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Wow cool photo!! Btw, is he touching your penis?!

An e-acronym for By The Way.

It is usually maintained by IRC users who are living in the glory years of their lives (although for most other people that time is gloriful). Most often it's constructed in a way to give a "conversation" a new direction, since the person in question lacks any verbal capabilities to create well-versed sentences avoiding annoying shit acronyms.

IRL BTW is usually replaced and/or completed with phonetic compulsions like "uhmm" and "ehr", especially when addressing the other sex. Btw is also a great tool to make a point after some whiny rambling.

Mario gives an example here

As of laet, zomg uber kewl teen show Degrassi maed it a point in a few of their episodes to have one character actually say Bee Tee Double U IRL, further cementing teh ultimaet kewlness of teh show!!!111oneone

Example Usage

  • I'm a willing young lad of 15 searching for a responsible and mature man who is into the same things as I am, i.e. anime, games and internetting. Please contact me if you're interested. Btw, I love the cock.
  • No really, I think you're the most sweetest girl, you're very deep and enigmatic, you're so dark at times, but yet, you're like a brilliant white light. Btw, I srsly dig your nekked pix.
  • Btw, didn't I break your heart? - Fish
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