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Asianface will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Asianface or Impossibru is an original 7chan meme, in which the humorousry retarded, gross face of an asian from some television program is photoshopped onto other people's fugly faces, supposedly resulting in lulz. 7chan roves it because they made it themselves, but IT IS COMPLETE fail to everyone else, apart from 13 year old boys. The asianface guy is actually Ayumu Kato, a comedian from the comedian duo Zabungle or ZA-BUN-GU-RU. He made that face, again, after he gets wiped out from the Log Grip section in the 22nd Ninja Warrior tournament. As of June 28th, of the year 2010, this forced meme was renamed by an anon on /b/. The new name is "No Doubles, Try Again".

The man himself

His jokes on Asahi TV all uses the same trademark asianface face. He is a forced meme, even in mainstream Japan.

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