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Cats are immune to arrows. This is a known fact. You can shoot them all you want and it will not hurt them, see gallery below for proof. You can shoot a cat right through its head and the cat will shrug it off and go about its day barely even noticing the arrow through its brain. Some younger cats actually enjoy it as they can play with the arrow.

You can test this at home with a bow and arrow or a crossbow and your own cat. If you don't have a cat you can try it on a family member's cat or use your neighbor's cat or any random feline in the neighborhood (make sure to tell the owner that it is just a trick and their beloved pet will be just fine).


This is the average, calm, rational and reasonable reaction you can expect from your typical mild mannered, professional Internet user when referencing any image within the gallery of this article along with anything even remotely resembling a joke or even an idle lack of fucks to be given. Furries in particular will become instantly enraged by even making mention of the subject. This is largely due to the human cognitive bias known as "anthropomorphism", which is the human preoccupation of inflicting lower animals and even inanimate objects with human traits and characteristics. This is a very selective bias, which allows your average fat headed American to stuff hamburgers down their throats all the while screeching over the horrible "injustice" of a flea ridden alley cat being randomly skewered with a stick.

Embezzlement Is Awwwright!

Not only is shooting arrows into cats fun it's likewise quite profitable! Yes, you too can easily raise countless thousands of dollars from bleeding heart furries all over the Internets with just a few well aimed arrows and some choice Instagram shots. Or, if you really want to step up yer game you can just straight out embezzle $20,000 from the clinic you work at and then try and claim it was some kind of PayPal "hack" of some sort. Do be wary of computer savvy animal clinic owners though, as one Lorie Zepeda learned the hard way, it's not always fun and profit when "the man" steps in...


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