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The elusive Heidi when she was twelve years old.

An 20 year old girl who loves yaoi, trolling furries, and eating a lot. Lj-favicon.png ashi_moto is the scourge of furries everywhere.

Oddly, "ashi moto" is Spanish for "sandy is a pedophile" and also Japanese for "evil motorcycle". It is not known whether this is significant or merely a bizarre coincidence.

Origins of Ashi_Moto

ashi_moto in her innocent and demure days. She was such a spooky goth!

Ashi_moto discovered the intarwebs in 1996, and it was love at first sight. Her earliest sightings pin her on various BBS forums, where she was friendly, if not a little shy. It was during these days that ashi_moto found some of her earliest internet friends, many of whom continue to support her arguably anti-social activities on the Internet and some of whom actively participate with her. These days, however, were typified by a kind of childlike innocence. Many have found the furry fandom's remarkable disregard for the innocence of people's childhood and their tendency to exploit it for sexual gratification offensive. Ashi_moto had only heard of these so-called "furries" at this point and had yet to develop a firm opinion.

In 2002, she started her LiveJournal. It was an act that would irrevocably put her on a collision course with destiny of being one of the most well-known LJ trolls on the internet.

The Beginning of Ashi_Moto: The Initiation of Evil

A more recent picture of ashi_moto mocking MySpace scenesters.

In October 2004, an irl event caused ashi_moto to discover her latent hatred of furries and galvanized her to the cause of fighting against their perversion. One of ashi_moto's irl friends was taking a class at the local community college. During one of his computer classes, he noticed a fellow classmate using LiveJournal and chatting on AIM. The friend decided to prank the person, and so went into the administrator controls and shut down charmaster510's computer.

Melodrama ensued when charmaster510 figured out that his snickering neighbor had done something awry. He jumped up in a tizzy and exclaimed something to the effect of: "IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THAT, THEN WHY ARE YOU IN THIS CLASS?!" A few minutes later, after being talked down from suicide by the rest of the class, charmaster510 posted to his LiveJournal what had just occurred. (Here is a direct link to that post and the first example of ashi_moto's trolling.) Feeling defensive of her friend, ashi_moto began posting at first just to tease charmaster510, but as his furry friends began attacking her, she passed teasing into all out trolling.

The die was cast, and the momentum was unstoppable. Ashi_moto had discovered the amusement that could only be attained by trolling the extremely defensive, insecure, and malicious furry fandom. In particular, LiveJournal users steelwig and blackwingdragon had played unknowingly right into ashi_moto's subconscious troll, and provided her all the fodder she needed to know that trolling furries was to be her destiny.

The Glorious Glorification of the Glory of Ashi_Moto: The Fursecution Begins


Ashi_moto was dubbed a Knight of the Order of Pure Lulz when she created OMGhi2furries. Its purpose: to shit furries and otherkin everywhere. It achieved this purpose spectacularly. It could be argued that she was stupid to post as OMGhi2furries instead of as herself in the comments, but that is a minor drawback to the sheer excellence of this trolling.

Furthermore, the friend's page of OMGhi2furries is an invaluable resource for those people who are trying to work out what's so fucked up about furries.

It has been suggested that ashi_moto is somehow involved in the pedophile-hunting LiveJournal 0 pedophiles. This has made identified pedophiles very angry.

Ashi_moto has since discovered a joy of pissing off Russians who can't speak Russian.

Habits and Trivia

Ashi_moto's infamous butt (lmao).
  • Ashi_moto sometimes works alone, but she often employs a complex system of virtual wingmen to assist in her trolling either by fighting on the frontline or to search the internet for dirt on the lusers in which she is embroiled in battle.
  • She often employs a two-wave approach. The first involves the trolling of potential targets. If she gets a response, she brings in her wingmen and begins the assault. In the second wave, she brings in some of her fellow trolling pals, many of whom might be considered goons.
  • Unlike some anti-furry trolls, ashi_moto enjoys debating with her victims. This can sometimes be seen as a form of trolling when said dog fuckers flip out because their logic has been torn to pieces.
  • Ashi_moto is in fact a teenage girl, and just one example of the failure of suburbia. Many furries feel embarrassed when they find out they just cried over something a sixteen year old girl said.
  • Ashi_moto loves cats, but is not actually a furry.
  • Ashi_moto's favorite cuisine is Italian, but her favorite food is orange cat.
  • Ashi_moto used to be a goth, but has since distanced herself from any particular subculture.
  • There is a strange obsession with ashi_moto's butt. The obsession has gone so far as to spur the creation of its own holiday, Anal With Ashi Moto Day on August 19 of every year. This may or may not be related to her support of surprise sex.
  • Ashi_moto can often be seen consorting with Laff0, trolling together in wonder trolling land.

The Prominence of Ashi_Moto in the Furry Fandom

Despite her short time actively trolling the furry fandom, ashi_moto has created an unmatched reputation as one of the biggest anti-furry trolls on the internet. Take, for example, the recently created WikiFur. Within days of the creation of the furry Wikipedia, they had already written an article about ashi_moto.

False Accusations

Every time an offensive journal is created that somehow makes fun of furries, it is assumed that ashi_moto is behind it. Ashi_moto is so hated by many internet users that she has become something of a scapegoat. So far, furries have falsely accused ashi_moto of creating the following troll journals:

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