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Kind of cute, in a psychopathic way.
The cover of Rachelle's upcoming book.

Rachelle Waterman is LJ user Lj-favicon.png smchyrocky who had two ex-lovers murder her mother in Alaska. Allegedly, they locked her in a van and set it on fire.


"Just so you know, last night my mother was murdered" started the last entry in her journal. She talked about a pair of new boots she bought, before mentioning her mother's death.

After the incident, Waterman's LiveJournal received thousands of comments. Many of these posters originated from Something Awful. For a short time Waterman's LiveJournal still existed with much of it censored until it was finally deleted. Rachelle's LJ is back in service, but only with entries dating May 2007 - Present.

Rachelle Waterman's continuing popularity landed her userpic in part of the LiveJournal "8 million users" mosaic picture.[1]. Even LJ can't get enough of that wonderfully insane bitch.

Indictment Dismissed

CNN reported that the Juneau Superior Court did not charge Rachelle with any offenses as she ruled that the pigs may have coerced the teenager into making incriminating statements. Anchorage Daily News Rachelle's two ex-lovers were sentenced to 99 years each.

Take Two

Rachelle has been found guilty! Three WHOLE years.

Popular Culture

Rachelle was immortalized in two songs called "Van On Fire" and "LiveJournal" by popular hip-hop group Futuristic Sex Robotz. Thank you Rachelle, for being insane.

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