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Even though they rarely admit it, ALL women have Gangbang fantasies.

The sex act most enjoyed by women since 99% of them are closet whores and usually never are satisfied with just one cock. Instead, they crave multiple cocks since most men cum in no time at all, leaving them unsatisfied. The ideal gangbang should last at least two hours.

Gangbangs usually evolve from innocent play.
Alcohol often leads to gangbangs.
Meanwhile, at your girlfriend's house.


Three or more Penises AKA peni (PROTIP: the penises can be from Men, Transvestites, Dogs, donkeys, or eels), are put into one or more of the women's holes. This is the only time men's cocks can touch without being gay. Always best to bring a video camera (there always is though, amirite?), so that way in court you can prove that she was asking for it.

Types of Gang Bangs

  • The Train
Also known as the Amtrak in North America, The EuroStar in Europe, The Spit Roast in Britain, or if you're English the Virgin. A Short Train is when the whore is on all fours in the doggie style position, while she is giving the guy in front a blowjob, the guy behind her is fucking her pussy. For bonus points do her in the ass also. Since most women who pull trains are sluts cum in her hair or cobweb her facial. To lose all points, come on other guy.
Pulling a Train or Running a Train are names for when the gangbang involves at least three men, but usually five to ten. The 'Engine' can be in the doggy position, but can be missionary position on a table, where the men line up waiting for their turn. Often ends in a bukkake session.
  • Reverse Gangbang
When a guy is getting fucked instead of a woman.
A delicious treat, the lucky sperm bank to be gets to enjoy many creampies. The lucky woman receives the man juice of her hosts. The ungrateful whore then releases the hot sticky man goo. For bonus points have a second girl lick the jizz out of the other girls ass.
  • Anal Gangbang
Best achieved without lube. Most lulz occur if she bleeds, and can't shit for weeks. For bonus points, punch her in the stomach after you cum, to remove any shit from your dick.
  • Gokkun
Nasty shit to imagine. The men all cum in a cup, and at the end of the day, the whore drinks it. For bonus points, take a piss in it. For Epic win poison it.
  • Bukkake
AKA "Making it rain" is the act of several men masturbating in front of one or more women (Or men, you fag) and cumming all over them. This is a very good way to get to know your dad. You sick fuck.

For bonus points, get some on one of the other guys. For epic win, get it on a black person.

  • Double Penetration
DP for short. Fucking her in the pussy and in the ass at the same time. The preferred method of sex for any slut. Requires skill by the penis bearers involved. Bumping nuts is not uncommon, but always uncomfortable. Double penetration also disproves the theory that two objects cannot exist in the same place at the same time.
  • Triple Penetration
Your moms favorite. Two cocks in the pussy, one in the ass. Requires intimate contact between two penises. In my opinion, I'd rather just wait my turn than have someone else's johnson rub up against mine. Unless of course she had tits, does rubbing dicks against a transvestite inside a real woman's vagina make you gay? You be the judge!
  • Bollywood Gangbang
Indian gangbang (Terrorist Indians, not Casino and Teepee Indian). Best way to be sure you dont take a ride on The Virginmobile after death. Also best way to make sure you end up in muslim hell. This gangbang is of an inferior nature. The faces of the women are always covered up, so she ends up with a turban and faceflap soaked in cum. The performers are usually interracial, and relatively unexperienced. Bollywood is typically shown on ABC family during primetime.
  • Interacial Gangbang
black person guys on white women. Never the other way around. On side note, white men on black person women is the only exception to rule 34 wrong, wrong, wrong. Seriously, who wants to fuck a nigger, amirite? This is greatest known source of AIDS in white people. Small price for a slut to pay for the superior size of teh cock though (see The Great Black Dick Hoax).
  • Midget Gangbang
Always great for lulz! And quality fap material too. The most demeaning for midgets is putting them with normal size women. They look like 8 year olds. Sorry, I can't even wikilink 13 year old boys to that, cause they haven't hit puberty yet.
  • Obese Gangbang
Also great for lulz, no great fapping though. typically needs to be done in remote areas, away from buildings and trees. Best obese gangbangs occur at Ryan's Steakhouse or Golden Corral.
  • DVDA
Double vaginal, double anal. Two in the pink, two in the stink for maximum damage. Not very practical though, as it's almost impossible to get two cocks even in one hole, unless they're at least 8" long. DVDA is used mostly just as a code name for a gangbang.

How to tell when a gangbang is Needed

Whenever she is asking for it, usually obvious by the way she dresses and acts (i.e. flirting).....which is always! Even the shy quiet types fantasize about being gangbanged, so though they may not show it outwardly, most are easily seduced into taking part in one.


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