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She hates America, much like the rest of the planet.

Ariana Grande is a feminazi attention whore who has dumped numerous men to get her lips on other dicks, was apparently responsible for a terrorist attack in England, as well as the pathetic suicide of Mac Miller, and loves Nicki Minaj so much, she did a song that has to do with those two hoes in bed together.

Hates America and her fans

He's right a massive faggot

Aside from that, she puts alcohol in her vagina and shoves her fans and Pete Davidson's head in there to lick her pussy clean.

God is not a woman, you fucking slut

LOL look at that hideous whore trying to turn her fans into butthurt feminazis. Bad enough that they're already butthurt lolcows for overreacting to Mac Miller fans ganging up on her.

Mac Miller's death

Butthurt fans of talentless wigger Mac Miller claim Ariana was definitely responsible for his suicide. Think about it, she dumped him to get onto another man's So all you social justice whales who are calling people assholes for saying this should just stop eating so much because you are all just a bunch of gelatinous porn lovers who masturbate to this whore's shitty music and snort cocaine and fill your genitals up with drugs and dream about licking her pussy clean (something that will satisfy her sick mind).

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