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Reviewing a Reviewer

"Reviewing a Reviewer" (or RAR for short, although it could also mean "Retard Against Reviewers") is a little original series in which Asalieri sits in front of a camera and reviews an episode of an another reviewer's show, while injecting a little humor here and there to entertain the audience. Too bad most of his episodes involve the overdone Irate Gamer and Game Dude, but of course, there's tasteless fucks that loved it. Although there are a few other reviewers he's done.

When he's not making shitty Retsupuraes or playing video games in his spare time, he also does voice acting over Final Fantasy VII for voice auditions in fan dubs, so that he can hopefully one day get himself as much 13-year-old ass as his voice acting idol, Vic Mignogna. He also enjoys making fun of kids' amateurish video game reviews (even though he's never uploaded a game review himself and probably never will in fear of being ridiculed) and plugging other reviewers' work that does not suck according to him. Only problem is that the second he promotes another JewTube nobody's work, they always turn out to be worse than whatever subject Asa would be brutally mocking during that time of the month. Even worse, when Asalieri DOES criticize a reviewer, chances are that reviewer will wind up getting more views and attention than he actually deserves. Examples include Angry Joe, Jfreedan, Spoony and Yahtzee: four people nobody would have ever heard of if it weren't for this guy plugging them in the first place.

Even though Asa started his series riffing The Irate Gamer they both are now good friends to the extent that Eric defends the Bores which is lulzy considering he was doing all the stuff that James was doing years earlier.

Internet Nobody News!

After Asalieri saw his article on ED, and sulking for several hours, he came up with the brilliant idea that would put him on the top finally! He would talk about other internet nobody's! So once (every full moon) he makes news videos on other people nobody cares about in order for people to start caring about him, using other people nobody cares about! You get that? Again, this turned out to be a really stupid idea, so Asa was forced to end it and pretend it never happened in the first place.

Asa's Super Show

Asalieri decided, for an incredibly short time to create a web series special known as Asa's Super Show, which is a multi-part series which basically just adds sequels to his already existing shows, so there's nothing super about it. Here's the first video which of course involves something food related. During one part of the episode Eric uses Afroblue's money that he got through e-begging to eat at a craptastic Mexican food restaurant. The show was so bad that Eric baleeted out of major butthurt.

One View Wonders

Since Asa has had multiple strikes on his channel his has no way to monetize it until recently (now he makes tens of dollars of month with videos like "spiteful prank"). So what was Eric's solution? Create a whole new channel dedicated to the upper echelons of nobodies no one has ever heard of (with the thanks of his wet back butt buddy joeysixone). So we go from RAR which had lolcows and somewhat relevant subject matter to something that is almost unwatchable. Which is why Asa will rage quit this series in 3...2...1...

What a surprise. This episode is about food. Didn't see this coming. What's next? Gambling addicts that put there last nickle in a Michael Jackson slot machine?

You Yarn

Since e-fame is slowly slipping from Eric's fat fingertips his videos are progressively getting lazier and lazier in quality. Thus the idea of "You Yarn" which Eric plans on making a weekly series. A combination of Masterpaint Theatre and "Whose Line is it Anyway?" where Asa takes ideas from his audience and has them come up with ideas for the video and draws the pictures for Eric. The only thing they don't do is wipe the mayonnaise from his lips when he puts down his Crisco sandwich as all he does is copy and paste pictures in to power director and does some sort of uninspired story that he'll pull out of his ass. As expected since the show got next to zero views Eric baleeted it as soon as he uploaded it.


When TGWTG created the eSults video, the Arizona housecow got super mad, due to never thinking of the idea, and decided to write his own unoriginal version called E-Mpathy, yet another one of Asalieri's ill-fated attempts to stir drama and get more attention. In E-Mpathy, Asalieri shows viewers (and I shit you not) how to be nice to the person you want to address on the Internet, which is so fucking hysterically ironic in light of Asa's actions over the past few years. Unfortunately, Asalieri's feeble attempt to teach users about courtesy and kindness is a failure from the start, since anyone who has watched any of his content recently will realize how much of giant piece of shit he really is. Keep making a fool out of yourself, Eric. Your stupidity has now become our source of entertainment.

What Are E-Mpathy?

For That Person Whom You Disagree With

For That Person Whom You've Had A Heated Debate With

For That Person You Just Wanna Get To Know.

For An Explanation Of What An Opinion Is

For That Person Who Just Needs Some Love

For That Person Who May Have Just Lost All Hope
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