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Dear Feature Price Victim,

You are receiving this E-Mail because you signed up to participate in a class action lawsuit against Feature Price ( via our web site located at You placed your name in our database and are now being contacted because we will require further information from you in order to proceed with legal action against this company. So that we may now contact a lawyer and put the wheels in motion it is necessary for you to respond to this E-Mail and send me the following information. Please be advised that this information will go no further than from my hands to the hands of our attorney so that he can properly contact you with the necessary paperwork you will need to finalize your desire to continue with this suit. Please respond to this E-Mail with the following information, in the exact format you see it in this message, Provide only the requested * information, if we need more information you will be contacted seperatly for that.

  • Your full legal name:
  • Your age:
  • Your street address:
  • Your city:
  • Your State (if applicable):
  • Your Country:
  • A telephone number you can be reached at:
    • Is this a home or work number:
  • Your web site domain name under (if applicable):
  • Your current email address:
  • The date you first signed up with Feature Price:
  • The date you first encountered your problems with Feature Price:
  • Approximatly how much has this problem cost you (in US Dollars):
  • Have you filed a suit with any other lawyers:
  • If yes, your lawyer's name/address/phone#:
  • Are you a minor in your location:
  • If yes we require your parent or guardian to handle this, have them fill out this form on your behalf please.

By placing your name after this statement you are agreeing that you are giving me (Michael A. Michniewicz, located at 2539 Casimir St. Philadelphia, PA. 19137, 215-743-6657) permission to contact an attorney on your behalf and place this information into said attorney's hands for the purposes of seeking compensation on your behalf from the entity known as owned and operated by Travis Johnson, located in Fort Myers, Florida. Do you agree to allow me to process this information on your behalf? If so, please type your full legal name below this paragraph.

  • Name of Complaintant:
  • Date Filed:
Michael A. Michniewicz (dba: Michael A. Smith)
[email protected]
InterGOV, International Web Police
Law Enforcement Officers Division, Director of IT.
Badge #03716L

P.S. If you have questions that you wish to ask, do not respond to this address, send me E-Mail via my standard address at [email protected] send nothing other than the information requested to the address this mail came from.



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