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According to this sow; it is a felony to use charcoal on a barbecue grill in the area of the park that is designated for barbecuing while being black.

Ever wondered what happens when upper/middle class white people move into low income minority neighborhoods and try to boss around the blacks and hispanics that have been living in said neighborhood long before these colonizers thought it was trendy to live there? Well, look no further! BBQ Becky is the perfect example of why pasty devils should leave that neighborhood watch bullshit in the suburbs or stay the fuck in their nice white picket fence homes where the only direct contact that they have with minorities is Miguel who comes around every other week to tend to their gardens. Dr. Jennifer Schulte or BBQ Becky is a white hambeast who had become a meme when she was recorded and chastised by another, yet cooler, Caucasian female for harassing a black family for having a barbecue in the park in fucking Oakland, California. When her plan of trying to flex her cunt muscles backfired on her, she called the cops on the family and said women. This in turn worsened the situation for her and essentially did what every feminist or liberal does when they are confronted/called out over their bullshit; play the victim and cry. BBQ Becky is essentially gentrification at it's finest. Surely, the writer of this eloquent and informative article knows that you have stumbled across a BBQ Becky a few times in your life. They come in various of shapes and sizes (but usually rotund) and most likely sports the "I would like to speak with your manager!" type of haircut.

Negroes barbecuing in my park?

File:Becky cries.png

The tale of BBQ Becky begins on May 14, 2018 in one of California's many shitty, gang infested cities, Oakland. A black family had been enjoying the spring day via barbecuing at the local park in a relatively peaceful manner which is rather surprising considering when blacks assemble, someone always ends up being shot, arrested, beaten up, high, or dead. The day had been going great for said family until their fun and great grilled cooking was sniffed out by Jennifer Schulte, one of those supercilious concerned mom types whose presence is the perfect euphemism for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings: all the Japs having fun until the a flash of light followed by a boom. Apparently, she was triggered that a group of black people were grilling with charcoal in that area of the park that she claimed was prohibited despite there being no signs in sight stating that charcoal grilling isn't allowed. In a very rare act of being civil, members of the black family told her that she was in the wrong and pointed out the obvious, no signs prohibiting the use of charcoal. They had actually tried to reason with Jennifer but it then became a passive aggressive argument between a few of the blacks with Jennifer. However, being the elitist cunt she is, Jennifer believed that these unruly niggers had no right to correct her. In the most lulziest display of fail trolling, Jennifer tried to close the pool. She did the one thing that would scare any black person, she called tha po po.

Welcome to Wakanda

Keep in mind that Jennifer had call the cops and continued stalking them for 2 hours before the video was recorded. By then, this disturbance caught the attention of bystanders enough for them to get involved and tell Jennifer to stop harassing the family. One bystander who had been recording the ordeal went up to Jennifer and told her to leave them alone. Jennifer felt as if she was being threatened asked for the camera person's ID which the women had gladly produced. However, Jennifer snatched the ID out of her hand and put it in her pocket refusing to give it back. The situation then escalated even further as not only had this fat bitch harassed and racially profiled people but had now stolen someone's property in attempt to take a photo to dox them. Seeing that everything had backfired and her white privilege had failed, she then hysterically called the cops now assuming the role as the victim. Jennifer tried to seek refuge from the angry women whom demanded that she returned her ID in a nearby grocery store. Bitch got followed. She then hysterically tried to enlist the help of the grocers but they wanted nothing to do with a sobbing obese woman on a tear, and who would blame them? Hilarity further ensued when the cops finally came and she sobbingly told her side of the story trying to press charges on everyone. Thus the video was uploaded by the woman's husband and the world was graced by the newest Trigglypuff, dubbed BBQ Becky. In all of her bulbous caucasity, she became a meme overnight.

The cunt behind the meme

File:Bbq beck irl.jpg
IRL BBQ Becky, makeup can't do miracles for all.

Dr. Jennifer Schulte is her real name, that's right. According to sources, BBQ Beck has a doctorate and it isn't in gender studies but in philosophy. She specializes in Chemical Engineering and worked at Stanford. Ever since her inception, she took down her linkedin profile and has been M.I.A. It's unknown whether or not Stanford had fired her but we are hoping to god they won't, we just want to see more lulz to occur when Black Lives Matter and any other social justice warriors begin to cry out for her dismissal. Some argue that Jennifer is the prime example of the far right in America. These retards haven't done much research to find that she is actually a liberal and another example of SJW's trying to pin yet another blame on conservatives without some fact checking. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS, the author of this article is just as a lazy faggot.

Reason for the ordeal?

Becky claims that it was unsafe for them to be grilling with charcoal, whatever the fuck she meant by that. Some argue that BBQ Becky had been racially profiling the troop of baboons hanging at the park so in attempt to disperse the nignogery, she called the cops. However, it is clear to what her true intentions were. Being the overweight, entitled cunt that she is, she smelled the grill from a mile away. Becky's nose led her to the park where she encountered the gathering. She had noticed that there wasn't only white meat being grilled but some dark meat on display. It is also a well known fact that many portly Caucasian women are co/overt mudsharks willing to drop down to there knees at every black man who tells them to. Becky was hangry for not only the BBQ but the BBC as well. Seeing this display, she awkwardly sauntered her way to the gathering to try to get 2 different meats in her mouth. However, the family had probably not noticed her staring at them for 2 fucking hours so they carried on. Seeing that her needs were ignored, she went on the defensive and began her weak tirade.

BBQ Becky memes

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