d think a bunch of people obsessed with dates, trivia and canon wouldn’t do this, but I digress.

Funny how a guy with elf ears, Bette Davis eyebrows and wings on his feet wearing nothing but a speedo is a thousand times more badass than Aquaman.

What’s even lulzier than that is that not only does Sub-Mariner pre-date Aquaman, he was infinitely more badass than Aquaman ever was and will be. He was the first real angsty, badass anti-hero of comics who set the standard all must be judged by. He wasn’t a superhero, he was a human-fishperson hybrid freak who was sent to destroy all humans and ripped out divers’ oxygen supply hoses, beat the shit out of New York mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, set animals loose from zoos, had the first fight with another hero in comics history and destroyed New York’s skyscrapers with a tidal wave. Then he decided to fight Nazis after a hot policewoman promised to fuck him (for real) and all was forgiven.

In other words, he was the greatest comic book “hero” ever. It also helped that Sub-Mariner artist Bill Everett was one of the few who could actually draw in an era when pretty much every comics artist who wasn’t Will Eisner, Jack Cole or Lou Fine made Chris-chan look like the greatest cartoonist in the world by comparison.

TL;DR: Even if Aquaman had come first, Sub-Mariner still blows him out of the water.

Attempts to be edgy

Most of the attempts to make Aquaman not suck have pretty much just been rip-offs of Sub-Mariner (like making him royalty and retconning it in that Aquaman hated humans at first). However, this is understandable, because other attempts to make Aquaman have been even more retarded, if anything.

-In 1977, the writers, trying to prove they were down with the blacks, retconned a shitty secondary villain called Black Manta into actually being black and tried to create a pity-party for this evil psychopath by saying he had been oppressed by the white man and committed his crimes so that he could build a paradise for his fellow blacks under the sea. Totally progressive!

Sadly, the writers can’t do something to fix this retarded, racist idea by making him white or else SJWs will bitch about it, even though they already call him a racist character. Even worse, because he was also on Super Friends, this previously minor villain has become too iconic to be forgotten and writers since have tried to push him as Aquaman’s archenemy. So they’re stuck with him.

Deep down, you always knew he was a filthy hippie.

-In the 1990s, Aquaman’s hand got cut off and he ended up getting a giant hook-hand as a replacement. Eventually, he got a new hand—made up of solidified running water.

-For a long while, he ended up growing long hair, a beard and going around with his shirt off while wearing leather pants. This was supposed to make him seem "darker".

-Aquaman’s son got murdered and his grief-stricken wife Mera blamed him for not saving the kid and has since become the series main villain.

The Entourage Incident

People actually couldn't tell this was from a show

In 2006, the TV show Entourage had a subplot about James Cameron making an Aquaman movie. Some troll spammed pictures of it all over the internet saying it was real, and with James Cameron fanboys not exactly being known for their critical thinking skills as would be proven in a few more years, a bunch of people fell for it, with one irl reporter actually saying it was the highest grossing film of all time and that he saw it, and his stupidity ended up getting reported as fact on CNBC. [1]

This led to the makers of the show really putting an ad for the film in Variety magazine as a joke, which further confused idiots.

"OMG U GAIZ! It must be legit!!!"

All in all, it was the coolest thing ever associated with Aquaman.

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