At first I was like X, but then I was like Y

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Fighting for freedom :D

At first I was like X, but then I was like Y is a meme that first appeared way back in 2004. As usual, this sad excuse for humor was deemed shit by the interbutts and then flushed down the toilet with the rest of the turds.

Proper Execution

This meme is so simple in usage that even you could do it. Of course, you shouldn't, because it is one of the worst forced, forgotten memes of the century.

Should you be feeling nostalgic, or like a douchebag, feel free to force this meme once again by using the following steps:

  1. Take a screencap or picture of someone with one expression and/or superimpose "At first I was like Y,".
  2. Insert the words "But Then..." at the bottom of the first picture.
  3. Take a screencap or picture of that same person with a different expression and/or superimpose "But then I was like X."
  4. Be brutally beaten for forcing a shitty meme.
  5. ???
  6. PROFIT!!!

Usage Situations

Other memes can be incorporated into this particular meme.
Oh, I see what you did there. What a great website!.

Unfortunately, this meme is typically used in response to something, generally when someone corrects themselves or somebody else, or provides some sort of relief to the topic.

An instance of situation:

moot: 4chan is closing its website...
moot: because we're moving to a new hosting server.

Notice how your emotions rose when you heard that your life may be shutdown forever, but was then quickly relieved by moot's life-saving capabilities.


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