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See how crap BOLO is?
BOLO is not to be confused with Bolo.
Typical gameplay.

BOLO is a completely crap 2D game that was the only game to be ever released on the Mac computer platform. The games graphics and gameplay are on par with what you would find on the Atari.

Despite its cruddy graphics and nonexistent gameplay, Mac users keep playing this game trying to relive the glory days of mac gaming. Like most emo kids blinded by nostalgia, BOLO gamers try to convince you that like NES games, this games gameplay is better than most mainstream games. However the reality is that it sucked then, and it still sucks now.

One big advantage is that asides from its age, it can still be played via the internets as well as on your schools aging 2mhz maclab that the faculty are still paying off.

For instant lulz, kill your enemies man and then trap him by building a cement block on him!

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