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This is bait, but niggers are retarded and can never resist stealing.

Bait Trucks are a "controversial" (and therefore quite lulzy) police tactic that are used mainly in post-apocalyptic ghettos such as Chicago, Illinois, and Detroit, Michigan, to catch thieves and put them in the rape bin where they belong. Bait Trucks are an evolution of the popular Bait Car tactic in which police would put a brand new car in a completely conspicuous location and then wait for some scrawny white boy to come along, commit Grand Theft Auto and then lead them on a high-speed chase that would typically end in a spectacular Paul Walkering and the death of no less than three innocent civilians.

After realizing that settling tons of wrongful death lolsuits isn't cost-effective, the police went back to the drawing board and came up with a genius idea – fill a semi-truck with overpriced Nike brand shoes and [[Supreme|Template:Supreme]] merchandise, leave it unattended in a poor, majority black neighbourhood and then sit back and enjoy the epic lulz that ensues as the locals are presented with an agonizing choice: Either steal the Nikes and risk getting assraped by Tyrone in the slammer or don't steal the Nikes and defy racist stereotypes.

Naturally, the fine folks of Black Lives Matter and other assorted dumbfuck Social Justice Warriors quickly came to the conclusion that this sting operation constituted a form of illegal entrapment by law enforcement because—as all the high and mighty progressive liberals seem to believe—black people are both physically and mentally incapable of going even two fucking seconds without taking something that doesn't belong to them and the pigs shouldn't be acting like such fucking cuntteases.

In response to all of this, a rich rapper named Vic Mensa decided to stick it to the man and whore himself out for attention by driving a truck into the inner city and giving out free Nikes to the poor people who were smart enough to not get themselves arrested for stealing Nikes out of a truck in a stunt that he referred to as an "Anti-Bait Truck" event. All of this also begs the question: Why do black celebrities never seem to actually do anything until they think it will make the police look bad?

The Smart Black Man Weighs In

I'm black and it would never cross my mind to break into a truck to steal shoes. This isn't terrorizing blacks but exposing criminals. If you all are dumb enough to fall for it. So be it.


—The Heretic Archive today-ico.png (archive)

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