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Even if you didn't like them before, you like fat girls now. Because you obviously now want to fap she's called nicynina and she has a dailymotion channel.

BBW Porn Sites are many and diverse. For those with a fetish for fat girls (or not as the case may be), let Encyclopedia Dramatica guide you through the wonders of the BBW pornography world.

Chubby Parade

pedluz1 modelling underwear
One of the more adventurous couples on Chubby Parade, doin' some random, silly, crazy things. Also, race mixing. Arthur Kemp would not be proud.

Chubby Parade is run by a German BBW fetishist in his late twenties with a predilect for Simpsons avatars, although most of his forum members are redneck Americans, black Americans, Mexican Americans, Britfags, other Eurofags and Australians and Canadians. There are some really uptight mods there, including spaceghost and eyeswidenow. Most people on this forum have extremely liberal political beliefs and think that Obama is Jesus.

There is a guy there from Portugal who is 28 years old and is that very forum's own version of Chris-chan and no one realizes it. Although he is not fat like CWC, pedluz1 does not realize that creating profiles on shit dating sites[1] is not going to get you laid. He also seems to like older fat women. Kudos to him. After all, Chris-chan does like sleeping with his mother, according to the PVCC and Clyde Cash.

They have a strict policy against rapidshit links and suchlike because they are paranoid about copyright.

Also, its icon logo uses the two letters CP. What a wise name to use for a porn site.


SexyMaela, queen of Curvage, in a classic FGAS style pose
The real SexyMaela

Curvage is a forum full of feeders, and creepy sycophantic faggots who want to worship attention whore fat women and lick their feet at every opportunity. Most men on this site are complete pussies who have less testosterone than even the average woman--chief among them Mark Rose. Mark Rose is the biggest blowhard in the world, and unsurprisingly Curvage's head programmer. Also, the site doesn't even tolerate porn.


Even a hugely fat woman like SexyMaela is treated like a goddess and worshipped by her minions on this little site. It also has a Gaia Online-like feel to it, with its members using old memes and lolcat-speak in a lot of their posts.

Thick BBW Forum


The nigra BBW forum of the internets, and although full of malware and viruses, as long as you've got a firewall condom to protect you from the AIDS, this forum has more stolen BBW content than any other forum on the entire internet.

A notable term used on this forum is "PAWG", "Phat Azz White Girl", sometimes applied to interracial porn but far from exclusively so, but is generally used on that forum for any white female whatsoever, regardless of whether she's anorexic or morbidly obese. They will also fap to fat Mexican, Azn or even Indian or Arabian chicks.

In general though most of the content involves black chicks. Some of them have nice asses, but in general it's TL;DW.

As with Chubby Parade the site has a system based on 'reputation' where you go like "REPPED BRO!" for each piece of misogynistic pornography posted.

Note, interestingly, that far from all of the content on this forum is even of BBWs, probably only about half.

Fantasy Feeder

Fantasy Feeder is a forum of freaks who are currently thin and wish to gain weight to the point of immobility. No. Just no.

I am both a feedee and foodee. I grew up in a family where food was in abundance. I always had all I could ever want. I am curious to see what it would be like to go up to 2,000 lbs. Both my arms and legs are totally weak. I am supported by my parents and enjoy having unlimited amounts of food. I am very much into sweet things and other dessert items and of course lots of candy. Every day to me is one big long meal. I am eating all day from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep.


—An actual personal ad posted by a 20 year old, 955 pound girl on Fantasy Feeder

Note: the user who put this here is an FA who jizzed himself when he read it.


This is what people on Dimensions fap to.

Pretty much the same thing. These generally involve a late-middle-aged geeky German/Jewish American guy called Ned Sonntag discussing his love of obese women and stuffing them until they die.

There have been many deaths of models on the 'big cuties' website, due to their extreme obesity, in the manner of Shay. Unsurprisingly, most of them come up with 'NEVAR 4GET' kind of tributes.


Camwhores of note include CamGirlKitten, Tsunami-chan, Sara-chan (Former mod known as "tehrei", who tragically became an hero last Christmas), and many others to name but a few. Ironically, the main ED article about the site fails to even mention them.

It should be noted that BBWChan does not allow racism, the use of the word nigger, piracy, or posting of any material on the "do not post" list, so I wouldn't even bother.


Fat-Tube is the YouTube (or rather, YouPorn, RedTube or Xtube) of fat girl porn. Again the ratio of nigras on the site is pretty high.


Yes, this is on Xtube. Sauce
And this.

Although not primarily a site associated with fat women, it sure does have a shitload of them. Middle aged swingers and people who don't care about being made unemployable because of their perverted nature can be found in huge numbers here, living like the animals that they truly are.

Also, Xtube is SLOW AS FUCK. is full of swingers and older women. As such most but not all of the content is pretty bad, but you will not find it anywhere else because they have only uploaded it here. It has a laughable system - you can either say that you are male and pay for the content, or sign up as female or a couple and upload six image macros, in substitute for supposed pics of yourself, and download everything on the entire damned site.


Like fine wine.

Mainly dried up/fatass wannabes who never got to be whores at a young age. BBW Section Included ([2]).


Link archive hosted by a German/Dutch basement dweller, contains links to all kinds of shit, mostly boring chat rooms, yahoo groups or long abandoned sites, but also some deep links to the shit.

Torrent Sites & Blogs

Sites like Cheggit, Empornimum and blogs like thebbwking, Voodoo Hamster Lounge and The FOP ([3]) have loads of free fat girl porn, just like Thick BBW Forum does.

Nobody cares about the fact that loads of pirated material is being shared on these sites, except those who wish to download it, and the porn companies themselves.

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