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Artica's art is nothing more than countless amounts of commissions, meaning that "she" has absolutely no talent. "She" could learn to draw like everyone else but instead stays in "her" room all day while messing around on Second Life. Adding to the madness, "she" sleeps with anything, especially artists, in hopes of receiving a free commission. Artica is known for having wierd fetishes as : Vore, Cum inflation, tentacles, extreme narcissism yiff ( Fucking with the other versions of "her"self ), sticking eggs in the vagina etc.

I have always wanted to find out, who's the biggest commission whore and how much money have they generally spent on their shitty commissions 8D

if anyone knows of a listing of this kind, post it here.



—Arctunus, e621 forum post

Have you looked at the amount of Artica Sparkle pictures? The amount speaks for itself!


—Anonymous, stating the obvious

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