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Information icon.png AskTheTyrant is not as popular as it would seem...
Tyrant - Cheating Brothel Resident
The First Fridge - Imported into Scotland in 2007

AskTheTyrant (Powerword: Chris W.), from Renfrewshire, Scotland was part of Live Video's Core Community" Cheaters who mass subscribed to LVers with the assistance of Mortimer's bulky 40Mb script in a desparate attempt to grasp e-fame on The Promised Land having experienced "Nothing but Hatred" on YouTube. It is clear from watching AskTheTyrant videos and observing the wallpaper in his house and the strange Red Hue everywhere in his videos, that he resides in his mother's brothel. Chris seems to be operating under the delusion that because of his circumstances he is in fact Richard Pryor - which is perhaps why he adopts an American accent when he Vlogs. Chris is strangely obsessed with his Fridge, which is hardly surprising as Scotland was only connected to the National Grid in 2003, so luxuries such as cold drinks and cold meats that most take for granted are treated with excessive reverence. It is obviously to anyone that it was these circumstances had led him becoming an alcoholicjunkie, but then it should hardly be surprising as Scientific Survey's have shown that 97.8745% of Scots are debilitated alcoholic junkie's. This assertion is supported by his sallow complexion and yellowing teeth.

Fridge - Worship : Yes Chris, You Can Believe your Eyes

AskTheTyrant is believed to be in a Scottish Urban Ninja Cult which involves prowling the fields cow tipping and running away from farmers. This involves wearing all black and a kilt. Also if a big field of cows is found you can hear the Tyrant sound his bagpipes for 2 minutes straight then a howl or a hamster for 25.6 seconds. The cult is believed to have 124 members with Tyrant being the leader.

Notable Videos by AsktheTyrant

AsktheTyrant seems to treat his Fridge much like the Obelisk in 2001: A Space Odyssey


AskTheTyrant Cheating Profile NefariousTheTyrant Profile set-up after Operation Final Frontier


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