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Soon-to-be-published sex tape, which noone cares about. As you look at it, also take note of her hooked nose and her protruding lower lip. That's a Jewess alright.
Filling in for Vanessa.
Ashley holding one of her favorite things.
Ashley in 2009.

Ashley Titsdale is a young singer and actress who in 2008, managed to troll /b/ by making a cover on Rick Astley's super hit "Never Gonna Give You Up". Her trolling was not intentional, but yet she managed to make many /b/tards extremely butthurt, whining about "stolen memes", and a 20+ year old song that someone else owns the rights to. One of the reasons people felt butthurt was because she corrupted the lyrics, changing "Guy" to "Girl".

The Song

You wouldn't get this from any other girl


—Ashley Tisdale corrupting lyrics

The Raid

Ashley has HIV reaches frontpage. Unsuitable for trolling as some idiot left /b/ open in their tabs.

The /b/tards jumped on the bandwagon and started spamming her message boards at

So far, so good, but the /b/tards had other things in mind, resulting in any lulz being still-born. Most of the spamming accounts had the same "Anonymous17," "pedobear," "Epic Fail Guy," and other retarded names. Lots of gore and Goatse was posted on her fanpics page, annoying the prostatots, followed by LOIC attacks. But soon after, anon became too busy fapping to x-rays and shoops of Tisdale to care about the raid. Causing the first raid to become fail. The oldfags caught wind of this, and decided to do something about the lack of lulz when the fapping was done.

At least she passed out in the kitchen.
The media blames tabloids for the rumor.

The oldfags came up with a better idea and started spreading rumors about Ashley having contracted HIV during a rhinoplasty. With shooped screen caps from CNN, they successfully managed to troll most of her fans into believing she really did have HIV.

As usual, the newfags and moralfags come to ruin everything. They created YouTube videos with stupid "messages from Anonymous", empty threats about how Anonymous would destroy Ashley. The HIV rumor got harder to spread since it became obvious that Anonymous targeted Ashley. The raid ended up in fail and AIDS because of cancer.

The Legion's Rations of Copypasta

Imagine an inside joke that only you and your circle of friends know about.
One that you've had for a long time, and you like it very much.
Now, imagine someone broadcasts that joke throughout your entire school, and suddenly, everyone knows about it.
Not only that, but the joke becomes horribly skewed and corrupted to the point where it isn't even close to the original.
And on top of that, the person who stole your joke actually finds a way to market it and make money off of it.
You see, Ashley Tisdale's new cover of Never Gonna Give You Up, by Rick Astley has enraged Anonymous because, well, we made that song famous again.
Ashley Tisdale's cover of Never Gonna Give You Up is trying to capitalize on our meme (a sort of inside joke).
Quite frankly, we are not happy that you have stolen our Rickroll.
This is why your boards are being spammed with gore, memes, and overall RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE.

I strongly suggest you discourage Ashley Tisdale from completing/spreading her horrible rendition of Never Gonna Give You Up.

Lest the whole of the Internet rises against you. | Moralfag

Congratulations Assley Titsdale, the whole internet now hates you.

You will never see this, but your fans will be buttsore after reading it.

You have stolen from us one of our most precious objects.
One of our most sacred treasures. You have taken this object and you have warped it, mutilated it, and consequently made money off of it. You have committed a crime. You have infringed on the copyrights branded into our souls. You stole our souls (anon haz souls? wut) and you profited from doing so. You have taken this object of ours and you have warped it, mutilated it, and made money off of it. We do not like this. It has angered us. : When you have angered the internet, it's rage will not be unheard nor will it be silenced without it's demands being met. : The internet demands this of you:

-Publicly apologize for ruining Rick Astley's song, Never Gonna Give You Up, and apologize for personally profiting from a song/meme that you have stolen.
-Donate most, if not all of the royalties to a charity of your choice. This ensures that the money is not wasted on batteries for your dildos or unnecessary cam whoring.

If these demands are not met, you will be eradicated from the internet. We will make sure of it. : We are Anonymous. : We are Legion. : We do not forgive. : We do not forget. : Expect us.| Moralfag

The above text is one of the best examples of pure newfaggotry and moralfaggotry on the internets.

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