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Main Programmer of BYOND:
Lummox JR
Like every BYOND game it is based on another one
Solving real world problems

A valiant but failed effort by a pair of bright-eyed students, BYOND is a piece of shit used to create anime games. The community consists of 30-year-old virgins living in their mothers' basements, and 10-year-old freaks who are obsessed with anime. There are over 9000 anime games, countless other fan games limited to 10 FPS and SNES graphics, and a small collection of "original" content which is all based on other games. The majority of the developers, being under the age of 14 and thin disable ads king blue text on pink background on their shitty MySpace pages prepares them for programming, harp endlessly about the language being too difficult to use and instead opt for downloading a complete source previously stolen by someone else and simply modifying the text that appears in the window's title bar when played.

The BYOND community consists of two groups: the "guru" elitists who would prefer to delete anything with the word "Naruto" in it if it weren't providing the system's primary income; and the endless anime fanboys with IQs below room temperature. The latter group is the more prolific developer. Claims of the system being simple to use for a beginning developer are lost among the pompous comments of the senior members, who frequently take time out of their day to call you a dumbass for not taking considerations with your program code that haven't been relevant since the eighties.

The website's most attractive feature is Space Station 13, which says a lot for how shitty the rest of the site is.

The 5 Sections

Basically what everyone 13 year old boy goes to when they can’t google their favorite anime BYOND games. It's usually useless because of dumbass admins that make excuses for failure to properly sort them.

It's usually where every dumbass goes when their Xbox 360 caught the red ring of death. It's full of Megaman and Zombie games. Not as bad as anime, but still pretty fail.
Basically what every Narutard, DBZ Fanboy, Bleachfag, and Pokenerd reside before they make the Final Solution. 99% of byond is anime and all of them are stolen rips of older games.
Where the admins usually hang around. The only reason people would be over here is to troll.
Like BYOND anime, only nerdier.

Creating Games

  1. Download any previously stolen source code.
  2. Locate the administration section and put your key inside all the strings.
  3. Change the text that appears in the window's title bar.
  4. Upload it.
  5. Claim it's yours.

Congratulations, you have your own original MMORPG, now go fucking kill yourself you worthless piece of shit.

Being Cool

Because the majority of BYOND's player bases are retarded anime fanboys, seeming like you're cool is no difficult feat. Try these tips to become cool on BYOND:

  • Create a game and lure in some random people as administration (see above for details).
  • Always pretend you know what you're talking about, no matter how wrong you know you are.
  • Whenever you see a player in a game that is ostensibly female, flirt with it and attempt to flaunt your totally awesome game or sprites.
  • Never admit that the trolls are smarter than you are.
  • Make a bunch of terrible icons, then gloat about how great an artist you are.

If these tips are too difficult for you to follow, you should consider taking the easy step and pressing alt+f4.

BYOND Membership

For a fee of $18 per year, you receive a small collection of extra perks:

  • A blog to bitch about other members or to create drama
  • The ability to rank games, allowing their perceived popularity to bloat even further
  • Extra shit from games that reward BYOND members
  • A misplaced sense of elitism
  • The ability to disable ads (for those dipshits still using IE that don't have an ad blocker plugin of some manner)

And for a nifty $100 per created game that's totally worth it BYOND won't list ads for those logging in that haven't subscribed to BYOND's $18 Member service.

BYOND Celebrities

  • Yut Put The only actual game developer who is stupid enough to use BYOND to make actual games(and release them). Wins every single contest on the website making him the gold medalist at the special olympics, if the special olympics were a contest of blood THC concentration. Deeply hated by a large portion of the community.
  • Albro1 The insecure wannabe programmer of BYOND. Showcased his skinny ass self body through BYOND Member icons as a desperate attempt to fucking woo over any lurking females from the website; alas to his lack of success, the trolls of BYOND easily overwhelmed him and withered away any false security his nerdfag friends had given him. This lead to a drain in self-confidence, and the ridiculous notion that putting up some ugly ass anime character is going to make him look a kewlie and get himself the desired acceptance of a female other than his mom. His ugly ass self is probably leering at his little section in this article right now with a meebo ass smile on his butthurt face with two things placed into consideration: "Who made this article about me?", and "Haha, somebody took the time to make a section about me, I must really be loved." To respond that is fairly simple, NOBODY likes you or your provisional and inefficient advice! Even Tom; the very person you look up to has devised a plan with the Lummox to lure you away from BYOND. Believe it or not, BYOND Anime and the rest of the guilds were shutdown out of the intent that Albro1 would follow in suite of that and leave.
  • Axerob The most IGNORANT person on BYOND. He's the father of every WOT rip known to man that's despised for his ill intention to target underage men and women and take their virginity e.g. Sarah; he is currently indulging himself into the bisexual pleasures of himself and his college comrades.
  • Kyogirl4lyfe
    Kyogirl4lyfe The prostitute of BYOND, literally. Is renowned for giving out pornographic images of herself in exchange for administration status or simply just sheer attention. She was once the grotesque girlfriend of the formidable hacker MasterBraska wherein the break up stemmed from her sexual disloyalty. Her Skype's ckgallina if anyone wants to get their rocks off.
  • Sergiy Also known as "Sergay" the famous autistic superstar of the modern age, he will literally get triggered over simple and minor stuffs. He is banned on almost every DB Fan made games that there is and probably more. Have I forgot to mention that he has around 12 keys ending with Monomyth and that he has tried to cyber with toddlers? Be wary he is still stalking around on BYOND. Try to help him and he will go all EMO to the Vein and try to drink bleach.
  • Muyina/QueenKi Oh my God, this person literally gets triggered about almost everything, why? Well lets just say that if you mention gender, say that you are male or any of that sort she is going to go full feminazi on you. Superstar and greatest cancer in history of BYOND.Grammar of 10 years old, genuine psychopath with head in the clouds and possible rapist as well as murderer in the future. Someone please notify the authorities.Muyina and her amazing RP skills with toddlers.

Galactic Soldier and GamerMania

So, these two anti-Adminiers like to piss that faggot Tom off a lot. They believe in a unified BYOND Nexus that's all organized and shit, and they're smart enough to know that Dream Maker sucks nigger cock as a language. The controversy all started when GamerMania politely expressed his views on why BYOND is going to fail after that shitty game NEStalgia actually starting fucking monetizing itself. Seriously, what kind of faggot thinks a BYOND game is worth $14 dollars? Well, apparently Ter13, one of BYOND's faggot adminiers, thinks that discussing the realistic future of BYOND's cock-sucking platform is de-railing, so he and Tom devised a plan to censor any truths that show how much of a shithole BYOND is, and banned both of their keys. Several months later, Galactic Soldier came back under the name "GatewayRa", and GamerMania came back as "LongCat666". Well, what do you know? Tom has a giant nigger cock up his ass and decides it's time to shut the forums down because "they don't contribute anything and he's sick of trolls". So, LongCat and GatewayRa explain to Tom why this is a bad idea, and then Tom once again censors controversial facts.

Well, LongCat666 decides to take action. He creates a forum post explaining that everyone's being oppressed, and that if Tom's ass censors that thread there will be "minor consequences". Tom, being the little pussy he is, bans LongCat666 for "making threats", because his little feelings were hurt, and note that he only said "minor consequences", as in like, trolling games and shit.

Shortly after that, Tom is shocked and disturbed that people are trying to protect their own privacy. So he blocks the TOR network from logging into his site. So now you can't log into BYOND without the NSA knowing what you're doing, all thanks to Tom and Lummox Jr's faggoty asses.

Funimation Drama

Once upon a time, the land of BYOND was a thriving paradise of fan-made anime games. Because everyone on BYOND is a weeaboo faggot, the main focus of the site was as a gathering of half-baked copyright-infringing games. As a result, sometime in 2011, PerfectGoku notified both FUNimation and Square Enix of the website's faggotory infringements, and as a result they shoved their legal cock deep down into BYOND's tight shota asshole. The result was similar to Bubba trying to fist a chihuahua; butthurt and decimation followed.

Once the news settled into BYOND's Linkin Park-filled ears and their porn-burned eyes, Tom suggested a wonderful idea that the rest of the BYOND community listened to religiously: make original games. This led to an increase in the amount of text-rp-based games (because they're so easy to make and show a lack of both creativity and effort on the creator's part), and more attention for Space Station 13. Nowdays they attempt to avoid the prior cease and desists with reducing visibility to the infringing hubs to software level access. This had led to the rumor that PerfectGoku will one day return to BYOND and completely annihilate it through legal consequence. He is also known as BYOND's "Anti-Christ".

Dream Maker

Dream Maker is the shit developer tool for BYOND users and is available free of charge (because the feeling of being able to pretend you're a big shot programmer is priceless). Features include:

  • Actual files to place your code it. The option to include them is simplified into little check-mark boxes (because the programmers are too busy giving Naruto a boner to remove/add a simple #include statement).
  • An Icon Editor to make shit 32x32 icons (because, you know, importing the sprites is too damn hard)
  • Its own language! - Just like the autistic fuck who comes to a party bringing his own beer because the stuff the host has is "too hard" for him.

The simple language developed for BYOND is retardedly easy for any 13-year old boy to learn to make his own Naruto RP. While the icon-manipulating features are interesting to play with for a total noob to turn Megaman purple, the background processes and shit cause the game to lag slower than JustinRPG to some real, human pussy. Because of this, all games coded in BYOND lag like they were programmed in Visual Basic, hosted in Brazil, and played on Windows 95.


Aww removing comments wont work you shitty rippers!!!



—BYOND member Gokumasaki. (The flailing troll.)

You did not. xD Lmfao. I've been on byond since 06, I've been coding since then too. BYOND is a bunch of 'shitty rips' because of people like YOU and not because of people like me. If you want to make an anime game, Take my approach.



—Byond member King killer 113711. (The know it all.)

o.O I dun bench press dick, if there'd be any work out it'd be riding it.



—Byond member Rorian. (The fag on DBF.)

That's it! I'm leaving BYOND for good!



—Some random BYOND member

who will come back in 4 months tops



— You fucking RKing noob! I hope you go die because you ruined my fun!

BYOND member Teh GREAT Thundorz


—a retard acting like a 13 year old boy

This isn't a rip!! I Made it all by myself!



—Byond member who got caught, and doesn't want to look geeky(to late) in front of the other BYONDorks

Why is everyone saying I'm not contributing to BYOND? What part of "I would and I am making one but I have a lot of other things to do so I cant finish it." do you people not understand? I'm working on a game, it's just I want other to make origional games...Do you people see a way to be idiotic, not read the last sentence and humiliate yourselves after I clearely said I'm making a game? Or do you not bother to read the whole thing. Please go ahead and tell me, I REALLY DO wana know...



—BYOND member Poal

a hair away from opting for the final solution



— Yeah so what if I screwed up on the forums, you don't need to abuse me in the games I play. I don't care if you're a BYOND staff member, you're the one trolling right now.

BYOND member Dark Wizard


—bitching at BYOND admins for being trolled.

well, i do plenty fine with women. Plus i get very high grades in school. So i dont know why i care



—BYOND member Masterdan

attempting to muster some sort of reply on Propaganda




BYOND Member Ganing


— causing pointless edrama.

Actually, it's not DW. It's people that have downloaded the .rsc and DW is falsely-promising them a .dmb extractor if they spam the forums.


—BYOND Member Kalzar

shifting the blame to the REAL culprit.



— I'm gay, my parents are aware. Some of BYOND is aware, I don't really care who knows, I just want to put a message out there to those who will listen.

My parents have been more than accepting, they're genuinely supportive as well. However if at any point down the road you have a child who happens to be gay... please, please, please don't give the special treatment, and please don't treat them worse.

Treat them the same. They're human, they're sane, they're rational, just because they like someone of the same gender does not connote anything. Gay men do not have to be effeminate, gay women do not have to be masculine. Even if they do defy gender norms, don't judge, it's not your darn place to dictate how anyone acts.

Cocksucker CyAlpha



— They be like AB, can you teach me how to aboos, cheat with ur verbs, and niggas cant lose. All I really need is level 2 to hack it, and for you, you and you to superfy and crash it. Go to admin tab, click reward or edit, say it wuz for an event, so that it looks legit, edit his stats to over 9,000 dozen, then say it wasn't you, it was your second cousin. Tens can't strip for what he can't see, so abuse till you tired, rock it like lee. I ain't from Finale but I abuse like Nevets, I give all my frenz SSj, and everybody vexed. I give em free skillz, all the ladies tryna do me, Niggas love to hate, so they try to strip me, Bitches want free stats, I think they tryna rape me. I make the server shine bright when I SSJ, HAHA I stay on my abuse all day! Teach me how abuse...T...T..teach me how to abuse!! ERRBODY SSJ ERR ERRBODY SSJ.

AnimeBeyond, another example of nigger influence on BYOND



— Same old roleplay, just a different day, I'm tryna get free jutsu, each and everyway, Tsuniverse needs some skills, Aby needs admin too, So imma powergame, thats what imma do. Powergame, metagame, powergame hard, honest rpers don't get rewarded in this boulevard. Okay all I know is powergame, metagame with no shame, lie and get water jutsu, then I make it rain and, I wanna be like Pein, so I powergame, Rinnegan in my tab, Uchiha in my name, then I powergame chidori, godmodding on Kenji, Edo Tensei in my skills list, and tell Jetniss I ain't sorry, aint no need to worry, 5 alts with clans for me, Uchiha to Hyuuga, yen up to 10 stories, then I get in every timeskip, alts in the line, and my jutsu control time, and they don't know that i'm lying, but i'm getting S ranked jutsus, the admins imma fool you, metagaming every bijuu, giving 9 tails to my nephew, cuz I, powergame, metagame, powergame hard, honest rpers don't get rewarded in this boulevard

Moar nigger shit by that nigger AB



— screw your pokefarm! /FTW ... frick the world.

BYOND cockLover Tophat. Also known for performing BJ's at a discount.



— I have played many dbz servers and i have been unsatisfied. I have hosted, joined, and done everything people have asked me too, I am completely bored of them. I hosted dbz before and some fag named Rorian threated me that if he didnt get level 2 admin he would crash my server with 100,000 networks and it hurt his gay pride. I know I call alot of people gay, but this guy is GAAAAY he is a faggot who plays rp games for a living to try and rape every guy he meets. He prefers Dragon Ball RP games. His search for the legendary, succulent dragonballs to summon the mighty shenrod are still in progress. PROOF of a quote he said “

"o.O I dun bench press dick, if there'd be any work out it'd be riding it.

—Byond member Rorian. (The fag on DBF.) YOUWANT MORE PROOF LOOK UP ALL THE FAGGOT BITCHES INCLUDING TENS: The most fail BYOND game owner alive. He likes to go into his game servers and abuse while closing down the servers that he doesn't like, even if they're good. Due to the help of SSX he was able to make a DBZ RP game. He now fked up and his games suck. Also he loves to come into games with his BYOND possy consisting of ThirdCoastG and Migurashi. He's sold all his games to lonely nerds to make enough money to complete his sextoy collection.

BYOND member Randomman1.



— -- and that I had previously even worked on iconing for the game.

Games You Should Troll

  • Space Station 13 This is perhaps the most famous and currently most popular game on BYOND (What? No animu? Impossible!!!) A great game with new-age features and tons of fun, this game revolves around doing God knows what for hours on end! Mostly inhabited by the average 13 year old chronic masturbator, and of course the rare girl-admin who craves shota dick, the community is unhelpful and elitist to help a new player and would rather pretend that they aren't complete newfags. You can expect to find a lot of shitty players on here, because the game has no real goal or purpose. While mildly entertaining, it gets boring after a while and you usually have to resort to Griefing or being a Clown (hence, Clown. You will be able to do the fuck as you please on most servers.) to have any fun at all.
  • Byond AnimeFilled with Retarded rip's and nerds with Butthurt easy Troll targets
  • Resident Evil Outbreak Another REO2 fail rip by Jason and Sharingannodamie. People never stop.
  • Resident Evil Online Beta A REO2 rip by Richy221 some fag with emo looking hair. All he did to the game was add a little health meter not much done and also him as admin. I mean come on kid you fail.
  • Bleach Last Horizon Another Bleach game rip off of Bleach Los Noches claims to have put hard work into the game, but you can smell the BLN and BSOC icons. If you pick between the two, I would choose the real game which is pvp, but atleast it is not a rip. Not to mention its community is full of trolls and drama!
  • NarutoSupremeShadows-Most notable rip on Byond. Narutard game with drama,hackers,Lazy ass owners and lots of Gay GM's. Owned by a rapist
  • Naruto Dasshoku Seiryoku A Naruto Bleach fusion game filled with drama.
  • Dragon Ball Epic Universe Another version of finale by Dragonn/Tenshaku/Nubtard. They claim that this one is more RP fixed with shitty sounds and mass MJ, Diarea(Not how you spell it failass), and other dumb ass commands.
  • Naruto Grand Online Adventure The most popular game on BYOND, also a narutarded game. The game used to actually be fun back in its beta stages, but just like every other BYOND MMORPG it requires you to sell your soul to not suck at the game.
  • Dragon Ball Finale This game "Isn't a rip" it just has the same icons as Zeta! It's an incredibly boring game with people who know everything in the world :)
  • Chatters Retards pretending to be smart. Act as ignorant republican christian for maximum lulz.
  • Cowed Eurofags gather to yiff. Ironically, the players and moderators are all lolcows. Homosexual slurs gain extra points.
  • Final Fantasy Legacy The most "popular" FF4 rip, that "isn't a rip and has permission from the original coder!!!11one". Already has quite a few trolls on it, though they're always looking for a few more good trolls! Plus, it's easy to get a rise out of the (current) "creator" of the game, too.
  • Dragonball Z Dark Apocalypse Another DBZ rip made by a 14 year old girl. This variation is quite special though. They claim to be the game that remains true to the series. Maybe that's why you can choose to become a sword-wielding dragon ninja. The "owner" having a voice that rivals Yoko Ono is also a plus.
  • Pokemon Advanced Network Possibly the most original game on BYOND. Steals and uses sprites from various Pokemon Ranger games. (This is secretly an attempt to advertise. Sh.)
  • Naruto New Dawn Perhaps the Worst Game on BYOND, Has a Fail Battle System, Bratty Players, And Admins that Enjoy Sucking some massive Dick, Along with a Player that Poses to be a man.
  • Death Note: Online Fail ass game with a -bitch- as the owner. Pissy ass fourteen year old. You need to troll that shit into an oblivion.
  • Dead and Walking Retarded ass rip of Resident Evil Outbreak in which the owner thinks he r hard workz and he iz ultimate beangz for making everything on his game retardedly OP and beating up his own/only best friend IRL and hires his own family as Admins/GMs so he can just use them to make his game better, and made forums to make his players feel like they're listened to. Also, he thinks just because he took the source of Resident Evil Outbreak, that it's his game, and he owns all incantations(rips) of it.
  • RP Unlimited A text-based roleplay game where new users can be denied entry into the main game because the mods are too busy to let them in, unless they review a user's submission post on the forum (a shitty text placeholder outside of the main window without actually leaving the game). Because it isn't an actual forum, there are no previews for posts, meaning that viewing users can not see the contents of a post until they open the post.

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