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Arsewhole staring into your soul

Arsewhole, AKA goatse for kids, is a Scandanavian fuckup with a penis that looks like an anteater. He is a member of IX and enjoys exploration of ass with toys and fist, raunchy adventures, and mind fucking.

The Man

Arsewhole hates straight men and gay men who pretend to be straight. He is far too trusting of his colonial Scandanavian host community and has listed a phone number. As such, he is officially asking for it.

The Anus

Arsewhole is very proud of his anus. Very, very proud. A whole team of scientists have devoted their lives to studying his anus, which has suffered so much abuse that it actually resembles a pie crust. Arsewhole's greatest achievement in life is taking a fist and up to half the forearm in his destroyed, gaping disaster of an anus.


Anus or angry clam?

Arsewhole on IX