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The brave, the proud, and the bold. The following is a list of ED's finest who are missing in action. Some of them are from ED.com, and haven't registered since the site shut down, while others simply fell off the map. Wherever they are now, they are surely missed and are not forgotten.

  • Ajt
  • Banaan
  • Blu Aardvark - Eaten to death by his own specially bred sporting dogs.
  • BURK - Voted off the island by EDF and was g-lined by weev as a result. He is now stuck on Facebook posting misspelled emo rants and hipster prints.
  • Chankachankaboo
  • Chunkmunky
  • Crazyconan
  • DCY
  • Drunkenlazybastard Slowly killing self with alcohol in the hill country of the republic of texas.
  • E - Unexpectedly disappeared with all the server credentials.
  • Endedrural - Sacrificed after jumping off a cliff in order for Mario to reach the other side.
  • Entropy
  • Ezrahalogen
  • Finney Confirmed alive in the pacific north west, also damp.
  • Fiskie - It just didn't feel the same since the site split from the .com domain. Moved on, doing own projects now. If you knew me, feel free to add me on Steam.
  • Garrett - Got a job, got a home, got a girl. Some of us have to grow up sometimes ;_;
  • Ghostlight - Purported to have gotten lost in his LiveJournal inbox buried under messages.
  • Ghost People - British EDF2 artfag who disappeared in 2014.
  • Halcy
  • Hardvice
  • Hoveround Still alive and shitposting on facebook about his degenerate homosexual lifestyle.
  • IckleBee - Known as the Godfather of the deviantART articles of ED.
  • Iicatsii
  • JailBait
  • Jasper
  • Jawsome - Unfortunately entered into a healthy relationship and possibly graduated from Art School.
  • Jmax
  • LiteralKa - Gave up his entire life force to a crippling cocaine addiction
  • Milwin - The token Arab toast of EDF2 and a superb shitposter, he/she/it vanished in 2014 without a trace. Most likely has been beheaded by ISIS or something.
  • Mr Jonzz - Possibly KIA serving in the Justice League. - Escaped the Phantom Zone.
  • Mu.ollin - Fled the Tor cave for Switzerland, he was truly a cool bro.
  • Paco650 - ED's token Beaner, Paco went back to Mexico to get a decent job after the US economy took a crap.
  • PieAreSquare
  • Pierced - Entered a wormhole in EVE Online, possibly stuck.
  • PirateSmacK - Caused the Dancing Sandw PLEASE COME BACK!!!ONE1!11.
  • Quasidan - ED's token Jew never returned from Yom Kippur where he was asked to atone for his contributions to ED.
  • Riboflavin - Thought to be in Gitmo after being mistaken for Cho Seung Hui on the Virginia Tech campus.
  • Ritegroic
  • Ryan - v& due to botnet.
  • Sheneequa -Not actually black, or a woman.
  • Silivrenion - Became an Admin on ED.ch and deserted one week later after its creation (literally).
  • Speedycat - He sure was speedy.
  • Subseven Not seen since ODB's wake in LA
  • Tfo - Last seen hate-fucking a nameless homeless man in Prague's backstreets.
  • Thedreadedkettle - Snatched by dingos in the Australian outback. He was An Tyrant.
  • TKN
  • Tigercommander - Joined ISIS. That's the last we've heard of him...
  • Wattage - Wattage appeared on the ED:Map in late 2006 and immediately set about ræping the fuck out of the fledgling YouTube, trolling PeppermintPatti, Argent and Bravesgirl. This troll of trolls simply vanished into the ether in late 2007 after -rumour has it- finding God.
  • Weatherman
  • WhiteMystery - MysteryBot's operator; never returned to ED after .com shut down in 2011. Probably raped to death by robo cock.
  • Yiri -Supposedly in an Australian jail, though this is rumored to be false. served time in Silverwater Correctional Centre for beating up a girl, currently lives in South America (Ya, Rly)
  • Zenophile808 - Turned out to be The Final Boss of Chanology; vanished without trace when Anon's forces were overrun by moralfags. Thought to be Agent Pubeit.
  • Zionistacat

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