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Artistic Games are games that are the result of fake gamers who think their opinions matter in this world (when they don't), and feel the need to ride the coattails of video gaming by creating what is essentially Sega CD-tier games, but with bare-minimum movement, which means they are 11/10 - IGN. To make things worse, they even charge normal game prices for some of them, even when the games only last 52 seconds by Doom standards.

"Retro" Games

Retro games (i.e. "I fucked with MS Paint and Java for a while, give me $27") are what happens when you get a generation of people who think all 80s computers = Nintendo. Even then, they get things wildly wrong, by making half-ass pixel artwork (see MS Paint), doing the equivalent of headslamming a MIDI keyboard, doing premade Java snippets and charging people money for it. Of course, this leads to endless arguing from neckbeards on which shitty fake generic 8-bit game is the best amidst a sea of shitty fake generic 8-bit games.

This leads to many contenders, the most obvious being Minecraft, the result of Legos, Sweden and autism colliding head-on to ripoff an already existing game, doing the bare minimum needed to qualify it as a game, and roll in the autismbux while taking 12 simultaneous vacations because fuck actually putting effort into things.

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