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Lj-favicon.png azad_slide is possibly the bloodiest of LJ's bleeding hearts, She is reportedly a hot yet pimply-faced hobag med student with the "cutest dog ever," but Encyclopedia Dramatica has been unable to acquire photographic evidence for any of these claims at this time. Evidence of her hobagness would also be appreciated.


Due to her overwhelming liberalism and the fact that she feels it necessary to post her views in dozens of political communities, she is liked and/or disliked (possibly simultaneously) by a multitude of users from all political perspectives, including the fascist Lj-favicon.png imperialmarshal, the eclectic conservative lima_pcp, and the centrist doc_neuro. She frequently posts on the politicsforum community. She runs the community Lj-favicon.png ara_antifa, an anti-racism action group.

She is also one of hepkitten's IRL pals, which in some inconceivable yet incontrivertible way makes her cooler than anyone reading this, even hepkitten (assuming hepkitten is reading this) or herself (assuming azad_slide is reading this).

Participation style

Concerned most passionately with humanitarian issues, her dream is to work for Médecins Sans Frontières. She is known to work scrolling marquee images of Arab children into the majority of her posts and assumes that no one would want her to lj-cut her three page post she has copy and pasted from Yahoo News. Her marquee posts are hated on all over LJ. She bores the shit out of most people and lashes out at anyone who disagrees with her. She claims to "enjoy trolling rating communities and making fun of the moderators," though that remains to be verified.