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Jews do not find this offensive.

BCE is an acronym for "Before the Common Era." The acronym was invented by the Elders of Zion, liberals and/or the Illuminati to be used in place of "B.C." - which means "Before Christ" - because using Christ's birth to measure time generates too much drama at conventions.

Dramatic precision

Obsessives will become mildly dramatic when faced with the term. They feel "BCE" is pointless because it uses the supposed year of Jesus's birth as its reference. Perhaps someday some lucky soul will perform the ultimate absolvement of their own white liberal guilt by inventing a calendar completely free of any pesky specific deities, red meat or references in history.

Theological drama

Fundamentalist Christians are dramatic when discussing the subject. When visiting their forums, insist they use "BCE" at all times. Additional drama can flame up if you add that your real preference would be to use the Mayan calander, including reviving their custom of human sacrifice. The use of such secular reckonings of time was a major impetus for the creation of Conservapedia.

Wails of the damned

Atheists radiate drama if they are exposed to the word Christ because they know they are eternally damned by teh Lord. When dealing with them, always use Before Christ or any other phrase that references Jesus. Make sure you speak in a reverential way, for instance: "I will pray that Christ saves your soul, but you're probably predestined to go to Hell no matter what, you pathetic sod." Feel free to try this technique at Lj-favicon.png Challenging_God

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