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FAIL is the right of all sentient furfags

azrael2002 aka xthexladyfelinex, aka azkitten (real name: Amber Bin Laden) is a fat, disgusting, filthy twelve–year old Internet Tough Guy and furfag on livejournal. Infamous for trying desperately to wrestle the crown of Most Batshit Insane Transformers Fan Ever from long-time queen Raksha, azraep2002 stalked the 2008 Gay Robot Convention, prostituting herself in the hope of making enough money to feed her three crack babies. When that proved unsuccessful, she tried to get a Scientologist to father yet another crack baby in the hopes of increasing her welfare check. When he wisely declined, she hid in a basement and proceeded to troll other Transfags on livejournal. Fortunately, failtroll that she is, all she can manage to post are lame variations of "U R GHEY 4 NOT FAPPING TO PIKTURS OF MY ROBOCOCK", proving spectacularly once again she is the malignant tumor that is killing B/.

LJ Drama Oh noes, assraep whines about constructive criticism![1]


Lubing up for buttsecks

azraep2002 rode into the Transformers fandom several years ago after the furries got sick of her fat ass and kicked her out of Gaia Online. She then proceeded to generate drama on the Allspark forums, which was too much for even the lame-ass mods and promptly got the banhammer for claiming that Adolf Hitler was simply a misunderstood Robot in Disguise and calling anyone who disagreed a black person. Next, she took her fail to the Padded Cell, which is amazingly tolerant of faggortry since it’s run by a New Age lesbian hippie; still, even she had to threaten her with the banhammer after she was convicted of trolling by the internet for insisting Optimus Prime was really a Cuban called Fidel Castro. Being a hippie and therefore spineless, the New Age lesbo did not strike her dead with the power of the hammer as she so richly deserved, thus enabling her to come back and scam an unsuspecting Transfag named Rotty out of $1,000,000.00. Last Thursday, Rotty insisted she re-pay the money he loaned her; instead, azraep2002 proposed giving him a blowjob in lieu of payment. Naturally, he refused to have any physical contact with this white-trash skank. At that point, she resorted to claiming he was sexually harassing her, like all deadbeat scumbags do when faced with their own bullshit.

One look at her fat carcass and you’d have to be brain dead to hit it, amirite? Rotty, despite being a Jew, cut his losses and went on to find love with a skinny weeaboo who writes almost decent fanfiction without the baby rape and has an IRL job. Srsly.

azraep2002 then went on to become a lj troll by spamming every Transfag on lj claiming Rotty is a lousy Jew nigger faggot despite the fact no one gave a shit and whining she should be exempt from paying her debts because she is an “artist”, not understanding that tracing other devianTART’s scribbles is not “art”.

She is still butthurt about Rotty ignoring her as you read this. Tell her to STFU here [2], here [3] and here [4].

Early History

Motion passed--MAN THE HARPOOONS!

The reputed rape child of Osama Bin Laden and an aging, opium-smoking transsexual from Phnom Penh, recent evidence suggests that until recently, Amber was a child prostitute, famous in Cambodian brothels for being able to perform the basket fuck the most times in one night. Later on, when she ballooned to 3,648,292 lbs, she became the Pedobear’s mistress, who began pimping her out. When one of her repeat customers, a German pedo named Josef Fritzl, ass raped her with a broken down Optimus Prime figure, she developed her obsession for Transformers sex and now derives pleasure only when pretending to be at the receiving end of a robot rape train. Despite thousands of hours of therapy and bucketloads of mood stabilizers, she has not been cured of this crazy shit.


azrael2002's fursona

Amber currently spends her spare time fingering herself while looking at robot porn written by prepubescent fantards and annoying everyone with her pathetic fanfiction and shitty crayon drawings on deviantART when not getting the banhammer. After spending her days trying to convince Mexican day laborers to pay $2.00 for a lousy blowjob, she has yaoibuttsecks with her lesbian furryfag girlfriends. Apart from failtrolling, her other hobbies are scamming idiot Transfags out of money and restoring the reputation of Adolf Hitler, aka Megatron.

In addition to AIDS, she also suffers from seizures, brought on by her unwarranted self-importance. This is mainly due to her association with other yaoibuttsecks furfags and her constant search for approval among robot yaoi cosplayers.

While just the latest in a long line of obese, smelly furfags with impaired brain function who have decided to add the Transformers to the steaming shit they shove into their fetid cunts as they destroy everyone's childhood, as an up-and-coming drama machine, azraep2002 is definitely a Winnar.


See the fail for yourself

Amber's live journal[5] Rambles incoherently about absolutely nothing.

Amber's furAffinty[6] Learn all the disgusting details about her fursona!

Amber's deviantART[7] Amber continues to stalk Rotty.

Amber's Photobucket[8] Look only if you dare.