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The Autistic Legion of Doom refers to a group of lolcows led by Vordrak (Samuel Collingwood Smith) who are hellbent on taking down Kiwi Farms. After Vordrak failed to take down the Farms by doxing Null's family and getting his mother fired from her job, he decided to start a private email group for people with threads on the Farms who perceived themselves as victims. Since June 2017 there has been infighting in the group, with Oliver leaving and now also the owner of (CLP) fighting against Sam; Vordrak and the owner of CLP now hate each other.

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Here are the most prominent members of the legion (both past and present) and what they have done.
Here is a leaked message to Donny Long calling Oliver, Sam and Jonathan leaders in the fight against Kiwi Farms; Oliver would later leave the group and distance himself.

Part of the mailing list was Archive today-ico.png leaked by Tommy Tooter in December 2016. The known members are:

  • Eddie Dzial
  • Mike Crockett aka Scott Stevens aka Joe Austin (suspected to be Sam Smith)
  • Donny Long aka "Gene Ross" aka "Candice" (left the group in June 2017)
  • Oliver D. Smith (left the group in June 2017, although says he did in March)
  • Alex Mahan
  • Raven Sparks
  • Nate Spidgewood
  • Jonathan Bishop
  • Luke McKee
  • Laurelai Bailey
  • Sheena Duquette
  • Tommy Tooter (expelled from the group by Vordrak in December 2016 after leaking the list)
  • Richard "Terra" Jones
  • Dr. Robert L. McKim
  • Connor Bible
  • Margaret Pless

However, not every member of the mailing list is active in the crusade; Raven Sparks and Nate Spidgewood have very little involvement. The remaining most active members of the autistic legion of doom are Samuel Collingwood Smith, Mike Crockett aka Scott Stevens aka Joe Austin and Jonathan Bishop. Since June, Oliver D. Smith and Donny Long (or his "fan") both left the group and are no longer on friendly terms with Sam. Mike Crockett is now known to be mostly responsible for posts at CLP, and was sending threats to Null and Kiwi Farms via email. According to Donny Long, Mike Crockett is really Vordrak.

The Death and Rebirth of the Farms

Vordrak, Oliver D. Smith and Eddie Dzial teamed up to attack Null's family directly. They sent emails, created attack blogs, doxed Joshua on the forum Egyptsearch and made phone calls to every relative they could find, alerting them that Null was running what they called a "racist cyberbullying site" and that Joshua was a pedophile. Repeated emails to the employers of Null's mother resulted in her getting fired, an event the autistic legion gloated about for months. Eventually, a distant relative begged Null to give in and make the harassment stop. This resulted in the Farms temporarily shutting down. Here is a copy of one of the emails sent to the employers of Null's mother, leaked by Oliver D. Smith.

But the farms shutting down wasn't enough for some members of Vordrak's group. Emails posted by Joshua Moon (Null) at Kiwi Farms show Mike Crockett demanded to be given the site database and the donor list so that they could keep harassing Kiwi Farmers indefinitely; Vordrak also wanted the list as reassurance the Farms would permanently remain offline. In other words, they were trying to coerce Null into committing a crime. He refused and brought the Farms back up just three weeks after shutting them down, realising that no matter what he did the autistic legion wouldn't leave his family alone. It seems his judgement was correct because members of the autistic legion of doom have since repeatedly stated that they would keep attacking anyone connected to Kiwi Farms even if Null gave in to their blackmail.

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CLP members want to keep attacking Kiwis even if the farms go down.
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Oliver briefly advertised the CandiceLynnPotter wiki on EgyptSearch forums. While he did not post on CLP himself, he proudly defamed Null's relatives on EgyptSearch.

Mike Crockett

Mike Crockett was using the following three email addresses:

These emails all belong to the same person using pseudonyms (this has been confirmed by email leaks where Scott Stevens admits to being Mike Crockett) who has tried to hide their identity by pretending to be from the USA and using numerous fake names. According to Oliver, the Mike Crockett account also pretended to be an Australian, to mislead people he was Luke Mckee (when it almost certainly isn't). It's also now known that KiwisareNeoNazis (KANN), a CLP forum poster with more than 1000 posts - is Mike Crockett and that this person was the main one responsible for threatening and stalking Joshua Moon's family; Mike Crockett created a blogspot (screenshot) doxing Joshua's relatives. The KANN account on CLP also posted death and rape threats.

Gene Ross ([email protected]) the admin of CLP, was confirmed to be either Donny Long or a "fan" (close associate) of his. According to him, the other three gmail accounts, including Mike Crockett, belong to Vordrak, although this is denied by others, including Sam. A leaked email by Oliver shows that while Mike Crockett is not Sam, Vordrak knows Crockett's real identity. Oliver has also claimed to know Crockett's real identity, although he would later deny this. (CLP)

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This is the letter Null sent to Oliver's parents. Vordrak has described it as threatening.

UPDATE (02/07/2017): The website now appears to be permanently offline.

After the farms went back up, Donny Long (using the pseudonym Gene Ross) or a "fan" of his created the CLP forum + wiki devoted to harassing Null's relatives and any Kiwi Farmer member they could identify. Donny has openly stated that CLP's goal is to libel innocents and has often encouraged users to use violence against Null's family. Most members of Vordrak's mailing list were unwilling to join due to the forum supporting blatantly criminal activities and even Vordrak himself publicly has called the site's users criminals, although leaked emails show he was willing to sign up an account and is friends with users there such as Mike Crockett.

Oliver D. Smith is known to have advertised CLP and defamed Null's family on Egyptsearch in February 2017, but denies having posted on either the forum or wiki. The former is confirmed by email leaks that show Oliver refused to sign up an account and criticized aspects of the forum, but it remains uncertain if Oliver posted on the wiki- it is suspected he edited as the user "Shadow".

After Null in March sent a polite letter to Oliver's father informing him of his son's activities, Oliver briefly distanced himself from Vordrak's anti Kiwi Farms crusade but continued contact with Mike Crockett until he leaked virtually all his emails. Later (in May or June) all Oliver's posts on Egyptsearch were deleted and Oliver has distanced himself from Vordrak and Mike Crockett.

The CLP admin has a main account named "Candice" and moderates the wiki by the same name.

Nate Spidgewood was confirmed to be asking Donny Long for help, but he declined to post directly on the forum.

Mikemikev is suspected to have posted on the CLP wiki, doxing a Kiwi Farms user named Curt Sibling. Mikemikev also signed up an account on the forum, but only made a single post.

Most CLP users on the forum with harmless posts were trolls from Kiwi Farms. Them aside, Donny Long's (or Donny's "fans") sockpuppets attacking Joshua Moon's family are easy to detect because of the pornography obsession, similar post style and homophobia. Exceptions are the account Ravengoth which is thought to belong to Raven Sparks and the account KiwisAreNeoNazis with a large post count, which is now known to be Mike Crockett. Oliver has provided email proofs that Mike Crockett owns multiple forum accounts, including those doxing an Encylopedia Dramatica admin.

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Here we have Donny discussing his scat fantasies about Null's mom.

KiwisAreNeoNazis has used the forum to dox and post violent threats against Joshua Moon's family. KANN loves to talk about how Kiwis Farmers are Nazis who prey on vulnerable minorities, completely overlooking the rampant racism, sexism and bigotry being posted on the CLP forum.

Threats of Violence

Members of the Autistic Legion of Doom have often tried to incite violence against Null, his family and Kiwifarmers. The CLP account KiwisAreNeoNazis has been particularly open about this, challenging Kiwifarmers to fight and often describing how he wishes his enemies would get raped and tortured. Vordrak and Oliver D. Smith have also attempted to get Null killed by spreading rumors that he burned a Koran. They hoped Muslims would catch on and attack him. Despite the many months they've spent making threats, they have yet to attack anyone and most people agree that they are unlikely to do so.

Credit Card Fraud

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In this paragraph from Vordrak's article, he promises that more fraudulent transactions will come, tells the criminals to use smaller amounts of money next time and tries to discourage honest people from donating any money.

In May 2017, Null began receiving extremely suspicious donations. It was clear someone was using stolen credit cards to donate. Just a day later, Vordrak wrote an article about this, blaming Kiwifarmers for the crime and promising that more fraudulent donations would come. Someone made this comment:


Platinum cards? Well, isn't that interesting. No one had said anything about platinum cards before. The only way the commenter would know what type of cards were used would be if they were the one who purchased them on the darkweb. And of course, no post from the autistic legion of doom would be complete without a thinly veiled threat of violence.

A few days after that, Vordrak sent private emails encouraging others to use stolen credit cards to donate to Kiwifarms and Donny Long made a thread on CLP inciting others to do the same.

The Lawsuit

Eventually, Null's lawyer aunt got sick of this shit. She attempted to sue Donny Long for two million dollars but has since dropped the lawsuit. She has also hired the British law firm Carter-Rucks, although no lawsuit has been filed in England yet. Most people assume that she is preparing to sue Vordrak.

Email leaks

Gene Ross

Gene Ross ([email protected]) the admin of CLP after falling out with Vordrak leaked all of his emails showing Sam has been in constant communication with him and knows a lot more about than what he publicly posts on his blog. Gene Ross has also leaked all emails he recieved from [email protected] and then accused Sam of being Mike Crockett. Sam however denies owning this email and calls Gene Ross's allegations as "wild", threatening to sue him. Later though (see below) Sam would say he knows who Mike Crockett is. Most leaked emails can be seen here.

Samuel Collingwood Smith

After Donny started attacking him, Vordrak leaked a few conversations implying that Donny Long was Gene Ross, the owner of CLP.

Some more leaked correspondence can be seen here.

Oliver D. Smith

At the end of June 2017, Oliver leaked emails to Null, as well as made a post supposedly on the CLP forum as "Justice". The emails show Oliver refused prior to sign up an account on the forum because of the libel and that he requested to get content removed on the website. Leaks also show more criminal acts from [email protected] Oliver has argued he left the Autistic Legion of Doom in March and he has not been on good terms with Vordrak since then, nonetheless he points out Mike Crockett kept emailing him. According to Oliver, he doesn't know who this email belongs to and that the person behind it misled him by pretending to be an Australian, similarly by also using USA in his other emails (Scott Stevens), pretending to be an American. After leaking emails and questioning if Vordrak was behind them, Sam then started to blackmail and harass Oliver. He has not been heard from since with Vordrak writing on his blog "Oliver is offline", but there is now great animosity between them. In an email leak posted at Kiwi Farms, Vordrak points out that he is not Mike Crockett, although he said he knows the real identity of this person.

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