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What a terrorist's retarded daughter looks like.

Bana Alabed is a 7-year-old Syrian girl who, after being coached by her parents and supposed "news organization" Al Jazeera in late 2016, began tweeting out English-language anti-Assad propaganda 24/7 despite supposedly being located in a literal war-zone that's constantly getting carpet bombed by MiGs. After almost dying at least 100 times and even tweeting out her support for World War III, Bana was eventually "rescued" from Syria along with her parents and went on a vacation to Disney World – no, we aren't kidding, she actually went to fucking Disney World.

In reality, Bana Alabed is the daughter of known ISIS-supporting terrorists who want to overthrow the government of benevolent, democratically elected Syrian president, Bashar Al-Assad, and turn their home country into an absolute shithole where their young daughter can live a happy life as the literal property of whichever middle-aged camel jockey is willing pay the most money to deflower her at the age of 9.

Recently, Bana has begun spamming photos of dead and injured Syrian children on Twitter in an attempt to stir up public outrage towards the Syrian government – which is particularly ballsy considering that her parents are intimately acquainted with the "moderate rebels" who murdered and maimed the children in all of the images that Bana posts.

Western Propaganda Loli

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Banana has a terrorist's hand jammed up her arse.
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What a Syrian girl looks like after being strapped with explosives by US-backed "rebels".


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