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Hanson exploitable fixed.png
Avery Chicoine practicing his pedo smile.
Hi there, little boy....
Wanna see my nipple?
Shota cat approves.
Avery e-begging to support his crack and thai boy habit.
Avery e-begging again, too bad you lost your paypal.
Please give me monies.
Avery e-begging.
Avery's very old Failbook profile picture, trying to groom your underage daughter.
A happy visitor to one of his chans.
Avery proudly being the top thread on kiwifarms.
Scatting up kiwifarms with extremely weird shit.
Talking about MacGuyver on kiwifarms, hence the MacGuyver stamp on this page.
His chaturbate account, why act surprised?.
Another old picture Avery likes to use to lure in the kiddies. Forgetting he was never a looker and always insane.
Atomic.gif Warning!
Avery Chicoine has issued a FORMAL APOLOGY TO THE GUYVER (click here to view, click continue, etc)
Kiwifarm ain't nothing.


—Avery about kiwifarms, then again, with Null being a regular on his CP chans, he has nothing to worry about.

you never ACTUALLY DID ANYTHING DID YOU EVER FUCK A KID? you should its awesome



What do you get when you take 12 generations of massive mormon inbreeding, severe schizophrenia, daily psychosis, insane paranoia, pedophilia, a self professed child rapist, a whole lot of religious insanity, a messiah complex, several chans and mix all of that in to one single Canadian? Give up? You get Avery Chicoine aka btard1234, smackthat9876, deepglue555, deepglue000, schitzophrenicretard69, of course!

Born of humble beginnings in to a mormon community to a father and mother with over 9000 brothers and sisters Avery grew up completely insane and a child rapist to his own admission, since even the other mormons wouldn't touch Avery with a ten foot pole. Often admitted in to the insane asylum and / or prison the times Avery actually spents on the outside are rare. And if he is, he spents it in his cockroach ridden apartment either shot up with Haldol or off his meds and opening new and exciting child porn chans. He owns (Visit at your own risk) 180chan.info, 155chan.top, 144chan.ws, 180lols.xyz, fapcity.org and 200chan.info, chans you of course do not know on the count of there being child pornography there. Unsurprisingly, Null of KiwiFarms is a regular there.

i gotta be honest with you,

i love naked little boys I want to fondle their genitals


—Avery, on being a pederast

it mighta been my fault

when i was with her we tried fucking a bunch of times one time she was kinda loose so i reached in to rub my cock in her vagina! that's kinda sodomy i guess


—Avery, confessing the rape of Sara

im a disgusting slob now with rotting teeth btw


—Avery telling the truth for once.

someone or something broke my arms man their rotting


—Apparently his arms are rotting as well.



—Avery thinking anonymous shot heroin directly in to his brain.

A history of getting trolled

The Bill Waggoner Crew was after me in 2011. then I met Johnny and Cracker and Rocknet. Rocknet left this on my answering makchine awhile back. his real name is ....

It's not the only time either. that's the message he left on my answering machine. he sent me a pet rock legit


—(sic) Avery about trolls sending him a pet rock.

If you weren't already a tad startled by Avery's illustrious past it might shock and amaze you that Avery also attempted to troll people himself. Amongst those he trolled were Alex Jones and Ghost as "thetechguy". Needless to say poor Avery failed at this pretty darn hard too since it generally doesn't help to dox yourself continuously while at the same time proclaiming your love for fucking children to the other trolls. You can hear a gem of ownage in this radio segment by ghost, listen 2 hours and 8 minutes in. Needless to say, Avery was not at all happy, then again, showing the other trolls how you groomed an underage girl on cam in to working herself with a banana and then sending them the video might not be the best of ideas. No, we will not post that video here, you sick fuck.

But let's just finish this topic, cooking with Avery:

His messiah complex

because I am the messiah


—Avery, on being batshit insane.

Whenever Avery isn't busy peddling child porn, panhandling online or raping your children he likes to read scripture and by going in to full psychosis, believing he is Jesus, Moses or heck, even the anti-christ Satan himself. From the book of moron Avery himself:

but when I break the law I am the antimessiah

the messiah of the jews is the little horn of the big toe in revelations and Daniel 11 and every Abrahamic religion its the messiah but in Christianity the same person is told of as the antimessiah many worlds stand that Jehovah created and many have passed away this is a fallen world the idol shepherd in Zecharia 11:17 is the antimessiah his right eye utterly blind and arm dried up that's where they injected the ebola the shroud of turin the right eye is welded shut its me this world is too wicked for even Jesus I used to be a happy guy 666 the beast the beast having ten toes http://biblehub.com/revelation/17-12.htm i have to lie down 10 horns the little horn is the antimessiah I am Jesus the almighty God by the power of my word, worlds pass away I am the pre-eminent one if I say you have to fap to cp on 180 it is done without thought which is why we need a 180chan/boy/ cause boys need love too


—Avery, on being both Jesus and Satan.

they had a vendetta against me

the shroud of turin has dna it has all my memorie (sic) 400 litres of blood in me unrelated to the shroud there are 400 litres of blood in me when I was 17 they broke my nose and 4 litres of blood ended up on the gym floor the average 160lb male has only 4.7 litres (sic) in their whole body im different I am ancient of days because I am the messiah


—Avery, on having 400 liters of Jesus blood.

ll beings that are the seed of Abraham will have a chance to eternally progress. save only the sons of destruction will stay in the pit. in Revelations it talks about the little horn that respresents (sic) the antichrist. oh, look whats written about me in the Bible. I'm already hallway in the pit and I'm still alive. I had a dream I was deep in the earth of man or angel made caves I couldn't move or walk i was in a bed they were feeding me vile disgusting things I don't think God is going to allow demons on the Earth. not onto the righteous. I almost swear, I was in LDS church, my younger Sister got her patriarchal blessing she showed me hers and her pre existence name and read it to me and that she helped kick the devil out of heaven then he was about to show me mine and he showed me a LDS document professional printed my pre existence name was Lucifer and I was really weirded out and didn't want the stuff to happen to me that's written about him in the Bible


—Avery, about being the devil himself

Avery reads mormon scripture pretty much 24/7. He sleeps only 3 hours a night at most, while even filming himself while sleeping and then checking the recordings the following morning:

theres only about 4 things I know how to do anymore

its getting paranoid watching youtube videos and reading scripture that's one barely take care of myself 3 call everyone I know and annoy them or try to get help


—Avery, about what its like to be completely insane.

His extreme paranoia and anonymous

Being the insane sick fuck Avery Chicoine is and having a relatively long and impressive presence on the web it shouldn't surprise anybody that hard working trolls have hounded this nutty Canadian till kingdom come. Even trolls classic favorites such as Ghost and Alex Jones have had their piece of him. Since Avery is always nice enough to fully dox himself and tell them about his ailments such as schizophrenia, rotting arms and pedophelia it doesn't take much imagination to predict all the wonderful devastation that has happened to Avery.

Avery, however, likes to take the high road and fill all this in with his full blown psychosis and messiah complex with such great tales as anonymous coming to his house and shooting heroin directly in to his brain, sending him pet rocks, ambulance workers shooting up his arms with gangrene and Alex Jones putting maggots in to his brain. You just can't make this shit up.

Dickburns had a BlogSpot with audio and video and he swore hed have all the antipedo) anonymous after me

THEY GOT MY NEIGHBOR TO DO IT ITS JUNKIE CAPITAL THERE I don't know who specifically who did it BUT I KNOW THIS 100% THE GUY WHO DROVE ME HOME THAT NIGHT IN THE TAXI CAB Looked like a scum-bag and he knew where i live Alex Jones works with Anonymous to kill and attack pedophiles they just want any excuse to fuck someone up that they accuse of being a molester dick burns and the bill waggoner crew made a scene of me bwc Michael May swore in his wrath that he would come to my place and chop me up in pieces cadillacjack187 aka muhammed muhammed waggoner is what he went by he swore in his fucking wrath and in that old apartment those angry degenerate drunk heroin pill popping angry Natives wanna kill all the white man agenda having fuckers would yell at me through the walls "FUCK YOU" in my own home watching younow quietly on the web doesn't count, they had my real address BILL WAGGONER iS A MILLIONAIRE and has resources to fucking wreck people


—Avery, on being absolutely and utterly batshit insane.

His having been in prison

Unless you've been huffing jenkem throughout the reading of this entire article (which would actually be a good thing) it should not at all surprise you to know that Avery has spent several times in the big house.

dude, i have the worst fungal infection in my back and it wont go away

I think i got it in prison well i don't think muhammed would accept me or jesus but i can relate better with krishnas or muhammed with their beliefs is jesus hung out with wine bibbers and i hate wine it should be done away with except as a medicine a lamb was slain from the foundation of the world everything is coming to a short circuit of astronomical proportions with the amount of schizophrenia i have I shouldn't be reading the bible


—Avery, on having been in prison

Drugs he takes

Here is a nice video of Avery showing all the medication he has to take:




  • holy.cola
  • karma1669
  • chan1eighty

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