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Arbcom BASC (Ban Appeals Subcommittee) is a talking shop for whining Wikipedos who are butthurt after having their asses banned. It's made up of three arbitrators, one co-ordinator (a made up post if ever there was one), and a number of other arbitrators who poke their noses in when they feel like it. If you have been referred to the BASC, all is lost. Exactly zero cases have been successfully appealed. Your next move, if you still want to edit their "encyclopedia", is to Archive today-ico.png make a sock. Rumor has it that Wikimedia cookies contain information such as "previously logged in as", so you could do well to delete your cookies, and System32 for good measure.

The current 2015 members of BASC are AGK, Thryduulf, Seraphimblade, and somebody else it's a pain in the ass to look up right now.

2012/13 Membership

Subcommittee members

  • AGK
  • David Fuchs (co-ordinator)
  • Elen of the Roads
  • Hersfold LOL RESIGNED

Other arbitrators Casliber, Courcelles, SirFozzie, Kirill Lokshin, Newyorkbrad, PhilKnight, Risker, Roger Davies, SilkTork, and Xeno.

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