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Hellsing920 was one of Asalieri's few friends that is actually his age and one that actually surpasses Asalieri in terms of ego and sheer lack of talent, Hellsing920 (who eventually decided to use his full name as a username) is a nasty, obese hack and jewtube whore that has his own worthless R&R series known as "Reaction & Review". In that series, He11sing will sit on his ass in front of a camera, express his genuine reactions toward a movie that none of us even sees and spend 15-20 minutes rambling on and on and on about it. Wow, that sounds original. Much like Asalieri's own R&R, there's no insight and entertainment value to be found whatsoever, as He11sing puts no effort at all to make his reviews enjoyable for anyone to watch. Yet criticize him for that, even out of good intention, and he will throw a bitchfit by saying that no one should watch something that they don't like and that they need to explain themselves when they question his work.

Besides his worthless reviews, He11sing is also best known for his feuds with the BlackBusterCritic and the Game Boob, both which made him look bad and severely weakened his credibility (go to his page for more information). Most recently, to try to make himself and his work relevant to viewers, He11sing has assumed the role of a contrarian in which he will mostly talk shit about movies that are critically and commercially successful like "Requiem for a Dream", "Eraserhead", "Pink Floyd: The Wall", "Casino Royale", "The Dark Knight" and "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" and give praise and kind words to shit that no one in their right mind will ever watch like "Catwoman", "Dead Snow", "Red State", "Dead Heat", "Howard the Duck", "Cannibal Holocaust", "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" and "Hobo With a Shotgun". Of course, Hellsing is always a subject to criticism that he usually ignores, which is very frequent, especially nowadays, but those that criticize him enough though tend to disappear.

Angry Joe

Angry Joe,
about to prolapse.

Asalieri and Angry Joe go together like mongooses and snakes. Asalieri can't stand the guy's mug and overacting in his reviews; compared to Asalieri's boring and bland videos where he sits in front of a camera and talks about people he hates with out of context information, quotes, etc. The irony is that while Angry Joe overreacts, Asalieri does the opposite but, of course, Asalieri finds his mindless blathering more entertaining.

To cement his bitter hatred towards Angry Joe, Asalieri created a parody character known as Pissed Jose, who's basically Angry Joe, if Angry Joe was morbidly obese, had pubic hair on his chin, talked like a pretentious, unintelligent, stereotypical Mexican and ate Tacos all day. Yeah, and this guy thinks that Doug Walker is unfunny. Even more annoying is his poor attempt at being funny. If Asalieri would have gotten Angry Joe's ethnicity correct, maybe it would have actually mattered. Instead, Asalieri saw Angry Joe had a big mustache and guessed that he was Mexican. The parody was so poor that Asalieri quickly ended the amazingly popular series to bitch more about other reviewers, although one can assume that Asalieri cancelled the character in fear that it proved more autobiographical than he expected.

Later, Asalieri created a response video to AJ's ID copyright claim rant. Before Angry Joe in his rant degraded to a rather childish pathos, he actually made good points. Eric Gaede, however, repeatedly tried to make his opponent look like a greedy piece of shit (Ironic, isn't it?), called him unimaginative for relying on other people's clips and told him to stop using them. Everybody rightfully railed on Asa for his douchebaggery and hypocrisy, as his entire RaR uses material belonging to other people.

Due to Asa not being able to handle constructive criticism, he deleted the original video. Why aren't we surprised?


The Angry Video Game Nerd

A hundred years ago, Asalieri made two valid videos deconstructing a few of the Angry Video Game Nerd's reviews, as a part of his useless RAR series. In one video, he compared AVGN's declining quality with a lesser-known, yet up-and-coming, OCD nerd retro game reviewer named Roo. The video was taken down twice by Mike Mattei, AVGN's right-hand man and sexual sock puppet. Upon this, Asalieri wussed out and called a truce with Mattei -- which instantly drained Mr. Gaede of all credibility, especially in terms of his continual spouting (at least once per video) that he has no problem calling people on the Internet out on their stupidity and telling it like it is. The other video involved him riffing on the AVGN's horrendous 100th episode alongside Iron Liz's sister Razorfist, which should have been the first part of a final comparison between the AVGN and the Irate Gamer. When Mike Mattei saw the video, he proceeded to take it down in order to reminiscence the good old days. Naturally, Asalieri not only wussed out for the second time in a row and made another goddamned truce with Mattei (because the internet is srs bsns), but also never made the 'real' comparison video as promised, possibly in fear of Mattei taking it down as well. Way to ruin your credibility, dumbass.

In early 2012, AVGN opened up a donation drive to fund his movie. At first, this didn't really become a concern, that is until AVGN kept the drive going, when it reached far beyond what he originally requested. This, of course, sparked attention to Asalieri, who uploaded a series of shitty parody videos, including one insubstantial video accusing the AVGN of pocketing most of the donation money based on extremely shaky evidence and then likely went on AVGN's ED page and posted about it there. Of course, Asalieri's nutsack lickers bought this hook, link and sinker and took part in Asalieri's smear campaign. However, once people started demanding real, substantial evidence for Asa's claims, Mr. "Tell It Like It Is" promptly deleted the video, proving that he had nothing and was just jumping at an opportunity to make James Rolfe look bad.

In his ongoing crusade against the sinister AVGN, Asa once again attacked the movie, shortly after it premiered in September 2014. Asalieri announced on twitter that he would be streaming his reaction to the movie (along with He11sing920 and TheGamingGoose). The tweet also provided a link to a torrent for the movie, with the implication that he was watching a pirated copy. That's right. Asalieri hates AVGN so much that he went as far as to illegally download a pirated copy of his film. If it was anyone else, no shits would be given since roughly everyone else illegally downloads everything these days. But since this is the same guy who spent the last two and a half years going on a smear campaign on Rolfe, it's amazing that Asalieri would go as far as to download a film that he's bashed on a daily basis. Maybe Asalieri DOES like AVGN after all; maybe this is his way of expressing love to AVGN and wanting to have sex with him.


Yahtzee babysits a couple of Wallaby-Fuckers on his new show.

After Escapist Magazine's failed attempt for a donation drive to get Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation to PAX 2011, it was inevitable that Asalieri would get off to such news, since he apparently has nothing else to do with his life. So he posted a few videos about it, including a RAR on Zero Punctuation. Views poured in on this RAR in particular, as well as very short unnoticeable internet drama that came with it due to Asalieri congratulating everyone who told Yahtzee he was stupid.

The Hardcore Kid

The Hardcore Kid

Sometime after Asalieri attempted to start e-drama with TGWTG over Spoony leaving. A YouTube user by the name of "The Hardcore Kid" added Asalieri to his top list of "Smegged up YouTubers," sharing the epic spot of number 7 with JFreedan. Of course, soon after, Asalieri posted a video in which he, again, proceeded to insult everyone involved with the list, even the ones of whom had nothing to say about him. In Hardcore Kid's video, he proceeded to copy and paste content from Asalieri's ED article into notepad, and then proceeded to give it to the two other people who were going to discuss Asalieri with him. While the video was bashed by those who knew about the ED article and Asalieri's fans of course. People from other sites thought it was well put out, and all was fine for...less than a week.

Asalieri's response was, to put it simply, just him pretending all the nonsense he had spewed to his fans was not as bad as people were making it or was non-existent, going as far as to "pretend" him getting rejected from Reviewtopia didn't matter when he made his butthurt video about them in the first place. When his AVGN movie bullshit video was brought up, he continued to support it, even though he had still not shown any evidence of what he was saying was true at the time. The response video also shows that Asalieri is also incapable of pressing the pause button, as shown when a key piece of information was displayed in Hardcore Kid's video of Asalieri's fans raging at a video because Asalieri was not #1 in a top ten video. Most of the video is Asalieri doing what he does best: Throwing out ad-homonym attacks in all directions, going as far as to make fun of not just how Hardcore Kid looked, but essentially spending the first few minutes just criticizing everyone's looks and some for how they talked, even though he looks almost exactly like RazorFist, if he would cut his hair once in awhile and was actually Asalieri's size. When there was actual proof against him, you can tell Asa has no defense for it by placing a "joke/wit counter" on the screen during those moments, expecting comedy during a serious moment of explanation.

So some of you may be asking: "Where are these videos mentioned?" Well it turns out that not only is Hardcore Kid extremely lazy in doing his research, but he is also a massive coward. Shortly after Asalieri's videos were made. The two other people who talked with Hardcore Kid about Asalieri in Hardcore Kid's video came out with an apology video each. In both, they claim they were pretty much given a script from Hardcore Kid, and was told to read because they were "pressured on time." Pretty much showing they had no clue about what they were talking about, and just went along bashing someone they knew barely anything about. You would think Asalieri would point this out, but Asalieri ignored it like he does with everything else, because they both had already started sucking Asalieri's e-peen and he didn't want his good name tarnished. Hardcore Kid on the other hand, went into a Skype conversation with Asalieri and Templar Gamer (because Asalieri can't have an internet debate by himself anymore). In the apology video made by Hardcore Kid, he pretty much says that he still stood by what he said in the video. However when he was brought into the Skype conversation, in typical Asalieri fashion, he played off his mean spirited nature, and put on a big smile for Hardcore Kid. What was the goal of Asalieri? Well, all was made clear when Hardcore Kid said that Asalieri asked him to take his video down, and in exchange would take his own down. (Mission Accomplished!) So even though Hardcore Kid still stood by what he said he still took his video down because "He didn't want all the drama on his page." Indeed, he didn't want drama on his page with a small amount of subscribers, and he didn't want drama on his page even though he made it very clear he knew how Asalieri's fanbase was. Here you go ladies and gentlemen, the biggest coward to grace YouTube.

So everyone won correct? Well not exactly. See, on Hardcore Kid's apology video, one of Asalieri's fanboys came in to say that Hardcore Kid was fine and respectable, but the others in his video were meanies. Hardcore Kid then proceeded to say that they were rude and harsh. That's right. Hardcore Kid said the people who were reading his script, were mean and rude with what they said, basically throwing them under the bus. However with the other two apology videos, Asalieri's fanboys claimed that Hardcore Kid was the asshole. While this was going on no attention was being brought to why Asalieri was still an asshole. Not only this, but Hardcore Kid remade the top 10 video and removed Asalieri's part, but left the spot Asalieri was sharing with, Jfreedan, in, and removed A-Log from the part entirely, thus making Asalieri look like a hero in the end, and resulting in a lose-lose for Hardcore Kid, while Asalieri walked off laughing hysterically.

As of August 2013, Asalieri has put the videos talking about Hardcore Kid and some other reviewers back up on his channels, breaking his deal. It has since been baleeted by Asa due to butthurt once more, but new light has been shed that tosses Asa's ass from king of Shit Mountain to the loser's circle as well, thanks to IwateCommentary's take on it on this video:

After Brandon (AKA Hardcore kid) did his original video and After Eric (AKA Asa) did this video, the two eventually got into a skype conversation. Effectively, Eric convinced Brandon that he was actually a nice person and that claimed that the stuff Brandon and the others said such as sending his fanbase on people and that he has a vendetta against AVGN and TGWTG weren't true. A year later, me and the rest of the detractors were able to prove that what Eric said were complete lies; he continued to make slanderous videos against TGWTG and their fanbase despite saying he was done with talking about the site, there was a screencap of Eric telling his fans to flag someone's channel for making a rape joke, never provided proper evidence that James Rolfe stole the money like he said he would and so on. The final straws for Brandon to take back his apology were the "Relative Blues" video Eric and his family made and the stalking of TKyle, a former friend who got tired of Eric's antics, which disproved Eric's "I'm a nice guy" claim.



TL;DR: Asa has once again proven himself to be a lying trash bag of bullshit and eggs, breaking everything he said right after he got his apology. The funny thing about second chances, you're actually supposed to keep them and not act like a dick. But thanks to Asa thinking that once he gets an apology, he can do fuck all to keep it; it's clear that he doesn't give two shits about his reputation and thrives on people simply forgetting he did those things. So he won the battle, but eventually lost the war, to himself no less.



In May of 2013, a new chapter in Asalieri's eternal vendetta against (and, by extension, online capitalism) had begun. Ever eager to stir up drama, this time over a video made by Linkara on YouTube regarding adblocking. It wasn't the first time the fatass took potshots at "Uncle Linky", as there were a couple of swipes back in October 2010, at least one troll comment, and an RAR episode dedicated to him, hosted by fellow circlejerker Afr0blu3. Asa uploaded another drama-laden video onto YouTube whining about how he ought to get "a real job" like "flipping burgers" and stuff, which is ironic since Asalieri had a job working as a Wal-Mart clerk, a job even "less real" than "flipping burgers", and now he is probably sitting at home collecting welfare. So wait, who needs to get a "real job" again?

Of course, none of Asalieri's retarded fans stop to think and realize that their idol ALSO HAS ADVERTISEMENTS ON SOME OF HIS OWN VIDEOS. That yellow line at the bottom of his videos is clearly not a stain on somebody else's monitor. Could it be that Asalieri is a giant hypocrite who puts his foot in his mouth and his face up his own elephant ass? Nah, it must be Youtube's fault. Needless to say, the users on TGWTG forums had a field day with all of his raving.

So next time folks, if you see that obese dirtbag bitch at other people for making money off of ads, bring THIS to his attention and hear him try to defend himself that he never cares about money, that he makes these videos to tell it as it is and those that criticize him for it are just defending their beloved Internet heroes.


About to go on a jog.[1]
Bill Gaede,
Asaleri's father, Super Spy and blackmailing device of Jfreedan.

After all that bullcrap with AVGN and the ROB Review drama, all was well and good, for a very short time, until Asalieri met Jfreedan (Carey Ray Martell).

At first, Asalieri actually made a somewhat positive RAR on him, since he seemed innocent enough, that is until Next Thursday.

Carey called out on one of Asalieri's friends (Joey Roo) for being a racist for using the term "JRPG" by making a 19 minute response video to Roo's JRPG video. This attack infuriated Asalieri and he made a commentary/parody video on that said video. Asalieri at first said the video entitled "Running Faggot," was uploaded "accidentally," as he was trying to test and see if he could actually upload a video at the time. Because we all know, if you want to test and make sure you can upload something. Make sure it is offensive and idiotic with a drama starting title.

Asalieri's main YouTube account was terminated due to numerous third party complaints from subjects of Asalieri's Reviewing a Reviewer show and fanboys of said subjects Carey Martell, who takes the Internet way too fucking seriously. After Asalieri had one video removed by JFreedan, Asalieri decided to use his brain and...uploaded another video about JFreedan, and was shortly removed causing a second strike. People now knew that JFreedan had the ability to remove his videos and if Asalieri were to upload another video his account would obviously be suspended. So Asalieri did the only logical thing he could do at that time and...uploaded a third video against JFreedan, ultimately causing his account to be suspended and many LuLz to be had. On his alternate channel, he continues to pour nonsense into the minds of others, and is still being stalked by Jfreedan to this day. JFreedan, shortly after the Asalieri drama was over decided to stop the issue with a debate, in which Asalieri recorded his version which just so happened to have JFreedans voice distorted to the point that he is incoherent. Asalieri fanboys continue to roam rampant on JFreedans channel. You can find out all about this war and Jfreedan, on his own article, since Asalieri and his drones helped make it.

Jfreedan had an ace up his sleeve and after doing some research discovered the history of Asalieri's father. In that he was a double agent for several communist nations by supplying them with secrets from various US computer manufacturers and was b& from ever stepping foot on American soil again. Unfortunately, bringing up the sins of the father shot Jfreedan in the foot and branded him a piece of shit for accusing Asaleri of crimes he did not commit. Asalieri is actually proud of his father, and who can blame him? I mean your father will never be as infamous as his.

The War Room

Jfreedan always appeared paranoid that the there were people out to get him. As crazy as it sounded, it was actually true. There was an underground skype group dedicated on the destruction of Jfreedan's channel called "The War Room". While at first it was made by some of Asalieri's top goons, eventually Asalieri DID get himself somewhat involved in this. The best part is that one of the founders of the group was an admin and troll of some furry porn imageboard. The group lasted for several months, basically plotting many ways to destroy the running flaggot, until it went too far and Jfreedan was having his adsense spam clicked. While The War Room was long disbanded, there still exists a tl;dr chatlog of it. Here it is, go ahead and read how Asalieri and his fanbase really is. [2]

That Guy With The Glasses

TGWTG's Nostalgia Critic and wife

When Asalieri started skulking around TGWTG, he found that the people who did reviews on there were vastly inferior to him. So he started posting garbage and soon enough attempted to start e-drama with the members of the site and the fans on TVTropes. Shortly after he was banned from the TGWTG forums. Hinting that this was the first website that shot him down for insinuating drama. Shortly after, he started complaining on an almost daily basis about how bad TGWTG was and how it contained a bunch of talentless people. Compared to his EPIC AS FUCK Microsoft Paint skills, and his GODLIKE use of his 240p webcam. When nobody fought back with him he resulted to making short articles about TGWTG members and thus gained him epic Kudos with Busy Street. With a website now backing him up, he began to make videos against Angry Joe from TGWTG on a regular basis.

Also Asalieri and David Savage released a movie called Punchdickia, an unfunny parody of Kickassia (which was already a stupid movie to begin with) , starring Game Boob and Pissed Jose, that offers eternal proof that Youtube members are not cut out to be filmmakers, let alone video recorders.

In September 2012, Doug Walker announced his plans to retire his Nostalgia Critic series, Asa's mindless legions of fanboys celebrated the news. Here's a sample of some of the radiant maturity of some of Asalieri's hordes:

So, let's have a toast. This is for the end of so-called entertainment on the internet. Cheers!


—ramzarugliabeoulve, who probably considers his god Asalieri to be the infallible god of the internets.

Let us rejoice thine day of the Nostalgia Critic hath been cast of of thine domain of shittty reviewing. And I sing the song of victory: NA NA NA NA! NA NA NA NA! HEY HEY HEY! GOODBYE!!


—Fatality65, a 19-year-old kid who spells "shitty" with three "t"s.

The Nostalgia Critic is no more, fanboys are dumb cause they like him... we are better causa we cheers and celebrate the fact that he's no more.


—huerfanoproducciones, part of the big Asa circlejerk.

lol i cant believe Doug is fed up with Nostalgia Critic character lol, maybe he is a human after all


—MrConredsX, tardgasming so hard he forgot the rules of basic grammar.

Despite the fact that Walker was putting his creation on ice, some fanboys think that their god's mortal enemy is dead and is making way so there will be extra room for Asalieri's ever-burgeoning girth; however, only a few were actually able to look past this part to see Walker's plans to do other videos. A couple seemed optimistic that there would be times where he'd bring in other talents, but this presents a problem: 94% of Asa's fanbase sees Mr. Gaede (and by extension a few people in his circlejerk, unless he boots them out on some ridiculous whim) as the only talented person on the internets and that refusing him a role in anything is a complete travesty. To them, Eric Gaede is a living, international treasure who has done more for mankind than anyone else.

Everything was fine for the Asalieri Circlejerk and its numerous fans until...


On January 22, 2013, Walker made it public that he was going to un-retire his Nostalgia Critic series (possibly in conjunction with the failure of his Demo Reel show). It can be most certain that Asalieri's army of fans will behave in the same fashion shown above (i.e. making sure that their God-Fatass gets to hog the limelight). Let's take a look at what his channel comments say...



—CraneExperience, a conspiracy theorist who had a cameo in Gaede's shitty Punchdickia video.

doug just made a 32 minute video called "The Review Must Go On" about himself going crazy about nostalgia critic


—Haxman666, snitch.

I just saw the video....I don't want to live on this planet anymore.


—Templarthe2nd, white knight

so doug walker realized that demo reel sucked and went back to being NC to get the fans back, ohh joy


—UnforgivenRonin, who would walk off a bridge if Asalieri told him to.

If Doug really thinks he has what it takes to revitalize his old series, then he should by all means try. At worst he makes a bad video, but at best...


—Starshock1995, playing neutral.

Its doug walker


—UnforgivenRonin's reply to Starshock. Seems like he has severe grammar issues.



—luxiemg, a small-fry Asa scrotum-cleaner.

So the Nostalgia Critic is back, eh? FUCK!


—SirhcCommentatesOn. Too bad, better luck next time.

Just watch it, NC still can't act, but the demo reel guys did the best they could to make it watchable, but, to me, the 32 minutes was way better than the movies they created and demo reel. That is all I have to say on the video.


—UnforgivenRonin (again)... Just how far down his throat does he have Asa's dick?

You guys do not disappoint.

Irate Gamer Sucks Blog

Even some of Asa's most loyal fans have questioned the need for the IG Blog campaign. Gaede shrugs it off.

Asalieri, deciding that the drop from 100 subscribers a month for the Irate Gamer in 2011, to the 99 a month he was getting in 2012 was enough for him to claim that the Irate Gamer was a META topic, only losers talk about now. As compared to 2011 when absolutely nothing changed, and yet Asalieri defended his constant uploading of Irate Gamer videos as if a job still needed to be done. It turns out the only reason Asalieri all of a sudden "stopped" making Irate Gamer videos, is because his name was mentioned on the Irate Gamer Hate Blog. Shortly after, Asalieri shat out a video, full to the brim with typical insults only the META fatass himself or his fanboys could come up with. Oh and if you don't like the Irate Gamer, then according to Asalieri you are an AVGN fanboy. Thus crating a paradox of Asalieri not liking AVGN or Irate Gamer and blasting a hole in the space time continuum. Asalieri after posting two comments in response to the ocelot of hate and dislikes coming his way, all of a sudden went mute on the subject. Thus proving You only stop talking about the Irate Gamer when Asalieri does!

In the wake of Cinemassacre's Cheetahmen 2 debacle, Irate Gamer made a funny parody of it. Asalieri saw the video and automatically declared Irate Gamer to be "officially cool", proving that the adage "the enemy of my enemy is my ally" rings true with Asa. However only when it is convenient and at a much pettier level. As soon as the Irate Gamer farts in a way that doesn't satisfy Asa, he will be back sucking the AVGN's dick Roo's dick. Not to mention that in the past, he had also made an alliance with Game Dude over something similar. When Asalieri made a video where he basically read and tried his bestest to make the comments on the website look bad by sounding like a witch, the video was taken down soon after for the lulz. However it could have easily been child protective services, since in the video you can hear his child in the background making noises when he proceeded to shout such loving things as "shut the fuck up," and "SUCK MY WIENERRRRR!" Father of the year folks. Showing that sooner or later his channel will be gone again. In the video he also shows how awesome he is when someone mentioned that he has no friends by saying he was going to his only real life friend, Razorfist's house later that day, and then proceeded to show his massive amount of friends...on Skype. I'm pretty sure little Emily down the block has thousands of friends on the internet as well. Asa is jelly.

In 2014, Asa was mentioned in the IGS blog due to making an appearance in one of Boring Man's videos. This of course gave him an excuse to start yet another petty drama and attack the bloggers, saying that they masturbate to the hate of him. Later, after getting crushed by intellectually superior Mr.Kill Ultra in a discussion, Asalieri "humbly and respectfully took his leave" and tried to call a truce by promising an apology video...... ...SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS! He didn't keep his promise and continued on insulting the members behind their back on his own channel discussion page.

Alright so yeah. I’m an idiot for actually thinking the guy could be reasoned with. He’s just way too happy being belligerent and too into his hatred of me to see otherwise. How sad, really.


—Asalieri, about Mr.Kill Ultra. What a peace-maker.

Like a pussy, he deleted the comments on his channel to hide the truth, but everybody already saw 'em.


AKA TGWTG rejects

After massing an army of idiots, and after sucking TGWTG's Roo's cock religiously for the past few months, Asalieri decided that his subscriber count warranted him a spot on the upcoming website Reviewtopia. However, he was shot down for a second time. This time because they realized all he would do is bitch about people he had differing opinions with, rather than talk about the actual reviews. However his buddy He11sing920 got a spot. This caused much butthurt with Asalieri, so he spent the next few weeks complaining about how bad the site that he previously wanted to join was. Comments include such classics as, "They are all Virgins/idiots/furries/fags/idiots/idiots/virgins/idiots." as stated in a needlessly long video on the subject. He even went as far as to throw generic insults at every single person signed up for the site going in order as they were pictured. Until of course he got to He11sing and went easy on him, not wanting to lose his 10k+ subscriber buddy. After his rant, he proceeded to up his ego by inviting three fucking seven of his friends into Skype, and thinking it was such a good idea all of a sudden to have a debate with seven of his bros backing him up, he invited the owner of the website to the Skype conversation in order to whine and ask why he was not accepted. Needless to say, they take no time with bashing the website. Only later to try and make Busy Street look like a valuable website and try a merger with Reviewtopia. The drama ended abruptly since Asalieri did not want people to know he tried to join the website, and the video that displayed all this was removed from YouTube. (IT'S BACK)

"I will burn your house down..." ~Asalieri (They start talking about him at 47:10)

Witness a bunch of immature asshats attacking a site owner for not letting their buttbuddy in!


Obviously, so no reason given.