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Moar info: Asalieri.
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Since Asalieri cannot join any of the shitty reviewer groups that exist today, he has to pretty much create his own unofficial shitty circle group made up with a few of his friends/drones.


AlphaOmegaSin has suffered from mental retardation most of his life.

Your typical YouTube manchild with piss-poor diction, who bitches about how everything is going to shit, calming it all to be the work of big, mean, money grubbing capitalists, right before asking his audience to 'link, comment and subscribe'. While not directly apart of Asalieri and his gang, possibly because he doesn't want to be apart of the never ending drama started by Asalieri, AlphaOmegaSin is the only person who seems to have other interests besides starting/being involved with everyone's drama. This may possibly be why Asalieri and Razorfist click to his coattails in some cases to get views. Asalieri participated in something called "Hate-Bit podcast" and gained a good amount of subscribers because of it. Asalieri was actually called a "special guest." If Asalieri is actual considered a special guest then I am Jesus. Hate-Bit podcast is essentially an online show where four people bitch about gaming companies and how they are better at coming up with ideas than everyone else. The show is only popular because of the small amount of people with high subscriber counts. Otherwise nobody would watch. The show usually lasts for more than two hours. Yes, two motherfucking hours!

He also hates emo music, which is probably the only notable thing about -- wait, he likes heavy metal. Is there a difference?

The Game Boob

Game Boob and The FanFic Critic
Separated at birth?

The Game Boob (real name David Savage) is basically a parody of all the shitty internet reviewers that are out today. Wow, what an original idea. He had no problem looking like an idiot to please Asalieri (then again, anyone trying to please Asalieri is about as dumb as they get). Then one fateful day, the Game Boob was engaged in an argument with He11sing920 over He11sing's YouTube Favicon.png shitty review of "Catwoman". The tensions between the two finally escalated in the "Big Chat" incident (click Hellsing920's home page for more info), where Asalieri got involved, sided with Emer and stopped being friends with the Game Boob is friends with him again, because Eric wants his detractors to know that he can reason with people and that nothing happened. Since then, the Game Boob deleted most of his show's episodes on his Youtube account and moved onto become a pretentious film critic on his YouTube channel, the Savage Experience, before deciding to post content on Man, these fags come and go, don't they?

Irate Gamer

The Irate Gamer
Oh, the irony.

In the wake of Cinemassacre's Cheetahmen 2 debacle, Irate Gamer made a funny parody of it. Asalieri saw the video and automatically declared Irate Gamer to be "officially cool", proving that the adage "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" rings true with Asa. However only when it is convenient and at a much pettier level. As soon as the Irate Gamer farts in a way that doesn't satisfy Asa, he will be back sucking the AVGN's dick Roo's dick.

Asa is so smitten being recognized by the Irate Gamer, that he's actually too fucking stupid to notice the fact that all the conversations he has had with the IG's mother were actually Chris sockpuppeting. While in itself the Irate Gamer pretending to be his own mother online is creepy to the levels of Norman Bates proportions, the fact that Eric is totally blind to being trolled by his idol, is both hilarious and pathetic at the same time.



Kiss-asses don't come any lamer and more pathetic than SkyblueMonty.

An insignificant drone to end all drones, he is someone very unimportant, but seems to suck Asalieri's e-peen more than the usual drones though. Jan, 26, 2012: Apparently so much he assists in Asalieri's binge eating. SkyblueMonty is a typical butt-buddy that will go to his grave and defend his friend at the expense of logic. Given these factors, it is spectacularly fitting that SkyblueMonty's Youtube avatar is a retarded-looking donkey gay-looking dragon with a Coke bottle the Burrito Express logo (with a donkey on it), although one can't help but feel sorry for the mules dragons mules due to him being part of that species.

Apparently, SkyBlueMonty got butthurt over his ED page, so he decided to change his avatar into a logo stating "Stop Cyber Bullying". Of course, his content still usual.

As of June 2012, Monty has quit YouTube due to "cyberbullies", leaving this message behind on his channel:

"Too all my subscribers thank you for your support over the time I have been on YouTube. Right now, I am sick and tired of the harassment from a particular person/group of persons that has denigrated into targeting my loved ones.

Disgusting behaviour, behaviour I have had enough of and they should be ashamed of themselves. I am not some kid who sits at the computer with nothing better to do. So in short, It was fun and thank you for watching."



Not that long after his "farewell address", Monty was spotted leaving comments on gaming videos here and there. His page still displays the ranks of the Asalieri Circlejerk™: Afr0Blu3, xRazorfistx, and the like. Old habits die hard.

UPDATE: As of December 2012, Skybluemonty is back on youtube doing his usual thing...being Asalieri's bitch.

BEHOLD: Watch as SkyBlueMonty, the amazing scrotum-sucker, tries to defend his hero... with help from the Arizona blob himself!



TOGProfessor IRL.
No really.

Powerword: Kenneth Jackson Staten. Pretty much your standard idiot who thinks making random commentaries on other people's youtube videos are cool, instead of just leaving simple comments or video replies. An example of everything that's wrong with commentary community these days. While he does rant about other things, there's nothing worth noting about him other than his association with the big man himself, which is pretty much the same for the others.

Made a video defending his buddy from criticism using a bunch of animu pics bordering on porn sometimes. Seriously, he did. Watch for yourself.

ThatsDoable, a guy who comes off as Asa's biggest detractor (probably because he DARES to make good points against him) made a video response to the chinese fairytale naked girls lover and debunked the shitty points he made, including the "this video is old, so it doesn't matter!" repeated over and over again...

Used to go under the name "anime_freakout".
Fb-favicon.png His facebook


xRazorfistx. She desperately wants to be the next Tiny Tim.

Pretty much Asalieri's muscle. She has the typical douche long hair that drops below her ass, wears sunglasses inside, and wears her favorite rock star T-Shirts, looking like a retarded cross between Alice Cooper and Napoleon Dynamite. She makes hilarious reviews about how gaming is going to shit and barely even talks about the game she's reviewing. She also seems to be the reason Asalieri is getting more views than usual, due to Razor sending her idiot fans for a little mixing with Asalieri' nice.

Suffers from a severely bloated ego and happens to have her own army of fanboys when she isn't around to strike back at her haters. She and her fans mainly just accuses the haters of being "butthurt" due to her "telling the truth about gaming". Some may be asking: how did she get a lot of subscribers?

Well, a major theme in her videos is that they always are intended to spawn a negative reaction from many people. For example. If I were to say that something like Minecraft sucked. Many people like it, but I will say it sucked because some people may claim I have balls for standing up and saying it sucks, but it will also drive in fans of the game to the video, where I just label them fanboys and pretend I am better than them, even if they have good points. What can also be used is indifference, like doing a vs, only to say later that both games suck. RazorFist does this quite well. Saying that Skyrim isn't that good. Saying that both MW3 and BF3 suck. You see what I mean? He11sing920 tried this method of getting viewers as well with his constant uploading of bullshit fanboy chronicle videos which ultimately ended up with him failing to keep an audience.

Asa however, fell out with Razor rather recently due to what else? Divided feelings on politics and on how to keep the Mexes out. You can see it here, explaining his plight against Razor to Mr. "brought back for the Xth time" Silent Rob.


Afr0Blu3, with a mouthful of cum.

Powerword: Sam J. Webster. Some British guy who seems to worship the ground Asalieri walks on, and a pretty pathetic internet reviewer in his own right. Constantly babbling about how much he loves Sonic the fucking Hedgehog, and backpedalling the very second something he says might offend someone. Spineless.
Fb-favicon.png His facebook

Stan Burdman

Stan Burdman in his bed.
Before Stan covered his tracks

More than just an AVGN rip-off that Asalieri had featured on his youtube channel, but was also "secretly" a friend of his. While his review videos aren't anything special, he himself does some pretty whorish ways to earn more views and money. As he is a partner of, and posts referral links in the video description on where to buy those games that he reviews, obviously clicking them will earn him money. And more recently, ever since Youtube made tags hidden, he like most other view whores, abuse the system by putting popular reviewer names like "AVGN, Angry Joe, Gametrailers, G4, etc." or popular yet unrelated gaming trends like "War Z, Tomb Raider, etc" in his tags and video description. Asalieri supporting someone like this is pretty hypocritical.

Although after the whole Big Chat Incident, it is highly likely that these two aren't friends anymore.


Totally a lawyer, seems legit

Fb-favicon.png Powerword: Jose Ramon Cordero Ladner

The whitest of Asa's white knight, which is a bit ironic, because he is a fucking spic. This faggot and failed musician (sound familiar?) is behind the channel Bustershot Gams, that only actually features Asa's shitty One View Wonders, where he picks on small kids and people without a following like himself. When he is not busy trying to make terrible rap, he will gladly come to defend his hero, Asa, no matter what the cost. In the comment section he gave many lulz, when trying to defend his buttbuddy Eric.

NO ONE WILL APOLOGIZE TO YOU'RE SORRY ASS!!!....It's comedy deal with it Bitch!....and i laughed. Posting a private adress its illegal I AM A LAWYER, and beginning to see a cash pool here, just continue you're BS,asa happens to be my friend I well go to hell and back to take you guys down. YOU HAVE NO HUMANITY!!!


—JoeySixone, Not a lawyer

Even if this musical reject somehow managed to actually be a lawyer, which is a no, it still wouldn't matter, because it falls under American jurisdiction, a place he does not live.

his blogspot
Deviantart-favicon.png His very successful DeviantArt
Twitter-favicon.png His immensely popular Twitter
Twitter-favicon.png Another hugely successful and widespread Twitter
Fb-favicon.png His retarded Facebook page
Fb-favicon.png Daddy's Facebook
YouTube Favicon.png Daddy's YouTube
Fb-favicon.png Joey's Girlfriend
Fb-favicon.png Her school
Annoy him on Steam (Loves the AVGN game)
His failed MegaMan clone fundraiser on IndieGoGo.
his shitty website just waiting to be DDOS'ed
Fb-favicon.png him and his retards trying to make a MegaMan clone called Protoman 21XX

After Joey saw this article he became butt flustered to the point that he pretended to be a lawyer, and use his father's name who is the actual lawyer to "sue" us, because if there is anything we know it's that lawyers have horrible grammar and they also rap.

Name: Lcdo. Jose R Cordero
Phone: 7874233511
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Hi , My Name is Jose Ramon Cordero, and I am a lawyer in Puerto Rico. You are hosting a page (i trust you have no knowledge of this), which is breaking a lot of laws, defamation, child abuse, and is also using images without consent for Ad-revenue, I please ask this page be shut down to avoid further complications. Images of myself are there as well, without my permission, he is also using false information. I have discovered his true identity by my own means.

Please solve this ASAP as me and my client are getting pretty bothered with it thank you very, very much!!!

Much to the delight of asa and his fanboys, joey was later brutally exposed:

If you wish to discuss this with META FATASS himself, feel free to add him on skype: Tellahasa