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People try to put us down, just because we get around



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Boomer with his son

Baby Boomers were born immediately after World War II, around the years 1946 to 1964. Most of their parents were of the "Greatest Generation"; the GGs lived through the Great Depression, fought in WWII and after victory, went on to let Jews ruin rebuild America to absolute height of its excellency. It would come as no surprise that it would be difficult to match this generation, so we could forgive boomers if they never surpassed them. However, boomers went on to go in the exact opposite direction of their parents; they destroyed the middle class, wiped away traditional values (via Feminism, and Hippie bullshit), took all the wealth for themselves, polluted and destroyed the planet en-masse, and left their children with a bleak future and a corrupted planet.

Ascent to Power

Boomers were the first generation to grow up with the electric jew, frying their brains with kike filth. They refined rock and roll music, and witnessed the red scare, cuban missile crisis, the moon landing, 'nam, etc.. After growing up in the 50s ~ 70s, boomers were treated to an excellent job market in America, allowing them to live off minimum wage. Even high school education wasn't necessary since the factory jobs that still existed didn't require them. The access of wealth allowed them to marry at young ages, as was traditional. However, divorce rates skyrocketed among their generation. Many boomers were yuppies; fags who used to be hippie douchebags screaming to save the planet- and then when they got through college, landed cushy office jobs and became elitist corporate douchebags who destroyed mother nature. Boomers went on to seize all the wealth, start shitty wars (W), corrupt college, media, and society with cultural marxism, and act like selfish narcicistic assholes. Then they call Millennials (who they raised) exactly what they are; pot calling the kettle black.


As of the 2010s, Boomers started to enter retirement age. However, nearly half of them are delaying retirement because they forgot to start saving money early in life. A quarter of them claim to never retire- capitalism just works! The real problem is that they stole all the wealth for themselves and left subsequent generations no jobs to score, so the social security net is as thin as a strain of hair.

Parenting Techniques

Cause Effect
Punishment Go to your room, mister!
Praise You're so special! You can do anything!
Reward (Gives 300 trophies, even for last place)
Failure You didn't "lose" because your opponent "won"; you simply "not won", because NO ONE is a "loser"!
Sex ED Sex is evil! Don't ever do it! Abortion is SATAN!
Moral Panics Pokemon is satanic! Ban digimon! Marilyn Manson and Em did Columbine!
Work Ethic nice joke
Parenting Ethics, I (Goes to casino to get drunk)
Parenting Ethics, II (Hires a babysitter)
(Helicopter Parenting) Result: Autistic, hypersensitive, sissy-boy bitches

Fun Facts

  • Boomers' parents were the generation that survived the Great Depression and WW2. Yet, the boomers seem to have relinquished or forsaken all of the morals and traits that made their parents so great.
  • Boomers like to brag about how they created the internet- yet fail hard at using it, often forcing their overworked millennial children to do internet shit for them- then scolding them when they get a virus after browsing dubious sites.
  • Boomers are about to retire.. but their children wont be able to pay for their social security. What comes around goes around, fat bitch.
  • Boomers (60%) are still paying and raising their Millennial children, many of whom are pushing well into their 30s.
  • Boomers destroyed the middle class. FUCK YOU!!!1
  • Boomers parents were warriors, and the first half of the boomer generation fought in Vietnam, and yet they went on to shut down all the factories daddy made, and sent their children to even more pointless wars- then forced them to pay off the price.
  • Boomers raised millennials, then complained about them at every turn after raising them to believe they were special snowflakes.
  • Gas the baby boomers, age war now.

Training Guide

Training for boomers:

  1. have a massive entitlement
  2. raise taxes to pay for your healthcare
  3. Post Minion Memes on Facebook to contribute to the throbbing hard tumor of the interwebs cancer
  4. raise taxes until millennials cannot afford to go to college
  5. raise taxes until millennials cannot afford to own a home
  6. raise taxes until millennials cannot afford to start a family
  7. raise taxes until millennials are forced to work two dead end jobs for the rest of their lives just to afford rent
  8. complain about vidya and zoomers playing vidya
  9. repeat steps 2-6 until you die

How to piss off boomers

  • Say "Ok boomer"
  • Play on any console you own
  • Say phone good


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