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Awkward Family is a website that collects, stores and displays a range of [mostly] hilarious pictures found from across the internet. As you can imagine, some of the images found can be quite lulzy.


Parent of the Year Material

We, the people of the internet, have certainly lost touch with things like family. But believe it or not, some people actually do have these things called parents. You see, before you were born (probably), these two people got together and fucked. Though depending on how drunk your whore of a mother was it could possibly have been three or four people, but that is not important right now. Once these individuals sober up and realize what they have done, they go into the responsibility of parenting with the fervor of a mouse.

Our Fluffy Friends

Whether it is those silly chinks eating cats, petting something fluffy, or being a dogmongler; people love animals. Some people love animals just a tad too much. Others simply do not know when to let go. The pictures speak for themselves.

Group Photos

If you are on ED you are like a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything. But even still, one should certainly pay close attention to the pictures that they take of themselves that will forever be associated with them. Some people learn that you do not take incriminating photos of horrifically embarassing situations, others not so much. Next time your friends or family suggest that a trip to a photo studio would be a great idea to commemorate that special event, show them this little collection to give them an idea how they can really make your shoot stand out from the crowd.


Sometimes, there are simply no words to describe what is going on. Though it appears we have finally found one of Pedobear's relatives.

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