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Baka is a Japanese noun for "idiot".

Properly typed as "馬鹿", it also has several verb conjugations depending on context and tense.

Variants include:

  • Baka-na (馬鹿な)(adj.) - Moronic.
  • Baka-Yarou (馬鹿野郎)(noun.) - Ruder version of "Baka". Basically means "Dumbass" or "Dipshit".

Yakuza tattoo artists use ばか for lulz, (or バカ for exponential lulz increase, because katakana is used when converting foreign words into Japanese). When 13 year old animé fanatic basement dwellers request the characters for "Sailor Moon loves me", the resulting tattoo usually involves "baka" and/or the Japanese words for "cock-sucking roundeye bastard". Run like a starved ordinary Kenyan chasing down a gazelle if you're tapping that ass from behind and s/he has either of these abhorrent mutations inked on her lower back.

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