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When she was young, naive and full of coke.
Coke < huge fucking titties.

Baby Sinead has ridden the drama-llama numerous times (making it cum everytime), most of the time being strictly for the lulz. She is like an Alt-Porn /b/tard. You might love her, you might hate her, you might have never heard of her, but chances are you still fap to her incredibly huge rack.

An admitted former drug addict, she has beat her vice of coke and replaced it with the vices of lulz and cock. And sometimes [[1]].

She is a scene whore, self-righteous, bleach-blonde, and an attention whore. Tell her this and she will kill you with her tits. You will find yourself smothered between the voluptuous flesh bags until you cum yourself to death.

The only thing her tits cannot make us forgive is her elitist attitude towards porn making, and how she thinks it's actually supposed to be art instead of merely fapping material. After a couple of sentences of her ranting you will be screaming at her to get back in the kitchen to make you a sammich.



In reality...

She used to be friends with Raquel Reed's boyfriend, Jimi Turco, but kicked him to the curb when he refused to dump Raquel. Apparently not dumping Raquel was the last straw after Jimi's drug problem, his failed business attempts, his shallow and egotistical attitude and Sinead having to apparently beat Jimi off her with a stick (Sinead does acknowledge that this isn't because of her awesome titties but because Jimi is a desperate moron). You'd think that a drug problem, being an asshole and moronic tendencies would be enough to dump a friend, but no. His refusal to get rid of his arm candy was the breaking point.

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