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So it began...
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/b/space Day was a lulz fest which occurred on November 21, 2006 when /b/ invaded MySpace, probably through the use of phishing techniques. A list of 40,000 MySpace accounts were uploaded to the internets, originally on /b/ but which quickly spread throughout them, lulz ensued.

The events that set /b/space Day into motion are rumored to be as follows; Anonymous put keystroke recording software on a public computer at a school, which was widely used by the students and others to access MySpace. Over 40,000 (why 40,000 teenagers with MySpace would be using the same computer at school is never explained) valid e-mail addresses and passwords were collected by the keystroke logging software and the WHOLE list was posted by Anonymous on /b/. From there, the list rapidly spread all over the intarwebs and into the hands of trolls everywhere. Working together, the /b/tards and otherkin went on a R-R-RAMPAGE, invading MySpace with a flood of desu, tubgirl, lemonparty, and furry pr0n, as well as many attempts to ruin lives, relationships and status, thus generating massive amounts of lulzy-drama and possibly 40,000 attempts to be an hero. Many teenagers found bulletins from their friends over MySpace which seemed out of character, such as: 'HAY GUYZ I [email protected] BABYS LOL'. Many found that they had new goatse backgrounds on their profiles and some were even beaten up the day afterwords at school for that racist comment that was left on the black quarterback's profile. Thus is the power of /b/.

This was soon followed up by a second phishing attack, in which one /b/tard took one account, and managed to spread a phishing script to thousands more accounts through the efforts of /i/. More details here

Operation MySpays

Sometime in 2007, /i/, #insurgency, and the /i/nsurgency w/i/ki (then http://xyndros.ath.cx/) decided to one-up the original /b/space day. Through a sophisticated system of phishing pages, over 70,000 user accounts were ultimately stolen. Essentially, because the admins of MySpace are special, they allowed HTML in comments and profile pages. So, many comments and profiles were created with 10,000x10,000 transparent gifs that linked to phishing pages. This worked because most MySpace users are pony princesses who think that "http://login-myspace-form.150m.com" is a legitimate login.

Because raids are srs bsns, this raid was organized in only the most srs of manners. The passwords themselves were initially stored on password encrypted hosts, and only later were actually released all at once (when people got tired of copying the list 10 at a time).

On top of this, many templates were compiled--including "invitations to join the KKK" and last measure redirects. Lists of passwords, broken into chunks by luk0r, and uploaded to at least a dozen hosts each, along with pastebins of popular profile templates were distributed to 420chan's /i/ and /b/. Some whiteknight faggots on 4chan proceeded to report it to MySpace, thus resulting in a lulzy news report in mid 2007.

The Release Packs: Saved For Future Generations

PROTIP: It's not like any of the passwords will still work so don't waste your time trying.

PROTIP 2: Okay, I guess some of them DO still work. Lulz.

PROTIP Try looking through here for pack mirrors


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