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Asheistheraven as an emaciated albino Sideshow Bob, only twice as fucked in the head, who just happens, as chance would have it, to live in a city in the US called Springfield. No, really.
Internet troll Josh Clark, hiding under his bridge, guarding his big pile of garbage

Asheistheraven otherwise known as Joshua Phillip Clark, 39 years old, born in 10/13/1973, or more notoriously, Della Winters, is one of the many unwashed, undocumented immigrants who presently reside on the internet. He is one of the internet's more dedicated inhabitants choosing to spend almost his whole life sitting at home in his pyjamas, writing snide comments on YouTube videos and constantly stalking people on Twitter.

Over the years, when not pretending to be someone else, he has managed to perfect a very unique appearance all of his own, which is what you would get if you attempted to cross steampunk, goth and the unkempt, shaggy-haired "Just climbed out of the dumpster" look which defines him. If an even unfunnier Russell Brand was a dirty faggot-ass manwhore living out of a cardboard box, you wouldn't even get close to the rancid, shit-stain ridden, lanky, long streak of septic piss that you could say resembles Josh Clark.

When he isn't injecting himself into other people's arguments, he passes the time seducing unsuspecting people into having cyber sex with him as his alter ego Della Winters. He is also the single deadbeat father of a poor little abused child, whom he he keeps starved half to death so he can use her to pity-troll unsuspecting victims on the internet, tricking them into actually giving a fuck and feeling sorry for his worthless ass.


Josh avoids direct sunlight while attempting to prove that he is the whitest man alive and practically two dimentional

Josh's early years are steeped in mystery mainly because he's a lying bastard and so anything that he tells anyone about himself is often complete bullshit but what is known, just like Josh, isn't pretty. What is known is that he's a bisexual immigrant who grew up in the UK before moving to the United States where he is now stuck, unable to find work, trapped at home all day looking after his teenage daughter, with nothing to wear other than his pajamas.

He first came to people's attention a number of years ago when he started to latch onto several well known youtubers, basking in their fame so that their radiance might cast some light on his pasty white skin and provide him with the vitamin D his housebound lifestyle deprives him of, white knighting on their behalf, charging into battle wielding his broken keyboard in one hand and shitty webcam in the other, looking for all the world like Gollum in a badly fitting black afro wig the night after he's been out on the piss.

Naturally the reward for such unbridled devotion and loyalty was that he often had his accounts suspended and terminated which was often met with a great mass outpouring of sorrow and emotion from the whole internets.

During the hight of his stardom, whenever there was internet drama, like a costumed superhero, he would come dashing to the rescue and bombard the unrighteous foes of the defenceless with literally hundreds of badly shot, out of focus videos in which he could hardly be heard speaking due to an annoying background hiss, and then he would lay in wait like a ninja, waiting for the foe to comment and then unleash a barrage of endless badly spelt replies, all missing the letter "H" This would give the original victim time to escape, which they would do, leaving Josh battling away all on his own in somebody else's argument.

This went on for years as Josh desperately searched the internets, yearning for that special drama that he could claim for himself that would be all his own.

One day his dreams would eventually come true, but that's another story (see below).

The Josh Clark Look

The Josh Clark Look is an acquired appearance and is best described as the look a person has when they have neither bathed or slept in a considerable amount of time. It has been described as a cheaper alternative to "heroin chic", more akin to "meths drinker's hangover" and is best achieved by setting a Goth on fire, pulling them backwards through a thorn bush and then putting the fire out with a shovel.

The emaciated look is not just because he's flat out shit broke and so cannot buy food since the other hobos in the local park ganged up on him and stole his "Will work for food" sign because it was an obvious lie, but also because he just isn't able to find the time to eat because he's too busy battling trolls on the internets and battling internet trolls is serious business.

The hardest to achieve part of all, and one the thing that is most recognisable about Josh, is that he has the skin tone of a freshly exhumed corpse which can only be attained by staying inside, away from sunlight for days and wekks on end with all the curtains drawn and only a laptop screen for illumination, however because of this, he lives in permanent dread of his internet connection failing, his computer breaking or worst of all, that he ever has to go outside during the day.

Asheistheraven. deprived of drama and exposed to sunlight.

In fact its safe to say that Josh Clark is one scruffy, ugly mother fucker.

Despite this, he aspires to be a male model and an actor.

Ashe Modeling.jpg

Asheistheraven professional male model, striking his best modelling pose.

For this, as well as many other reasons, despite swinging both ways and so potentially doubling his chances, Josh has trouble getting laid, and when he does find someone who turns out to be just as desperate for human attention as he is, they are either half his age or have the overwhelming urge to beat seven shades of shit out of him on a daily basis.

Look Familiar?

Josh's Daughter


If you do then Josh will literally explode with righteous anger and accuse you of putting his daughters life in serious jeopardy and you will have to spend the rest of your life wearing ashes and sack cloth and a big sign around your neck reading "I tried to get Josh's daughter murdered" as penance, despite the fact that the only reason anyone even knows he has a daughter is because he uses her to either pity-troll people into giving him free stuff, as a diversion when he gets his arse handed to him, or to guilt trip and shame his opponents into submission when he gets thoroughly owned.

No seriously don't pick on his daughter as she has more than enough to contend with dealing with the fact her mother had a Sideshow Bob fetish and that her father is a bisexual, unemployed, unwashed, undocumented immigrant who is hated by everybody.

Della Winters

Maybe it was because he's an ugly mother fucker, maybe it was because he's overly creative, or maybe it was because he's just a cunt, Josh found that, despite being a famous internet superhero capable of banishing any foe that came his way, his powers seemed to be waning and no matter how many badly spelt comments and replies he left, or how many out of focus videos he made of himself mumbling, some enemies appeared to be immune to his powers, so he decided that he needed a sidekick.

This being Josh, his sidekick couldn't just be an ordinary sidekick, someone he could rely on in a flame war. This sidekick had to be special.

...Enter Della Winters.

Della Winters

Despite looking like he'd just been liberated from a Nazi concentration camp in 1945, and still bearing the scars from when he was remorselessly beaten as a child with the ugly stick until it broke, out of the blue Josh one day proclaimed to the internets that Della was his new girlfriend, but Della was so much more than that.

As it turned out, Josh had known Della since his early childhood, meeting her on his first day of school. They became good friends growing up together, playing doctor and patient together, each taking turns at diagnosing each others fictitious illnesses. Being a dazzling student, she was obviously much better at it than he was because she went on to win a place at Oxford University, one of the country's top academic establishments, to study psychology where she graduated with first class honours at the top of her class and went on to earn her PhD, while Josh went to some crappy polytechnic and got the kind of degree that qualified him to work on the till at Starbucks. Meanwhile, Della was one of the most promising up and coming young psychologists in the country and was set for greatness, yet somehow there was something that was missing. There was an emptiness in her life that she just couldn't seem to fill.

So one day she decided to quit her career and became a porn actress.

Sexy Della Winters

Swapping fame and fortune and academic recognition for facials and anal and being recognised by old men in dirty raincoats and spotty teenage boys in the adult section at blockbusters, Della endured, but it wasn't all for nothing, for one day during one of the many long and arduous girl on girl action scenes she met Angela, the love of her life, and it was at that moment that she realised what it was that she had always wanted to be...

...a lumberjack

...a lesbian

She married Angela and life was blissfully happy for a while, until one day, as fate would have it, she just happened to be walking through Josh's one bedroom apartment in Springfield, when she came across Josh, which was ironic, as having known that his childhood friend was a pornstar, and because he'd been avidly following her career as her biggest fan, Josh had been coming across Della for years (which possibly explains why the "H" key on his keyboard no longer works). What she was doing in Josh's apartment that day, we will never know, however what we do know is that it is highly unlikely that she could have just happened to have bumped into him anywhere else, given that he spends all day, every day, sat with his hand down the front of his pyjamas, in his darkened apartment, in front of his computer, arguing with people on the internets.

Passion overtook her and one thing lead to another so they headed off to Vagas and checked into a hotel and a few days later she found out she was pregnant with Josh's love-child.

Being the epic perv that he is, Josh took his camera along for the ride, presumably because he doesn't get a ride very often and he wanted a memento, and besides, he also wanted to post her photos on the interwebs so he would have something to argue over, but being Josh, he couldn't do this the easy way. He had to jump in his time machine and travel back in time four or five years to 2007 to post them all over the interwebs, pretending that they were of someone called Anya.

Della's Gallery

How could Della explain all of this to her wife?

Well as it turned out, quite easily, as her wife Angela was completely fine with the situation and didn't have any problems with her partner sneaking off to have illicit sex in hotels in Las Vagas with strange men who looked like they collected fleas for a hobby, but unbeknownst to Della, there was trouble on the horizon.

She was having headaches and feeling dizzy, and though at first she though it might be because she was pregnant, when she went to have a medical exam it turned out that she had...


Now, what are the chances of that?

As it happened, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as since she had become pregnant with Josh's child, it appeared that some of Josh had rubbed off on her (and unfortunately she couldn't get a cream for it) and so she'd also taken to whiling away her days, sat in her pyjamas, at home in a darkened room in front of the computer, arguing with people on the internets with a keyboard with a broken "H" key, and helping Josh with his superhero duties.

Because ex-pornstar lesbians are rarely popular, Josh introduced her to all of his lesbian friends who had never shown the slightest sign of sexual interest in Josh, given that they were lesbians and Josh was both a man and a bloody ugly one at that, and as it turned out, they got on like a house on fire with her, sometimes talking long into the night sharing their deepest secrets, hopes ,and fears and talking dirty to one another.

Sometimes she even talked dirty long into the night with some of Josh's male friends too.

Strangely, it apparently never occurred to anyone that, for someone who made a career of getting naked on camera and had pictures of herself on her twitter page, her youtube channel, her skype and all over Josh's website (see below), it was odd that she never appeared on camera and only ever communicated by text chat because she didn't want to be recognised from her days as a porn actress (you already know where this is going don't you?)

During this time, with Della riding shotgun, Josh was unstoppable in his battles on the internets, as whenever he ran into difficulties, like in tag team wrestling, he just tagged Della who would instantly jump into the affray and pick up exactly where Josh had left off, either pounding Josh's foes into submission with badly spelt comments or guilt tripping them into an appology, because on the internets, a pregnant lesbian ex-pornstar with brain cancer is unbeatable.

For a while, things were good, but it could never last forever.

Over time, Della's cancer got worse, and then she lost the baby and Josh was devastated. The situation was so sorrowful that even Josh's most ardent foes laid down their battered keyboards and called a truce, offering both of them kind words of support and sympathy during their time of heartbreak and hardship because on the internet, a dead baby is the Hiroshima atom bomb that can end any flame war.

But things would get much worse...

Fatal Error Network

The rather aptly named Fatal Error Network was at the time, just the latest doomed venture that Josh had embarked on. It was apparently some sort of shitty video site that Josh hoped would one day rival YouTube, however it was doomed from the very start mainly due to Josh's involvement. While it is often said that Josh is utterly talentless, this isn't technically accurate as it turns out that Josh is very good at one thing in particular.

As it turns out, that one thing isn't designing websites.

For this reason, Josh recruited a whole bunch of people to work long hours in their free time for nothing, building his website for him, leaving him free to concentrate on the things he excelled at, namely arguing with people.

While Josh's unpaid helpers slowly built Josh's website out of stray egg cartons, yoghurt pots, cereal boxes, rolled up newspaper and double sided sticky tape, plastering it with countless pictures of Della Winters, covered in blood holding a big knife, like they did with the websites twitter account , Josh devoted himself to having blazing rows with anyone who attempted to use the site, especially if they pointed out that it was shit and barely worked (which wasn't entirely true because most of the time, like Josh, it didn't work at all). He was unbeatable with Della at his side even as her health took yet another turn for the worst as she suffered a stroke and was put into an induced coma, because who could argue with a gravely ill lesbian, confined to a hospital bed (presumably the kind of hospital bed with internet access for patients in induced comas) with brain cancer and a stroke, who had just had a miscarriage?


As it turns out, a person who could argue with a gravely ill lesbian, confined to a hospital bed with brain cancer and a stroke, who had just had a miscarriage was a YouTube user known as YouTube Favicon.png xxxild because she had been paying very close attention to Josh and, like one or two other people, she'd put two and two together and worked out that there was a lot more wrong with Della than a head full of cancer and a dead baby and that it was entirely possible that Josh was completely full of shit and was lying his arse off about the whole thing.

As it turned out she had a blog and just happened to like writing, and boy, was she good at it.

Josh Clark is Della Winters, Della winters is Josh Clark

The moment that the "Congratulations, Your article has now been published" message appeared on Xxxild's computer screen, Josh Clark couldn't have been any more fucked if he was forcefully bent over a table and remorselessly arse raped from here until next Tuesday by a gang of gay sex maniacs, pumped up on bathsalts, with oversized cocks and a tramp fetish.

There just isn't any coming back from something like that, but don't think that Josh didn't try. He spent a whole week stalling for time while he told everyone that he would produce definite proof that Della Winters was actually a real person and that he hadn't been lying his arse off and having cyber sex with people all over the internets, pretending to be a hot lesbian pornstar. Strangely, for some unknown reason, from the very moment that Xxxild's blog post went live, Della vanished into thin air and hasn't been seen or heard from since, even by Josh, who is apparently mystified as to why nobody seems to believe him and, to this day, blames the famed emo-attention whore Richard Coughlan for his downfall.

It turns out that a lot of people on the interwebs had this reaction that week

Finally, under relentless pressure to admit that he was a lying scumbag, he ragequit youtube, vowing never ever to return again...

His new YouTube channel can be found here: YouTube Favicon.png TheMysteriousmsE

His other YouTube channel can be found here: YouTube Favicon.png MrRavenashe

Yet another one of his YouTube channels can be found here: YouTube Favicon.png MangaGothicTheMovie

He has others but to be honest, nobody gives a fuck anymore and just wishes that he would just fuck off and die.

Unfortunately it's unlikely that we have heard the last from Josh Clark

A selection of Youtube videos regarding the situation

Della Winters breaks up with Josh

The Mad Shangi summarises the hilarity

Josh doing what he does best - Have a comment flame war with people
Vogter on Asheistheraven

The Mysterious Mrs E

Following his dramatic fall from grace and sudden permanent departure from the interwebs, Josh moved onto other things.

A publicity photo of Della Winters from an upcoming episode of Mrs E

Having been exposed as a manipulative lying scumbag on YouTube he instead turned to facebook where he had literally hundreds of good looking and insanely talented and interesting friends who nobody on Youtube had ever heard of (the lessons of life just don't seem to sink in with Josh). Eventually he hatched a plan to exact his revenge on all the people who were calling him a lying scumbag and show once and for all that he was capable of actually achieving something worthwhile all on his own with the help of lots of other people suckered into doing all the hard work for free, while he milked all the glory and undermined their efforts by having blazing rows with people.

He collected together as many beautifully attractive and hugely talented people as he could find, and then told them that he wouldn't be needing them, that remained and invited them to join him in the production of an epic sci-fi extravaganza, based around the concept of a quirky and eccentric hero, who just happened to be the owner of what appeared to be an antiquated tea shop, that was really some kind of advanced device that had the ability to travel in space and time, who would wear strange and outdated clothes and go on adventures, accompanied by various young companions, defeating powerful enemies and space aliens, which wasn't remotely, in any way possible, a complete rip off of Doctor Who.

After months of tireless effort, the group finally managed to upload the first five minute episode of the series, just in time for halloween, which featured Josh Clark and a collection of folks whose previous acting experience had involved appearing as scenery and barn animals in a nativity play when they were children, walking around the car park and basement of Josh's local community centre pretending to be constipated mental patients zombies. It was so bad that when most people saw it, they laughed and asked him where the real episode they had been working all these months on was, which is why, after a few days, he deleted it, but not before people had time to review it...

As it turns out, a rather kind review of Mrs E, amongst other things

Since then, the ensemble cast have put out several other short clips which generally involve them reciting the kind of corny dialogue that would put George Lucas to shame in front of a green screen to invisible characters that Josh adds in later with CGI with his computer in a way that gives the viewer the feeling that the're watching a bunch of sixth graders butchering the Doctor Who Christmas special in a school play.

Who needs a sonic screwdriver when they have a teaspoon?

So far none of the people involved have worked out that Josh is only doing this to silence his critics on the interwebs who say that he is nothing but a talentless scam artist who leeches off the efforts of others, creating endless drama for his own twisted amusement until he has left them completely emotionally drained.

That is of course when he isn't dragging them unwittingly into his online battles with the people on Youtube who exposed him as a lying scumbag by asking them leading questions about someone he would like people out on the interwebs to think was Della

You can bet that the internets will be watching how the project progresses, however not for the acting. They will be waiting for it to implode when the people involved realise that all the things that people are saying about Josh on the interwebs are true.

The similarities to Doctor Who in this clip from Mrs E are entirely coincidental

(Josh Clark literally sucking the life out of his cast)

In response to people who say that Mrs E looks like it was produced by the same people who made the Innocence of Muslims or that the clips that have been published so far look like a compilation of video cutscenes taken from computer games released in the early 1990's, Josh insists that this because he has virtually no budget and the equipment and software he's using is four years old.

So for comparison, below is Josh's trailer for Mrs E and a live action/CGI video of similar length made four years ago with a similar budget, using similar, if not older, equipment and software to that which Josh is blaming for Mrs E being crap, rather than his own utter lack of talent and ability and the fact that he is rushing to release it to show all his haters that he isn't a useless fuck and that he can actually achieve something of merit.

Quite unbelievably, using angst ridden emo music from Linkin Park, rather than the original dialogue that Josh Clark wrote, makes the viewer a lot
less likely to take a knife to their own wrists in desperation when watching Mrs E, it really is that bad.

Drama Meltdown Concerning Asheistheraven

Despite spending every waking hour of his sleepless existence online, bickering with people who keep pointing out that he's a talentless twat with no friends, contrary to anyone's expectations, Josh eventually managed to release his long awaited masterpiece "Nevermore" for the world to marvel at in shock, awe and admiration.

Unfortunately for Josh, yet quite predictably for everyone else given that Josh spend his entire life insulting his potential audience, those that did watch it were shocked that it sucked even worse than they expected, were in awe that such a thing was even possible, and were in admiration of anyone who managed to sit through the whole seventeen minutes that it lasted without clawing their own eyes out. This made Josh upset.

What made Josh even more upset was that, as expected, using the provisions set aside in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which allows people to use clips of material for illustrative purposes when carrying out commentary or review, youtube user YouTube Favicon.png AgentOfDoubt did a video review of it in which he pointed out that Josh had forgotten to credit ESA/Hubble for the use of their material and that the whole things sucked big hairy donkey balls

A rather fair and balanced review of "Nevermore"

Faced with the prospect that literally a hundred people might watch AgentOfDoubt's review, which is admittedly fifty times more people than would watch "Nevermore", Josh was left with a stark choice, and as he sat there in the darkness of his livingroom with his hand down the front of his pyjamas, Josh, a man who at one time battled against false flaggers and once tried to set up his own video sharing website to combat DMCA abuse, filed a knowing fraudulent DMCA copyright claim on AgentOfDoubt's video review.

The moment Josh Clark turned down a path from which there is no return

Ashe records XXXlid because he's an scum fucking faggot. (Remember to use keepvid and keep a copy if he takes it down)

And that is how a once respected and righteous internet white knight and drama super hero fell,
and transformed fully into an irrelevant and loathed, false DMCA filing, Youtube comment troll Josh making a idiot of himself, raging like a faggot, as usual.

RobertLester On Ashe's Drama Whoring

AgentofDoubt's DramaBomb with Ashe Presenting His 1 Hour Bullshit Special.

AgentofDoubt's DramaBomb with Ashe Hollering, Interrupting, And Making Up Excuses. Bonus: He Bring His Under-weighted Daughter To Prove His Bullshit Special.

December 22, 2013: 1 ½ Hour Long Transcript of Della on the Receiving End of a Verbal Pwnage By Jane Dough aka XXXild

[9:13 PM] Jane Dough: "Hello! Do I know you?"
[9:13 PM] Iam Della: "No"
[9:14 PM] Jane Dough: "lul Josh has tons of sock accts I don't accept his friend requests so I have to ask."
[9:15 PM] Iam Della: "Got a tweet from Ram+ about obsessedorwhat, read your blog. Disgusting"
[9:16 PM] Jane Dough: "Oh! Are you from the film industry? I'm getting some messages from randoms about the documentary. RAM plus lives with me, by the way."
[9:17 PM] Iam Della: "I have done amateur theatre"
[9:17 PM] Jane Dough: "Nice icon! Kind of beautiful."
[9:18 PM] Iam Della: "Something I picked out, it's not me"
[9:18 PM] Jane Dough: "I checked you out. Couldn't find a cached version of maxine foster. :)"
[9:19 PM] Iam Della: "I never had a facebook before, I don't sit on my ass all day worrying about the internet"
[9:20 PM] Jane Dough: "hahah not like me. i've been on the internet way too much lately."
[9:20 PM] Iam Della: "Too much weirdness"
[9:20 PM] Jane Dough: "I only joined facebook recently. I avoided doing so till now. And yes, way too much weird with this guy."
[9:21 PM] Iam Della: "Don't expect a regular visit from me then. Just put this up to keep an eye on this Josh Clark thing."
[9:21 PM] Jane Dough: "I intend to keep him away from us. Right now he's most active on twitter, but he also messages me here, privately."
[9:21 PM] Iam Della: "What's he done? Other than this Della person?"
[9:22 PM] Jane Dough: "On his sock accounts: lesner Nevermore and Lestat Soulless. He's run a scam on deviant art for one. Other than that starts up a bunch of projects, tries to drum up support, fails, moves on. This time he's involving real people where he lives. He trolled me right into his real life.
[9:23 PM] Iam Della: "How do you scam on DA?"
[9:24 PM] Jane Dough: "He was doing some kind of manga book thing. One sec I will show you. There's very little evidence left from the deviant art war."
[9:25 PM] Jane Dough: ""
[9:26 PM] Jane Dough: "this is his most recent."
[9:26 PM] Jane Dough: ""
[9:27 PM] Jane Dough: "We need to compile a list of his failed projects."
[9:27 PM] Iam Della: "I saw his page."
[9:28 PM] Jane Dough: "Also there was Fatalerrornetwork. No real trace of that left but my account on my blog."
[9:29 PM] Iam Della: "Hmm I do have a question"
[9:30 PM] Jane Dough: "i'm here"
[9:30 PM] Iam Della: "Is Mrs. E not being made then?"
[9:30 PM] Jane Dough: "I dunno if it's being made. He's making something :)
Della's going to be in it!"
[9:31 PM] Iam Della: "So how is it a scam? I'm a little lost, sorry"
[9:31 PM] Jane Dough: "So, whatever he's making he's continuing the deception that della is real. Oh it's not a scam."
[9:31 PM] Iam Della: "I'm confused"
[9:32 PM] Jane Dough: "What about."
[9:33 PM] Iam Della: "If it's not a scam, what is it? Sorry help me understand, I know about this Della thing but, if Mrs. E is real and not a scam, what's wrong with it?"
[9:33 PM] Jane Dough: "We'll have to wait and see. Right now it looks like nothing more than a tribute to all the people who've left his project."
[9:34 PM] Iam Della: "But Ram posted a tweet about it, so I assumed it was a scam. What if it's real? Left his project?"
[9:34 PM] Jane Dough: "He keeps using their images but they've left it, given up. Yeah the cast keeps diminishing."
[9:35 PM] Iam Della: "So those people aren't in it?"
[9:35 PM] Jane Dough: "Josh didn't get permission from them to use their images for the crap he's using it for. How do I know this? I know Josh. Not anymore they aren't."
[9:37 PM] Iam Della: "hold on phone. So his project has no actors and he is using people's images without permission. Do they know?"
[9:38 PM] Jane Dough: "I have to assume they do by now."
[9:38 PM] Iam Della: "Okay. I see your problem with him"
[9:38 PM] Jane Dough: "He repeats patterns."
[9:39 PM] Iam Della: "Such as?"
[9:39 PM] Jane Dough: "It's not a problem for me, per se. It's hard to describe."
[9:39 PM] Iam Della: "So what's the problem?"
[9:39 PM] Jane Dough: "My particular problem with him was his bothering me and my friends. It's not a problem for me now because I've determined to pay attention to him. It's a lot of work, but he will go away."
[9:40 PM] Iam Della: "Why not just ignore him?"
[9:40 PM] Jane Dough: "In other words, since he wouldn't stop trolling and harassing us, I decided to document. Because he's persistent. and this will go on forever."
[9:41 PM] Iam Della: "Okay, can I give you some advice?"
[9:41 PM] Jane Dough: "sure"
[9:42 PM] Iam Della: "It's just the internet. It's full of assoles and idiots. He may not go away but you don't have to listen to him"
[9:43 PM] Jane Dough: "Yes I know."
[9:43 PM] Iam Della: "So why bother?"
[9:43 PM] Jane Dough: "it's just this particular asshole, I learned too much I can't unknow."
[9:43 PM] Iam Della: "Story of my life"
[9:43 PM] Jane Dough: "hehe I'll unload what I know onto someone who will do something about it."
[9:44 PM] Iam Della: "I just don't let it rule me, no offense"
[9:44 PM] Jane Dough: "Then I'll be done. It's not ruling me. It's more work than most things but It's no biggie, really."
[9:45 PM] Iam Della: "Seems like a full time job to me"
[9:45 PM] Jane Dough: "it does to me too. But I have a lot of fun behind the scenes with other people supporting me."
[9:45 PM] Iam Della: "oh?"
[9:45 PM] Jane Dough: "it's kind of a riot sometimes and sometimes kind of disturbing. Oh yeah I'm not the only one involved in this project, what's turned into a project."
[9:46 PM] Iam Della: "No offense but it seems disturbing on a lot of levels"
[9:46 PM] Jane Dough: "Agreed."
[9:47 PM] Iam Della: "I'm not just talking about Josh"
[9:47 PM] Jane Dough: "how so? Or, who so?"
[9:48 PM] Iam Della: "I'm talking about all of you, sorry to be blunt, but unless there is a real gripe behind this, it all seems pretty petty"
[9:48 PM] Jane Dough: "It would. But until you've communicated with the people he's victimized, it would."
[9:49 PM] Iam Della: "Well I can't can I?"
[9:49 PM] Jane Dough: "Not really."
[9:49 PM] Iam Della: "No offense all I have is the fake girlfriend and a scam that may not be a scam"
[9:49 PM] Jane Dough: "I'm going to speak for them. Or let them speak for themselves."
[9:50 PM] Iam Della: "Well I need more sorry"
[9:50 PM] Jane Dough: "You read my blog, it's not just a fake girlfriend."
[9:50 PM] Iam Della: "But that's down to you"
[9:50 PM] Jane Dough: "it's a pathological lying soul destroying scum sucking misery bringing person."
[9:50 PM] Iam Della: "I did, fake pictures, fake UV, but it doesn't prove he's got a scam going now. I'm sorry"
[9:51 PM] Jane Dough: "He's got a scam going now. Josh isn't a film maker. He can't keep track of his lies let alone a project."
[9:51 PM] Iam Della: "But you said it wasn't a scam"
[9:51 PM] Jane Dough: "Well, anyone is able to make a movie."
[9:51 PM] Iam Della: "You see why I am confused?"
[9:51 PM] Jane Dough: "Nothing wrong with that. Hell, I'm making a documentary, right?"
[9:51 PM] Iam Della: "True, but what makes you say he's not a film maker?"
[9:52 PM] Jane Dough: "What makes you say he is."
[9:52 PM] Iam Della: "I don't, I see he's making a film, or at least he says so."
[9:52 PM] Jane Dough: "Josh is a con. A long con and he can't even do that right. Well let's you and me watch the premier together."
[9:52 PM] Iam Della: "Has he gotten any money to make this film?"
[9:53 PM] Jane Dough: "No but you can donate to the project. Go for it!"
[9:53 PM] Iam Della: "I'm only interested in if he makes it, not watching it"
[9:53 PM] Jane Dough: "I'm interested in watching it."
[9:53 PM] Iam Della: "Sorry but I'm confused"
[9:54 PM] Jane Dough: "But then I'm interested in his movie about as much as I was actually interested in Fatalerrornetwork. My interest is in the human beings involved."
[9:54 PM] Iam Della: "Who have left the project?"
[9:54 PM] Jane Dough: "His movie is random. If it weren't a movie it would be something else.
Anything but working and taking care of his kid."
[9:55 PM] Iam Della: "But if he's got no money from it that's his right to do something. Look sorry but I'm starting to fail to see an issue here"
[9:55 PM] Jane Dough: "Everyone who's gotten involved is my guess. These were real theater people. They've left. Count on it."
[9:56 PM] Iam Della: "I got friends who make films and look after their kids. What about his kid?"
[9:56 PM] Jane Dough: "Because I don't have a problem with his making a movie. The movie is only peripheral. I got friends who are in theater and look after their kids. They all have jobs. Josh was part of our community for six years."
[9:57 PM] Iam Della: "And he doesn't? My mother was unemplyed for 6 years, she still looked after me. Sorry but seriously what's your point?"
[9:58 PM] Jane Dough: "What's yours."
[9:59 PM] Iam Della: "My point is after my conversation with you, all I see is two parties obsessed with each other. I'm not trying to take sides but, wow, can't you see my problem? You say he doesn't look after his kid, make your case"
[10:00 PM] Jane Dough: "No, Josh. I'm not going to reveal what I'm up to or what I'm doing. Or how i'm going about it."
[10:00 PM] Iam Della: "Oh I see now"
[10:00 PM] Jane Dough: "D I know you're probing the same questions as from the twitter account."
[10:01 PM] Iam Della: "Okay...."
[10:02 PM] Jane Dough: "Frustrating huh. I'm not trollable."
[10:02 PM] Iam Della: "Seriously, this is ridiculous. If you think I'm Josh Clark fine. But all you've done is prove this is a big thing about nothing"
[10:02 PM] Jane Dough "Oh ok. Funny because most people I know don't think it's a big thing."
[10:03 PM] Iam Della: "Faking a GF fine you have a point. But everything else is just... what's the word"
[10:03 PM] Jane Dough: "Only one who thinks any of this is a big thing is me and Josh."
[10:03 PM] Iam Della: "I noticed"
[10:03 PM] Jane Dough: "I'm well supported."
[10:03 PM] Iam Della: "I noticed that too."
[10:04 PM] Jane Dough: "If everyone stopped what they're doing to deal with Josh it would be a problem. Becasue he needs lots of attention."
[10:04 PM] Iam Della: "Josh seems to have a lot of haters"
[10:04 PM] Jane Dough: "So I deal with him. Because I'm anonymous."
[10:04 PM] Iam Della: "Why?"
[10:04 PM] Jane Dough: "Josh is a hater himself. When he needs friends he makes them up. It's sad. But unfortunately it affects real people. I'm anonymous so he can't trash my real life."
[10:05 PM] Iam Della: "But the people in his film look real enough"
[10:05 PM] Jane Dough: "They do don't they! They look so real."
[10:05 PM] Iam Della: "But they're not in it? Please explain it to me"
[10:06 PM] Jane Dough: "Why would you point out the people who are obviously real are real. That's just silly. I'm real. My friend who is a lesbian and was stalked by Josh is real."
[10:07 PM] Iam Della: "But if he hasn't got permission to use their images, how can he make the film or those images?"
[10:07 PM] Jane Dough: "The people who worked on his project out of sympathy for him and his kid are REAL. Why wouldn't the actors be real people. What is your point."
[10:07 PM] Iam Della: "How do you know they do it out of sympathy?"
[10:07 PM] Jane Dough: "Look, don't aske me to walk you through a film project."
[10:07 PM] Iam Della: "No I'm asking"
[10:08 PM] Jane Dough: "Because I know them. Keep asking Joshua. I'm not going to tell you."
[10:08 PM] Iam Della: "They have contacted you"
[10:08 PM] Jane Dough: "Shit ton of people contacted me, some trolls some real."
[10:08 PM] Iam Della: "I'm josh becasue I'm asking questions?"
[10:08 PM] Jane Dough: "Bet you want to know who they are? Don't you? You leave me clues every time you type in public."
[10:09 PM] Iam Della: "Not really, it sounds to me like you are claiming a lot but got nothing to offer. Because I ask questions"
[10:09 PM] Jane Dough: "You leave me clues every time you type in public and to me. yeah. Coward. All Josh (you) can do is use sock accounts. It's like you're not even real unless you're hiding on the Internet. That's what's going to be epic about me coming to Springfield for the documentary. You aren't going to be able to pretend."
[10:11 PM] Iam Della: "Wow sounds to me like you have issues. Big ones. If Josh is a coward who uses his real name what does that make the anonymous user?"
[10:12 PM] Jane Dough: "Smart. As I've told you before, Josh."
[10:12 PM] Iam Della: "I see a fake GF and nothing more that childish spite on both sides, sorry. Fine you can think I'm Josh I don't care."
[10:12 PM] Jane Dough: "Why are you negating what you did with your fake account? Why not just admit it and apologize. I don't think. I know. There's a difference."
[10:13 PM] Iam Della: "Wow, you do have issues"
[10:13 PM] Jane Dough: "Wow, you are pretty fuckin dumb. D"
[10:13 PM] Iam Della: "How do you know?"
[10:13 PM] Jane Dough: "You are gonna need pampers when I come to Springfield. I suggest you stock up."
[10:14 PM] Iam Della: "Okay.... I think I'll go talk to him now"
[10:14 PM] Jane Dough: "So why not apologize to your former victims, rather than trying to continue the narrative that I'm just obsessed. Sure you will. Be prepared to provide evidence of who you are."
[10:15 PM] Iam Della: "You sound very obssessed"
[10:15 PM] Jane Dough: "You sound pretty dumb."
[10:15 PM] Iam Della: "Okay :)"
[10:15 PM] Jane Dough: "kk buh bye? ARe you done with your trolling for the day?"
[10:16 PM] Iam Della: "I think I got the answers I needed, very little"
[10:17 PM] Jane Dough: "You still don't know how to end a sentence with a period. Until you learn that, get back to me when you do."
[10:17 PM] Iam Della: "Is that important?"
[10:17 PM] Jane Dough: "It'll be more challenging, Josh Clark. I"m not here to answer questions anymore. I'm going to deliver you a message. Stunt man."
[10:18 PM] Iam Della: "Whatever"
[10:18 PM] Jane Dough: "You don't fool me. Sucks doesn't it."
[10:18 PM] Iam Della: "Yes, it clearly does"
[10:18 PM] Jane Dough: "You'd do better to just talk to me face to face on skype where you can fake cry again."
[10:18 PM] Iam Della: "Skype?"
[10:19 PM] Jane Dough: "And by the way, you know what Skype is, little nublet. When you pull this particular stunt, be sure to show your face so we can tell it's you."
[10:19 PM] Iam Della: "I do I'll set one up now, it does voice chat right?"
[10:19 PM] Jane Dough: "That will be epic. Yep."
[10:21 PM] Iam Della: "I'll think about it. But only if you can show me something concrete about his kid or his scam"
[10:21 PM] Jane Dough: "No. I'm not here to prove something to you. Or anyone but my followers and those people who see what's obvious."
[10:21 PM] Iam Della: "The all I see is a paranoid woman who want's to win something rather than be honest that she doesn't know"
[10:22 PM] Jane Dough: "And I'll do more oN Josh Clark when I'm damn good and ready."
[10:22 PM] Iam Della: "Nothing you said is obvious"
[10:22 PM] Jane Dough: "Josh, fuck yourself, seriously. It'll be less painful."
[10:22 PM] Iam Della: "So you don't want me on skype?"
[10:22 PM] Jane Dough: "Because when I do it, it will hurt. I know you're not going to skype me, Joshua. But when you're ready, I'm here. Lemme know your acct I'll look you up."
[10:23 PM] Iam Della: "Well, I guess there is no way to prove anything to you. You made up your mind"
[10:23 PM] Jane Dough: "Who said I needed convincing of something. You've made your case, remember?"
[10:24 PM] Iam Della: "All I asked for is something concrete What case? What are you blabbering about?"
[10:24 PM] Jane Dough: "You will never, and I repeat NEVER, get my anonymous sources. lul, Josh."
[10:24 PM] Iam Della: "I'm not asking for that"
[10:24 PM] Jane Dough: "Yeah you are."
[10:24 PM] Iam Della: "I'm asking for something concrete"
[10:24 PM] Jane Dough: "Now skype me of fuck off."
[10:25 PM] Iam Della: "How? did I ask for a name?"
[10:25 PM] Jane Dough: "Y'know, your mother must've had problems with you huh? The way you ask questions like a kid with cookie crumbs all over his face saying, "I didn't have no cookie..." Not me, uh uh."
[10:26 PM] Iam Della: "No offense but isn't asking questions the right thing to do?"
[10:26 PM] Jane Dough: "Skype face or gtfo. hahhaha. No offense but troll better."
[10:27 PM] Iam Della: "Wow, I better tell my friends about this conversation, I've never seen anything so paranoid in my life"
[10:27 PM] Jane Dough: "You do that Joshua. Have fun."
[10:28 PM] Iam Della: "Can I ask you something, seriously?"
[10:28 PM] Jane Dough: "No. Nah, just no."
[10:29 PM] Iam Della: "I'll ask anyway. Was that video on Sex work serious? I can see what that guys problem with you is now"
[10:30 PM] Jane Dough: "lol. You've developed a fascination with that haven't you."
[10:31 PM] Iam Della: "I'm interested in the truth, not gossip So far all I have from you is gossip"
[10:31 PM] Jane Dough: "Poor you. Make up some friends, put on a blogTv and all will be well."
[10:32 PM] Iam Della: "My questions were fair"
[10:32 PM] Jane Dough: "Your questions were fail. and attempting to be anonymous. You ready to be blocked now?"
[10:32 PM] Iam Della: "As are you remember? anonymous"
[10:33 PM] Jane Dough: "Josh. Admit who you are and I won't block you."
[10:33 PM] Iam Della: "Everything about you is hate, gossip and anonymous"

Ashe getting butthurt and trying to get srs over nothing with his empty threats on Lazarus so he can get all lawyered up and scam some more money

Josh clark butthurt and serious business.png

See Also


any comments because he's butthurt when people say the truth about him.


troll others.

  • YouTube Favicon.png MangaGothicClassics A youtube account no gives a shit about a project he made that no REALLY gives a shit about. Just to score some cash.


  • Twitter-favicon.png FatalErrorNW Josh's video website twitter feed branded with a photo of Della Winters holding a big knife. His site has been dead, like, forever, claiming he was ready to get it back up.
  • Twitter-favicon.png Obsessedorwhat Where Ashe tries to defend his actions and refute the accusations of XXXlid aka damagerep0rt, the person that exposed him, and others that love to troll the truth out of him, but keeps lying his ass off every step of the way.
  • Twitter-favicon.png FellaHinters A twitter to parody Ashetheraven's exploits of his sexual fantasies with a guy. Ashe is willing to do anything to destroy the parody by reporting it, lol
  • Twitter-favicon.png WellaDinters A second one to parody his failure. Controlled by Xxxild after being inspired by FellaHinters.
  • Twitter-favicon.png UnwashedOrNot Another twitter parody of Josh's Obsessedorwhat twitter feed where he often tweets with Della (himself)
  • Twitter-favicon.png AsheIsSoRaging Fella's back up account in case poor old ashe reports him for being butthurt over being mocked. *Suspended* Oh look, Ashe is mad.
  • Twitter-favicon.png @TheNeverMore1 Another excuse to create a fake girlfriend for this shitty film series that makes Uwe_Boll's films looks like a masterpiece.

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