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Aria Giovanni is Italy's biggest porn star, or she would be if she wasn't born in California and named Cindy Renee Volk by her parents. Apparently an unpopular and shy kid at high school, she decided that education was too hard and that pushing most of her arm up her vagina was a much better way to make friends and earn a living.

pr0n "career"

Aria Giovanni is teh favorite pr0nstar of the uninitiated and the goths, mainly because she does weird "jerkoff encouragement" flicks, which allow a user to imagine that Aria is telling them how to masturbate. In the highly likely event that you're watching one of these, you should take some time to consider an heroing.

Giovanni also has black hair (which omg is totally natural!!!1!) and skin that is an undead shade of pale (moar like shade of fail, amirite?).

Being buxom, pale, and emo, she is particularly popular with teh bondage set. Her lack of interaction with cock on camera is both paradoxically seductive and startling, but what do you expect from a woman who thinks she knows more about jerking off than you?

Things that are beyond Giovanni's strict "Code of Ethics"

That having been said, we're pretty sure she's given Jimbo Wales at least three hummers.

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