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i sit here in sorrow, contemplating about reciprocated love, knowing that one day, the fact that i respect women will shine through, because i'm a nice guy and that i don't believe in religion will guide me into enlightenment.
my name is greg (pic is me), one day 4u my bdsm love

Armoured SkepticFedora icon.png (powerword: Gregory Fluhrer), aka AjaxBongo or hraffy, is a morbidly obese, Canadian youtube "Skeptic" with a chromosomal disorder (this is not a joke), whose incompetence and gullibility (that has lead him to losing all of his money to a cult), coupled with his desperate desire to appear intelligent to overcompensate for him failing out of college due to his "learning disability", has made him the laughing stock and punching bag of the already pathetic "Skeptic Community". This, however, didn't stop him from becoming so full of himself that he accused literally every other unoriginal anti-feminist youtuber of trying to copy him, resulting in the "Skeptic™" meme that is used to mock him to this day.

His biggest accomplishment in life so far has been manipulating the mentally damaged "Shoe0nHead" into entering an abusive and creepy "BDSM"/DDLG relationship with him, so he can use her popularity among smug, 14 year old atheists who jerk off to her, to keep his dream of becoming e-famous and his youtube channel on life support by living off of the fans who only watch him because they watch his girlfriend, only watch his girlfriend because they jerk off to her, and only jerk off to her because she sort of looks like Boxxy if she was going bald. All of this while treating her like crap, openly flirting with other women online, and coercing her into threesomes, if not outright cucking her. Which should come as no surprise to Shoe, because he first started e-dating her when he was still married, alongside several other women he was cheating on his wife with, until she divorced him. Partially for infidelity, but mostly because he was an overgrown manchild who bankrupt them once by joining a cult, and was in danger of doing it again by spending all their money on children's toys.

Armored skeptic 14.png
An actual picture Gregory made

Early Life History

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Spiderman and spiderpig.

This information is from a cringy, melodramatic video that Armored Spastic privated on his channel, where he tells the sob story of his life in the third person like a sped and tries to make people feel sorry for him.

pt.1 Gregory the Retard (fails at art school)


Pregory says that he had a hard time at school because of a misdiagnosed "learning disability", that he believes he didn't have, and that he's actually a MENSA level genius who failed high school because he had depression. Because of this, he was unable to go to a good school (he blames his parents for this and not the fact he isn't smart enough) and instead went to a local one where, in spite of his enormous intellect, he failed out of this low-tier institution, even though what he was taking was art.

And just for the record, here is a strip from an old webcomic that Greg used to draw.

Gee, I can't imagine why he didn't become a famous artist.

He drew this comic for 3 years, with no help from his friends, who he tried to coerce into making the comic with him but they refused because they realized how embarrassing it is, unlike him. You can find the rest of the strips on an archive of his old "official website" (why did he think it was a good idea to put those there?), where he also told his fans that is they wanted more, they should tweet out "I want #ArmouredComics", which literally only one guy did. Aside from that, the site had a blog where Greg would rate random women that he found on HotOrNot with multiple spelling and grammatical errors, in a way that was at the same time sad, creepy, disgusting, pathetic, cringy and hilarious.

Gregory insists that his many failures have nothing to do with any learning disability or general stupidity, but, in reality, what Greg actually has is a chromosomal disorder called XYY syndrome (Jacob's Syndrome) that actually does come with learning disabilities and the exact opposite of genius level IQ.

Symptoms of XYY Syndrome include:

  • Above average height
  • Physical weakness
  • Lower muscle mass
  • Decreased intelligence
  • Higher likelihood of being on the autism spectrum
  • Higher likelihood of being mentally retarded
  • Poor motor skills. They are always tripping over their own feet and have handwriting that can only be described as an unreadable, epileptic spasm.
  • Higher likelihood of having ADHD or learning disabilities
  • Emotional immaturity
  • Acne
  • Small testicles

In fact, XYYs are massively overrepresented in violent crime statistics, despite only occurring in every 1/1000 births. Some experts have hypothesized that this is because their extra Y chromosome gives them a propensity towards violence and rape.


pt.2 Gregory Joins a Doomsday Cult (and goes bankrupt)

File:Skeptic galaxy brain.png
How Greg sees himself

After spending several years working menial jobs, Greg joined a jewish doomsday cult (fun fact: his great grandparents moved to Canada and bough their land with literal nuggets of Jew gold) that convinced him to waste all of his and his wife's life saving on canned food for the apocalypse. This is only the first example of why it's laughable that this man(?) has the word "Skeptic" in his username.

Few posts by AS from his tinfoil period survived, but if you go to this video and ctrl+F "Ajaxbongo", you'll find a reply from someone to Greg's deleted account saying he's happy he was able to convince him. The video is about how The Simpsons have the power to predict the future and how a specific episode proves the apocalypse is upon us (here too).

pt.3 Gregory Joins an Atheist Cult Because of Youtube Videos (and gets kicked out for being annoying)

After going broke, Gregory was finally convinced to leave his cult thanks to fucking Amazing Atheist videos. Truly the mark of an intellectual. He then joined FreeThoughtBlogs for a while, until the Atheism+ movement took over. While some people stayed and other left the site, Armored Spastic remained there and argued with everyone, and was so smug and obnoxious that the people on the site eventually doxed him and his entire family to make him go away.

pt.4 Gregory Cheats on his Wife (and gets dumped for being a manchild)

After "leaving" FTB, Greg set out on a new path of being a loser, eagerly letting his disability induced immaturity to hurdle towards a second bankruptcy by spending all of his remaining money on Star Wars toys. But that's not all he was doing! He was also cheating on his wife!

All evidence point to Greg flirting with Shoe0nHead before he was actually divorced. But she wasn't the only one! Crazy Jenny McDermott has shown screencaps of Greg flirting with her ugly ass in DMs as well as saying he was cheating with at least 2 other women, one of whom, named "River McKinsey", (who Jenny show's screencaps of Gregory admitting to flirting with) was a woman he believed was dying of brain cancer! And as scummy as taking advantage of a mentally impaired dying woman to cheat on your wife is, that's not even the end of it! While Jenny claims to have seen pictures of them together, Jenny is insane and it turned out that this woman was actually a catfish.

File:Armored skeptic 16.png
Greg's wife using his account to call out the whores

Gregory addressed this to "debunk" Jenny's claims, but tactfully avoided bringing up the fact that he fell for an obvious catfish and that it doesn't disprove that he was trying to cheat on his wife with someone he though had brain damage. He also show's a screencap of someone letting him know it was a catfish, to which he adds the words "River was a Landwhale ILR", without a hint of irony or self awareness.

Eventually, Greg's wife got sick of this and, at first, tried to use his social media accounts to tell the sluts he was flirting with to back off. But when that didn't work, and when she got sick of having to yell at him for spending all of her money on Star Wars merchandise and having to hide his toys (this is an actual thing that happened according to a leak from Shoe's discord), she just divorced him.

But Greg's cheating antics continue to this day.

Greg's Videos

Now, at this point, you might be thinking that, for a "skeptic", Greg isn't the most skeptical person out there. Which is why it should come as no surprise that his is one of the worst channels in the genre.

Greg's videos mostly focus on long, unfunny skits that he does, with him voicing all the characters, badly. Then he picks a video to "debunk", which is always someone who's either literally insane or bordering on retardation, because otherwise he probably wouldn't be able to win the arguments. You would think that something this stupid, that isn't going to convince anyone anyway, is not worth "debunking", especially by someone who's girlfriend heavily criticized Bearing for going after "low hanging fruit". However, since Greg is simultaneously a mental invalid and desperate to prove otherwise, this is the best he could go up against.

His "arguments" mostly consist of using logic on the level of a 10 year old, which is enough to win against the retards that he deliberately picks. His only dips into actual statistics and scientific arguments are minor factoids he found on google, and whenever he tries to tackle a more difficult subject he ends up getting reamed from all sides for the fact he doesn't do any research and doesn't understand what he's talking about, not just by theists and SJWs, but even by other youtube skeptics who have made it a hobby of theirs to make "Armored Skeptic Doesn't Understand..." videos.

Better yet is the fact that Gregory is so stupid that, even without anyone pointing it out, his own videos make him look dumber and crazier than the people he's making fun of. Like in this video, where he criticized some guy for saying "Is" instead of "Are", only minutes after he himself confused the words "Attitude" and "Altitude" like a fucking moron. Or this video, where Greg argues that people should be thrown in jail for quoting bible verses if they hurt gay people's feelings, and minutes later addresses the controversy around the legality of displaying confederate flags by wondering to himself if protecting freedom of expression even matters.

Pregory Calls Everyone a "Skeptic Clone"

Now, you would think that being one of the worst content producers in the content sphere you inhabit and being constantly mocked, even by your own colleagues, would keep you humble. But combine a mentally deficient manchild and a large audience he siphoned off of his girlfriend, and you'll see that's not the case. It seems that Greg's ego has gotten so bloated, that he started accusing every other youtube skeptic of trying to be a clone of him.

There is no part 2

In Greg's mind, it couldn't possibly be that the reason that all "Skeptic" channels are nearly identical to each other is because every single one of them is an angry, disgruntled, smug atheist that's mad at women, and they end up saying the exact same things over and over because that's the only thing someone with this mindset and no real education to draw their argument from could come up with. And the reason all their avatars look the same is because none of them have ever worked on themselves to develop any marketable skills, so they both have to steal their avatar from google images because they can't draw it themselves or pay someone to do it for them (Just like Greg), as well as put it in a suit to give it an air of respectability and intellectualism to offset the fact most of them are high school dropouts who record their audio in their mom's basement and look exactly like you would imagine a youtube atheist would look like. Add a picture of a knight/philosopher/animal/skull to the suit, have a username with some variation of the words atheist/skeptic/logic/thinker/dr/professor/monkey (evolution reference)/heretic/some random numbers and you have the archetypal youtube skeptic channel.


To this day, everyone in that content sphere adds "TM" after every time they say the word "Skeptic" to mock him for this.

Original Content, donut steel

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Shoe0nHead - Greg's cucked cash cow

"Healthy relationship"'
File:Armored skeptic 05.jpg
The custom made engagement ring Gregory bought June looks suspiciously similar to this cheap ring you can buy online

One would assume that no one would be dumb enough to date this retard, especially knowing how often he cheated on his wife, and especially especially if you're the one he cheated on his wife with. However, you underestimate the power of mental illness.

June "Shoe0nHead" La Porta started "dating" Greg when he was still married and she was probably still in a relationship herself. They are currently engaged and are posting about their "kinky BDSM relationship" at all hours of the day and night, in a way that makes Greg sound abusive and June sound like she's in deep denial about not actually liking it. Their "relationship" mostly consists of Greg telling her how to spend her money, forcing her to continue to dress, act and look like a child to satisfy his gross DDLG fetish, and him openly flirting with other women online right in front of her while ignoring her tweets. Multiple people and leaks have confirmed that the two aren't just constantly trolling for someone to join a threesome with them, but that June now considered herself a cuck. In other words, Greg is dating this mentally broken idiot and using her desperate need for male attention to get a free pass from her to sleep with other women.

Fight with Jeff Holiday

Of course there is an added level of hypocrisy here because Greg refuses to have a 2 man threesome, even though Shoe said in the past she isn't gay so she probably doesn't want to sleep with women either. There's also the fact Armored Spastic nearly lost his shit when he thought Jeff Holiday was flirting with her because he mentioned her one time on a stream, telling him "June isn't yours, so don't act so comfortable". He got hilariously madder when Jeff interacted with her at a charity event meant to help the disabled, and then managed to get angry even at the wheelchair bound woman they were supposed to be helping because she said something he didn't like. After the charity thing ended, Greg passively aggressively "thanked" the woman for not including him in the list of people who donated. To which she responded that, as far as she knows, he never actually donated any money.

Jeff has been laughing at him ever since.

Jeff Holiday Dunking on AS About missing Pics
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Candid Shilling

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BeCandid - Speak your mind freely and be threatened legally

CandidCEOCodeCompaniesCabalistsContractsCheesePizzaShoe0nHeadArmouredSkepticHarmful Opinions

File:Moreshoeonhead 18.png
Shoe will tell HO what she's doing before she tells Greg

After falling for a cult, a catfish, and changing his religion because of youtube videos, Greg showed everyone how truly incredulous he is by signing a deal to promote an obvious scam site without reading the contract.

The gist is that a fake social media website called "BeCandid", that was run by people who were both SJWs and had a history of creating fraudulent sites, approached multiple "skeptic" youtubers, describing themselves as a free speech site to bait them, then threw money in their face in exchange for promoting the site to their fanbase. The catch was that the site's moderation was done by a self-teaching AI, and these people's audiences were to be used as a way for it to learn to better censor people who criticize feminism. And while many fell for this scam, not even reading that what they were signing was an NDA, none fell as hard as Skeptic and shoe. Even after Harmful Opinions exposed the site for what it is and got doxed by the company's own CEO for it, even after Mark Kern got threatened by the CCO of BeCandid for talking about its security vulnerabilities (both HO and Kern were Shoe and Greg's friends at the time, by the way), even then, Shoe and Greg continued to support it.

Shoe not only made a response video, saying she is not under contract by BeCandid, but also then DELETED that video and made A SECOND VIDEO promoting the app. Meaning she was either lying and hiding the evidence, or telling the truth and then signing a new sponsorship deal, despite being told what she was promoting was a scam meant to fuck her and all her friends over. Not only that, but when she was called out for it, she took over AS's YT account without his knowledge and put word filters on his channel's comment section to keep people from talking about what she'd done.

But all that pales in comparison to what Greg did - Accepted money from Candid to make an attack video about Harmful Opinions.

The saga ended when, just like HO predicted, the site was closed shorty after, with its AI being sold off to uber. And while they narrowly avoided being associated with a bot that sensors their own speech, its worth remembering how readily they were willing to knowingly sell out their entire community and beliefs for a few dollars.


See Also

File:Armored skeptic 06.jpg
Are we sure he has XYY and not XXY syndrome? He looks exactly like this.
  • MRA - What Greg is
  • Shoe0nHead - Cuckold
  • BeCandid - For whom the shill shills
  • Kraut and Tea - another youtube "skeptic" who made videos trying too hard to seem intellectual, until people found out he didn't finish high school.

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