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Burk, newfagging it up.
Burk being a hipster faggot in 2011

Youtube-favicon.png Burk is a textbook example of what a terrible or obvious troll is on the internet. He came to ED some 9000 years ago; the precise reason for Burk joining ED is unknown, however it was probably because he is a loser with a limited social life and thus has nothing better to do than to make fun of furries to cover up his own ass.


Burk's humble beginings

Burk (aka Josh irl) started his trolling career by the usual way that most fail trolls go about, that is taking his own insecurities out on furfaggots on sites like YouTube.

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Quotes from Ircky Burky

When are you going to make a video, calling me Ircky Burky btw?


—Burk responding to Rootbrian.

well ignoring the fact that juggalos ARE NOT A RACE, got no problems with blacks, love mexican women, and asians are ok in small doses.


—Burk responding to a Juggalo about being racist.

you wear facepaint because you choose to escape the reality of your own problems by seeking to alienate yourself against a society which you percieve as failing you, and use society as a scapegoat for those problems, and icp as a copeing mechanism instead of actually dealing with the problems in a realistic or pragmatic way. i dress how i want, (generally what is cheapest), live the bohemian life, say what i want, and am generally well liked and respected for it. tldr: ur dumb


—Him trolling Juggalos again.

you came from my moms cave? what a coincidence i came in ur moms cave. yctat, espec if you are a retarded failtroll.


—Trolling again.

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