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August Ames, during better times.
August Ames, now available in powder form.

August Ames (Powerword: Mercedes Grabowski) was a 23-year-old porn star who was brutally cyberbullied to death by bloodthirsty homosexuals and feminist SJWs in December, 2017, after she refused to have sex with a part-time fudgepacker for her latest adult film.

As of January, 2018, August Ames' murderers; Jaxton Wheeler, Austin Wilde, Jessica Drake and Alexis Monroe still remain free despite the fact that they remorselessly murdered August Ames by literally trolling her to death on Twitter. You can help by trolling the shit out of them on social media until they kill themselves, sending them kewl animated .gifs that flash really fast or by fucking them in the arse until they contract AIDS.

The Tweet

whichever (lady) performer is replacing me tomorrow for @EroticaXNews , you’re shooting with a guy who has shot gay porn, just to let cha know. BS is all I can say🤷🏽‍♀️ Do agents really not care about who they’re representing? #ladirect I do my homework for my body🤓✏️🔍


—August Ames, summoning the wrath of Thor Archive today-ico.png (archive)


Hi August, we're doing a story on you and this tweet. Why is it an issue if you (or any lady) shoots a scene with a guy who has shot gay porn? How does this represent something that agents don't "care about"? And, what does this have to do with "homework" on your body?


—Str8UpGayPorn, preparing to commit murder by internet

Or - there is no story and people like to make drama on Twitter ?


—August Ames

You made a public statement implying that a performer who worked in gay porn would cause harm to women in straight porn, so you're obviously looking to make a point and have a story. You're welcome to clarify, if necessary.



*burps because social media is bullshit and everything gets taken out of context*


—August *burps* Ames

how is this being taken out of context: "Do agents really not care about who they’re representing? I do my homework for my body" What did you mean by this?



An Pornstar

fuck y’all


—August's last words Archive today-ico.png (archive)

The Murderers

Jaxton Wheeler

Jaxton Wheeler, getting AIDS.

"Sir" Jaxton Wheeler is a typical gay bear and self-proclaimed "pansexual" who loves the cock and enjoys basking in the glory of his own faggotry. Essentially a less gay version of Luka Magnotta, Jaxton felt that telling August Ames to kill herself with cyanide was a totally reasonable and acceptable response to her tweet about not wanting to bang homos.

After August actually went ahead and took Jaxton's advice, he quickly attempted to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING and desperately tried to downplay the fact that a woman had just killed herself after he told her point blank that she should go kill herself.

@AugustAmesxxx the world is awaiting your apology or for you to swallow a cyanide pill. Either or we'll take it.


—Jackoff Wheeler Archive today-ico.png (archive)

I would never advocate someone bring harm to themselves that aren't a threat to others. In the pursuit of political correctness I hope we haven't pushed a fellow performer too far, I was simply trying to attack an issue not the value of the person. Awaiting details #RIP #AA


Nice try, faggot

Austin Wilde

Austin Wilde is yet another raging faggot who got buttmad after seeing August's tweet. In an epic display of guilt, Austin immediately locked his Twitter account and deleted all the incriminating tweets he had made after finding out that he had just murdered a woman over the internet.

She’s an uneducated homophobe making false statements based solely on her homophobia and lack of education on how things work in all areas of the industry. There’s the story.


—Austin Wilde Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Jessica Drake


Jessica Drake is a liberal cunt whose biggest claim to fame other than sucking dick is falsely-accusing U.S. President Donald Trump of offering her $10,000 for sex (far more than she's actually worth) in a futile attempt at helping shrieking harpy and so-called "lawyer" Gloria Allred rig the 2016 Presidential Election in favour of Hillary Clinton.

After murdering August Ames, Jessica pretended that she had never interacted with August and posted the following tl;dr bullshit on Twitter in an attempt at damage control.

Alexis Monroe

Alexis Monroe is a 29-year-old midget who somehow got a career in porn despite having a butt-ugly pig face and sub-par tits that aren't even real. Alexis is the type of blonde retard who will eat up feminist and pro-fag propaganda and then regurgitate it because she lacks the basic mental capacity to actually think for herself.

Following August's tweet, Alexis began accusing August of discrimination for not wanting to get AIDS or consent to having sex with a man who is statistically far more likely to have AIDS due to getting fucked in the bum by blacks.

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