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Your boss is probably an assclown.

The term assclown is an affectionate form of address made popular by the character Michael Bolton in the motion picture Office Space. It can be used at any time during internets conversations because most people you meet OL are assclowns and they love to know that you can see that.

Assclown Interaction OL

Outstanding Assclowns

Assclowns in the Workplace

  • Dad Gone Mad: Assclowns of the World Unite
    • "Specifically, I call him an assclown. And I regret it immediately. I mean you just don’t call someone an assclown when he’s offering you a job, even if that job involves working with REEEAAAAALLLLTTTOOOORRRRRRRS!®"
  • When Resigning: "You lousy bastard, I hate you and your smelly office and I hate the monkey butler work you gave me and you are an assclown!"

Political Assclowns

Assclown Shout outs

  • Porn Request Rejected: "Here are the facts. Fact 1. You are a liar. Fact 2. You are an assclown. Fact 3. See facts 1 and 2."
  • Discussing Netiquette: "People who hijack threads are assclowns. It follows from that axiom that you are an assclown, deserving of contempt and slight regard."
  • The Tirade Repository: "Dear Self-Absorbed No Talent Assclown - It may seem to your immature, sexual identity-confused brain that lying and gossiping about your peers to the PTB will somehow elevate you in life. In the grand scheme of things the only person you hurt was yourself. The others know that. They know you are merely a speck on their beaches and this time is but a fleeting second in their lives. You, however, remain well ensconced in the delusion that any of this matters. The smackdown life has waiting for you is of biblical proportions."

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