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Remember, brother-to-sister incest is illegal for a reason.
No, sorry, that doesn't help.

Axelswife1, aka Jade S., aka ssjseaelfgirl, is a 28 year-old, horse-faced devianTARD cosplayer from Newark who could use some surgery. Nothing new, if you take into account every other butt-hurt fangirl that tries to pass herself off as KH2 Axel's wife. She tries to pass off her revolting appearance that is bad enough to turn Brian Peppers away, as Mobius Syndrome. But we see through the lies and know that she was the result of her brother not pulling out of their mother before he busted a nut. She looks like she could be Jawsus' girlfriend\sister. Probably both. She's recently drawn massive attention on the tubes and if you feel like revisiting what you just ate again please continue to read this article.




Jade discovers 2 Girls 1 Cup


Jade and Anon

/b/'s reaction
100% less hideous
Somehow, not as awesome.

She and her cousin were recently a target of an Ebaums raid and her dancing video, which now has nearly over 100k views, has made thousands of YouTubers nauseous whilst allowing them to feel superior for a very short while.

Moar Horrors



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  • Aim: GAnimeQueen ([email protected])
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger: ssj2_water_elfin_girl ([email protected])
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