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The animu Eureka 7 actually stole her art.

Art theft is a common, and rampant form of plagiarism. It incites an overwhelming amount of ED quality drama; hence why this page exists.

Art thieves are usually some of the most butthurt, lulzy, asshats that can be found on the internetz. They usually spend their time fapping to animu shit and and wishing they could be japanese, considering most art thieves are weeaboos. They usually realize by the time they slither out their obese hooker mother's wrinkly vagina that they have no talent for arting what-so-ever, but they're full of wonderful ideas, so they wonder how can they get their e-peen stroked? By tracing a screen-cap of Sailor Moon, re-coloring, adding cat-ears, and posting it to dA it of course! And considering these inspiring artists get 9000 pageviews each day, it leads to strong cases of USI. That fact alone provides sweet lulz.

What kind of people are art thieves?

The typical art thief either has the mental capacity of a newborn with anencephaly, is a troll, or are butthurt against someone that has more talent than they do, so they get revenge by taking their art.

By definition, every time you post a picture you have not created on the internet, it makes you an Art Thief.

Where can this faggotry be found?

Oh noes, dinks!

DeviantART is the most common breeding ground where many art thieves spawn and have gay sex. Upon the event that you interact with one in its natural habitat, it is recommended that you call them out as "a thieving asshat" and wait for the AT's shitstorm of butthurt over it, troll them into the fucking ground, watch them baaaaaawwww, then SCREENCAP THAT SHIT and post it here.

Species of art thieves

Abigaille is a common example of a Ripper.
  • The Photobucket Tart uses DA as its personal army. It loves to link the images all over its MySpace page, hoping to get moar e-peen strokes even though it usually has no friends. Plus, who the fuck uses MySpace anymore?
  • The .jpeg Tart Similar to the above variety but so fucking stupid that it uploads official animu art and popular original art/ fanworks as its own, unaware of the wonders of TinEye. Most likely to be found within the cesspool that is DeviantArt. Usually shocked and appalled that anyone would point out the obvious (though tends to be lulzy when confronted).
  • Tracer DA's most common art form other than furries and animu, which is usually traced too. The screen caps are usually used by artists for merciless butchering into their fan-fucking-tastic Mary_Sue.
  • PoeTART This breed of retard takes images from an anime straight off Google, pastes it into MS paint and writes some shitty poetry all around the image, usually lyrics from an MCR song. "HURR DURR IM SO DEEP"
  • CopyPasTARD copies work from other artists and never gives credit, then throws a shitfit when called out some of them will try and claim that the original artist ripped them off, even if it is a known fact they have no talent at all.
  • The Re-colorist simply re-colors over others work, usually in MS paint for extra lulz. They also take animation stills and create their own shittyoriginal character with them.
  • Slideshow Makers take their favorite pictures and put it to great new pop music. They are very common on JewTube.
  • FameTARDS upload famous work and expect people to believe them, and for some reason continue to get 200,000 faves and a daily deviation. "iTS NOT TEH MONA LISA, IT'S MY OC KIMI!!11!!! STFU JELOUS!!11!11!"
  • ProfiTARTS Unable to survive in the working world, this breed of TART tries and sell their shitty artwork, only to realize that they have no talent and resort to art thief.

Things to look for when you suspect an art thief

Word on the street is that the one way to identify a thief are these common attributes:

  • Style and quality is inconsistent (from ripping different artists or animu screencaps).
  • Unnatural growth of skill (from shitty stick figures one week to professional anime the next).
  • Drama whoring
  • Anything done with 'Vectors'
  • Anything resembling a cartoon with any hint of MS paint present

Usual reactions when accused as an art theft

but i didn't make money off it!


Kuu invokes one's wrath

Art thieves are locked in a permanent state of butthurt once called out on their faggotry. They will piss themselves, claim to have tried to become an hero, cry, make death threats and stuff their journals and retaliating comment rants on how unfairly their "art" got removed. One of the most lulzy things to come from them is the fact that, without a doubt the only reason to remove someone's work is "CUZ UR ALL JUS JELOUS OF MAH ART". Aside from that, everyone can have some fun making 12 year old cry for ripping some animu screen caps. NEVER hold back. If you praise them they'll get down on their knees and lick your cock forever. All are retarded enough to believe their traces/rips/whatever are great talent.

thank you <3

How do I fuck with Art Theifs?

  • Use the "report a deviation system", if enough deviations are reported then the user will receive the Banhammer
  • Post multiple comments all over the user's profile and galleries to let others know of the AT's faggotry
  • Come with proof that you can link to show all the internetz
  • FUCK the CreativeCommons license, there's only one law about pictures : the Copyright, enforce it
  • Never give up trolling the fuck out of the theif, because their butthurt is moar entertaining than daytime television
  • Post hate art, link it to their profile, watch as the lulz unfold
  • Once lulz ensue, screencap and post to ED

Gallery Of Art Theft Asshattery

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